A study in female bullshit lesson 2 Maybe your not a badass? It’s okay honey.

Holy shit!

Holy mother fucking shit!

Now. Dudes in general will question a bro’s manhood openly and clown him until he cries or gets the hint that his friends want him to get some balls and come back with a retort in response that is indicative to the question. He most respond with a dominant put down to such foolishness.

“Fuck you bitch. I‘m a big dick highlander mother fucker. Come at me bro. I’ll put your bitch ass down and have your wife make me a sandwich after I get done fucking her. You weak ass bitch.”

The disagreement would be saddled by words or a threw down.

Now. A female hates simps [In my day we called them pussies.] They can not abide a dude with no balls. It don’t matter if you two are fucking or not. She hates cowardly simp bitch ass dudes. But she will not say this shit directly.


Example: Fun with Dick and Jane (Jim Carry movie)

Dick has lost his job is about to lose his house and has decided to become a liquor store robber. His wife drives him to a store and they sit in the car while Dick’s bitch ass can’t decide whether to do this shit or not.

Jane turns to him tries to get him to give the shit up. He says he’s going to do it. She looks at him and says,

“Dick, this isn’t who you are. Some men can do this but maybe you have to face the fact your not a badass.”

Holy shit.

Holy mother fucking shit.

It was a moment in time when my male brain could translate that female bullshit speech. I realized where in the fuck have I heard this shit before.

Translation: Dick your a punk ass bitch. You don’t have a dick. Maybe you need to face it because I’m going to leave you for a big dick puerto rican Cassinova.

What the fuck do you think Dick did after hearing that female bullshit. He got his balls up and got that shit done. Guess who followed him into the shit. The fucking bitch that questioned his manhood. That bitch was cold but Dick’s manhood burned that bitch’s panties up my dude.

Holy shit.

Fuck that nice guy bullshit. Being a man ain’t about being nice my dude. A female can’t teach a boy to be a man but she damn well know a fucking man when she smells one.

That’s some real shit.

Warm Regards,


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