I’m listening to modern female’s views on marriage and of course she wants a man who earns more.

The subject of the video is about whether a woman would choose a man that couldn’t provide for her?

I’m going to be nice or at least I’ll try.

The answer to the question is hell no. You know it. I know it. A village girl in a small african village would laugh her ass off at the question.

But the secondary question behind the question is would a modern female marry a man that requires submission from her?

Not partnership. Submission.

If she’s demanding higher earner what the fuck is giving in return? Tits? Feelings!?

All (sain, honest and delusional) females have a inner need for their men to be the best. To be capable and to have Big Dick Energy. To able to protect them and their children.


Not all modern day females want to be a classical female of grace and submission in a husband and wife senerio.


High level bullshit programing.

A modern day female would rather be a man then admit to her female genetic urges.

It’s nature vs femininst horse shit programming.

There is nothing natural about a female demanding power but also being demanding that their men have higher earning power more then them but treating them on equal footing or giving into her demands because….the feelings?!

No. It’s nature vs insanity.

Warm Regards



Why does marriage have to have any foundation on romantic bullshit?

Real talk. I’m thinking about this shit today because I’m watching a Japanese drama/comedy online about a couple that marries for practical economical reasons and then fall into romantic bullshit with each other.


I’ve written about this shit before but the question remains swimming in my head and comes up for air occasionally. Why does marriage have to have any foundation on romantic bullshit.

As a dude myself. I value mutual respect and corporation in my relationships. Whether friendships or family. Respect being the highest value.

I had ideas about romantic bullshit being an important foundation when I was very young until I read different opinions from Christian and atheist MGTOW men on the subject.

Christian males in general that hold to a patriarchal system say romantic bullshit is well…bullshit. You do not base a marriage on it or entirely on finding a mate to raise children that hold to your system of beliefs and traditions. The female you choose must be feminine in every classical way and without question willingly submissive and centered on respecting the man they chose to create a family with.

MGTOW Atheist from my opinion don’t believe in marriage or creating families in general because the western social and governmental systems have currupted the contract of marriage and made it a stupid investment. They are right. However, those that do subscribe to family creating should only be invested in with prenup of course or a relationship built on a purpose and mutual respect and agreement between both parties.

I didn’t really hold to the shit until shit got real in my life and I discovered all those dudes were right in different ways on the subject.

Is there any long term value in romantic bullshit?

No. A man doesn’t need romantic bullshit and neither does a woman. Men and woman have one common value.


Everybody wants to be respected for what they add to a relationship.

That being said…respect is earned. Having tits or an expensive car doesn’t mean shit if you carry yourself in a disrespectful manner and behavior.

Warm Regards


It’s that moment when you’re about to give up and your kid puts their hands on your back and says I believe in you. Holy shit!

My mind is going back to Robin Williams classic Hook! Before I even open my eyes to my five a.m. alarm.

My mind goes back to that moment in the final battle of Peter and Hook. Hook has Peter Jammed up to the side with Hook whispering evil spells into his ear.

“You know this is a dream, right? Your not Peter Pan. Your still Peter Banning. A cold successful workaholic lawyer who drinks to much and runs and hides from his wife and children.”

Hook is getting to him. But it is when his friends, his daughter and son tell him they believe him. That he is Peter Pan. That he is the hero of the story that he gains focus again and charges into the fight.

Again, it’s like this is what a man lives for. The moment when the children you have created become the kind of people to put their hands to your back and be the motivation to push you on. This is the joy of fatherhood.

My he rest in shit kicking glory. Legend.

Warm Regards


Had to work today the bullshit is real but…a Black Rambo reminded me why I love my skin folk…

The bullshit of working on your day off and then showing up and it’s fuck all work to do.

The corporate bullshit is real my dude. Fuckers always trying to plan ahead of holiday thinking it’s going to be some rush and it’s dick all my dude. Why? Fuckers can’t predict the fucking future and yet a fucker will try to bullshit you that he knows how many fucking clouds will be in the sky tomorrow so you better come early because it’s going to rain at 11:30am. Same old bullshit….

Anyway, I was waiting to clock in with the rest of my work buddies. We all had the same damn long face….like what the fuck are we doing here? Ain’t shit to do.

I saw one Black Rambo dude coming up with eyes half closed with a no fucks given expression just trying to get the through the shit to pay the bills. Dude couldn’t even pretend to give a fuck encase a corporate snitch was watching. I couldn’t help laughing.

The dude turns and sees our faces. He and nods his head reading our thoughts. “Ain’t this some shit huh? Fuckers telling us we got to be in today. You can’t be late today. It’s going to a fucking rush of work to do. Day of mother fuckers pushing the time twice before you even get to the fucking parking lot…come in guess what still ain’t no fucking work to do. Fuckers always about that shit. This some bullshit.”

We were laughing our balls off because the dude just kept going. On point low key rant he didn’t even raise his voice. He was tired and frustrated at the same damn time. Even our manager was laughing his ass off. He knew what was up.

This is the kind of shit that makes me love my skin folk. They will take some bullshit of life moment and turn it in to a gift of laughter to get through the shit. Why?

Because the truth can be funny some times and laughter just some times can get you through some bullshit easier.

Warm Regards


I’ve been trying hard to think of something funny to write about but I can’t stop thinking of how fucked up it is we can’t abort rapists.

The shit is just weird to me. I mean we all have heard stories of a rapist falling on some bullets on his way to getting put to sleep. The shit is a damn shame the heroes never get the gold medals they deserve.

The shit is so unfair. I mean a female will lie about her deserve to put a bitch to sleep and sell some bullshit about having a blood sacrifice ritual is the same or equal to putting a bitch to sleep.

Bitch please.

That’s some fucked up shit. Seriously my dude. You know a society has gone into the shitter when we started going ass backwards about putting a bitch to sleep.

Real talk. No bullshit. I spent most of my childhood not hearing the herotic tales of men and women of the past putting bitches to sleep. For some reason people feel shame about the shit or worse think it was evil?! What the fuck?

Damn shame. Kids now a days don’t know the shit head bitches their ancesters put to sleep in the past just for looking to long at a dude’s legacy with evil intent.

I know. I know. I’m a complaining old fuck but I still long for a day we can be honest again and take up the noble tradition of putting a bitch to SLEEP!

Warm Regards



I’ll think of something funny soon.

Alright can we please stop the complaining and start clowning pussfied males (pussfying of the west)

Real talk. What’s wrong with clowning a dude when he has the nerve to wear a dress and the shit makes your eyes bleed. Because the dude is color blind and nobody told him he’s fuck ugly.

Look. I’m an old fuck. My reasoning is okay in this time of pussfied males that want bad bitch energy you have the freedom to wear a dress. You are not excluded from being clowned when your bitch ass has no style.

I’m not sorry at all. The addicted dudes I saw on TV and on the street growing up had style and male pride. If your going to be a butterfly bitch you better be correct in style, class or I can and I will clown your ass.

If you say I should change my masculine ideals. Hot damn! You just deposited into my account money to clown your ass for days and bullets into my magazine of funny material.

The time for reasoning with a dude that is determined to wear a pink and orange dress with black pumps is over. It’s time to clown his ass like we would any dude that would dare tell any male. That we need to have no style or class like him.

Holy shit. I just fired the first shots. Stop complaining and join me in the clowning.

Warm Regards


Loyalty is one of the noble virtues of the west. It ain’t free bitch so watch how you treat me – men of the west

Real talk. I believe this to my core. I embrace it like a bad bitch 5’5 shorty with mischievous smile and a loyal heart.

No man or female should be given your loyalty freely because they happen to be your skin folk. My own skin folk and kin folk have turned against me on a dime for mere misunderstanding about the all mighty dollar.

That’s why I’m an American Highlander bad ass soul. Charecter and honor are what I value. Conflict and challenge are what I vap on.

Some say chivalry is dead. Na’aw bitch that shit is reserved for a loyal brother or sister that got your back on dime. If out in the world without pot to piss in and trouble on every side if you call upon a friend or skin folk or female that comes to your with a sword and a meal that shit is real.

I got females in my family I would buy a plane ticket and beta bitch down for. I would go to war for them if they told me they needed money or me to come lay hands on dude.

In a fucking breath I’m down. Not because they’re a female calling for help. It’s because they feed me when I was hungry gave me the warmth of laughter and love. They looked out for me. That’s fucking loyalty. Likewise if a stranger did the same for me on the street and called me for help. I’m down.

In summary, don’t be a fucking white knight. Don’t give your sword of protection away for free to some pretty bitch that says they hate the very fact your a shit kicking cowboy. Then, they turn around in a corner and ask for the safety of your masculine energy.

Fuck that noise. You must be, you have to be a mother fucking bad ass gentleman. Chivalry is reserved for a lady of honor and a blood brother in the struggle with you.

Warm Regards


If a bitch calls you too nice that means she doesn’t want you to fuck anyone including her. #badasstheories

I learned that shit from Tupac Shakur. Being a man ain’t about being nice. Some of us can be the Chad and some us can be Mr. Delta.


You have to be, you must be a mother fucking bad ass man.

History is unforgiving and proves without a doubt that bad asses conquered and fucked as many women as they could and as many threw themselves at them.

Am I saying you have to be an asshole?


I’m saying any man that will stand in the face of sea beast blued haired bitch and tell her “no. You move.” Is a bad ass.

Likewise. If a fine ass female gives a dude the female bullshit special edition treatment with shade thrown at his father and grandmother. If he stands there and stares at her and then he calmly tells her…

“Yeah. You can pack your shit and get the fuck out now. You crossed the fucking line bitch. I told you never talk shit about my big momma.”

These are the words of a bad ass.

Okay. What a good Christian man? What would he say to a bitch that tried to “reason” with him about his biblical way of life and belief that rapists should be aborted. What would he say?

“I don’t care what you say about the matter. I don’t care how you think about the matter. I told you what I believe that saddles it. I’m not going to change my beliefs because your insulting them and me. I see your going to be argumentive about this so why don’t I leave sense you appear to be not in control of your emotions.” He says and then turns and walks away as she’s talking to him and cursing him out.

Holy shit. That’s some cold bad ass shit my dude. You see there is punch to the face line and then there is a cold logical stab to the brain line. But anyway you do it. This is bad ass behavior. This is why you need to be, you have to be a mother fucking bad ass.

Warm Regards


Brain storming..1990s tomorrow people, urban fantasy. Maybe, Cyberpunk? Let’s roll the dice.

Okay long story short. I hate CW. They got some bullshit tomorrow people show. Is it canceled yet? No. Don’t tell me. I’m doing something different and more fun an alternate 1990s corny and Urban fantasy and maybe Cyberpunk.

Kevin Grey

Prologue: The island


I smelled the sand first before I awoke with a shit kicking headache. What the fuck?

I came to my feet to discover I was on an island. It was the island. The point of orgin.

I frowned at that thought and knowledge. How the fuck did I know that. I got to my feet brushing the sand off my jeans and shirt. I pulled back my hair from my face and looked around as I made my way toward…the entrance.

Yeah the entrance had to be twenty four paces from the shore. North straight on ahead.

The knowledge was coming to my mind fast now. I was being pulled to the place. I looked around wondering where Kevin and Lisa were and then wondering who the hell were Kevin and Lisa.

I wasn’t the first to awaken. Why the hell was I here before everyone else?

To many questions. It would take time to manage the flow of information coming at me. I remembered just a few hours ago being in a fight with my ex girlfriend about the guy at work she was thinking of fucking. She had planned the whole shit out.

I had asked her to move out because the shit was beginning to be to much. I had started hearing her think the shit and I was seeing her imagination of them fucking. She had given me endless denials and the spells she tried on me to make me forget or ignore what I heard from her mind. Magic was bullshit. It never had any effect on me though I had been told all my life my mind was powered by it.

I had had enough when she bought some panties for the special day.

I had packed my shit got in my car and drove off. I didn’t know where.

The crash. That’s what happened. Some asshole had ran into my car purposely and then another car hit me from the front and then before I realized I couldn’t hear their thoughts they open fired on my car.

One bad thing after another in my fucked up life. First my parents dying in a car crash now, my girlfriend cheating on me and I was about to die. I just wanted to go home. Pain. Energy. Both hit my body and then I woke up on the beach. No. I woke up. Home. I was home.

I stopped as I got to the entrance of the orgin’s core. I dropped to my knees and dug for a few minutes until the circle entrance lite up and a passaged opened. I was sucked inside to the core.

A bit long but I like it.

Warm Regards


A fucking train wreak of a post. Enjoy. (Comedy!?)

These days have gone to the dogs but that’s not a bad thing really. We all need challenges.. Why?

We were born into a world full of challenges and everyday bullshit. The shit, the pools of shit on twitter people swim in and to be able to have a rational thought afterward is amazing to me.

I shut my shit down on the site not because I got shook to my immortal American Highlander soul but I got tired of reading shit heads posts. Honestly though who the fuck cares what Ben Shapiro thinks or the recycled thoughts he and others of his elk borrow from each other.

Fucking, beta bitch little chicken shit hawk. If you need a dumbass to give a reason why Americans should go to war to defend the necessity of young men dying in a goble war, give this bitch the mic.

Sorry, I can’t fucking can’t stand back- -buttom-conservative-hoes…

Anyway, the challenge of everyday life is the food of life. Why not embrace that shit. Like Shapiro embraces war war WAR…

Fucking bitch. Fast talking, shorty short pants bitch. Fuck um and all his war loving asshole pimp cocain liberal friends.


I can’t go on. I was trying to be all Tony Robinson guru shit with this post but fuck it. I’m guardiandogg.

What meaningful asset do conservative GOP hoes (ex-cluding shit kickers that happen to hoe on the side with an R on their name tag) conserve or protect??

They give up the panties faster then a hoe after she smells two hundred bills on a dude. In this era of the days going to the dogs, bitch I want to fight. I want to be around fighters. I want to be encouraged to fight and bitch I’m not taking about bullshit politics.

Life is conflict. Life is a fight. You can defend yourself only so many times verbally but it will come to a time you’ll have to get your sword out and take a bitch to the law or to the yard for fucking with your money or getting on your ass about voicing a thought in public.

Warm Regards


P.S. It is looking to rain today but at least there is a nice spring breeze in the air oh…fuck Ben Shapiro.