Who are the high little gods of the American Empire? (Comedy?)

The high moral Lords and ladies of the dying American Empire are the defacto moral gods of the land. The little gods that invent law in the American Empire by reading tea leaves and preforming eisegesis on the consistution (ancient text) of the united states American Empire.

The two modes of scholarship these little gods partake are forms.

Exegesis – what does it say and what do the words used in text mean.

Eisegesis – This is what I think mean based on what I know from my own experiences and opinions about what the text says before my grand daddy was born.

Prime example. One of chief little gods on the Supreme court read into an old text a form universal health care in the form of a tax.

It was pure bullshit but sense he was appointed a little god of the Supreme Court it gave him the hubris and arrogence to enforce the shit on a dead document writen by people that are dead.


Remember the rule. I’m writing about this because I saw it happened and laughed my asshole off. The shit is funny to me because I know the ending to this movie.

Rewind the clock back to a few decades back. Some court case about Row v Wade marks a major change in the rise of the worship of female choice and the peagon cult religion.

Same shit different time period. The short hand version of the shit is you have people reading into a dead document the intention of blood ritual sacrifices being a right for the a female cult worshipper at the time who later recanted on her bullshit but the deed was done the rest is a history of cult services and taglines about the worship of females being great.


Holy shit. Why the fuck is this shit so funny to me? Another question I have to figure out.

Holy shit. I’ve heard atheists bitch and cry about pastors and cult leaders using people to get money and ass by reading into an ancient text what they want people to do.

The little gods of Supreme Court of the fucking land daily decide the moral and legal norms of the American Empire. They play the game of gods when they want to and then fake it like that isn’t what the fuck they’ve done and what the fuck they’re doing.

Honestly speaking how long do you think this shit can go on? Nothing lasts forever. Why? Eventually people get tired of the bullshit.

To my knowledge only one of these assholes had the courage to step down from the shit after a lifetime of fucking with the moral compass of the people for years and say…

You know. I’m done. I would to be a fucking human being for the short about of time I have to live before I die and go home to hell. – nobody said it. The dude called it – retirement.

Warm Regards



A tale of two dumbasses

Look at these two dumbasses. Don’t they make a lovely couple of fools in love with being young and arrogent.

I saw this shit in my Uber driver’s ride and I thought. The dumbass couple of the year….

Fuck it. The century. I still remember how my mother told me stories about this black power princess dreaming of one day being a royal living in the royal palace and all that bullshit.

Old ass seduced a young dumbass with a thing for older dumbasses. Holy shit. It didn’t take the bitch long to fuck herself over and kicked out of a fucking country.

It’s times like these I feel like an old fuck. That just can’t stand or tolerate the reality that I’m living in over supply of dumbasses in my generation.

Here are the king and queen idiots the dumbasses worship. Let a mother fucker comment on my passing affection for Robert Frost being a little strange.

Warm Regards


Are video games a waste of time? It depends. Is there a community behind the game or is there a skill you want to strengthen?

Real talk. If a dude tells you video games are just mindless fun that’s a form of bullshit where the dude hasn’t thought clearly about the shit.

I’m not a special boy big brain. I’m just a intervert. So I think about a lot this shit.

The weirdness of playing video games is that in some form or way you’re strengthing habits or activities humans care about. Top two being community & skill trainning.

Not everyone cares about video games. Yeah. They care about American grind iron football and world wide Football. Why? Tactics and strategy primarily?! No. Culture and community and sense of united with your country men or people of your city or state. One large mass of a group all cheering for their team to win the big game.

I’m a Raven’s fan by the way. Best team in the land. Come at me bro.

When communties evolved around video games that meant it went beyond a fad in the day. That’s why the shit ain’t going away Ever. The community alone for one game can number into a thousands loyalists.

It feels good to feel apart of something large and important to a select group of people. You connect and you unit with community.

The skills that are reinforced in gaming isn’t nothing to be looked over either. Problem solving. Hand eye coordination. Memorizing facts. Strategic planning. Resource management. The fucking list goes on.

I don’t game as much as I use to simple because some games don’t reinforce my problem solving or resource management skills or is challenging enough to hold my interest or brings a peace to mind when I’m depressed.

Reading, exercise and martial arts keep me focus still far more then any video game. I think more clearer and my mind runs through problems on my mind or clears out the noise so I take my feelings out of my thinking. Though still I play one game or game series often enough that I get the same vibes.

Legend of Zelda games….

I enjoy a few games in the series, Breath of Wild on the Wii U being my favorite. It hits all the reasons I would play a video game. Peace. Strategy. Tactics. Probelm solving. Memorizing. Hand eye coordination. Meditation. Community. Even the controller is a favorite of mean because most days my hands hurt from work. It fits into my hands and makes play enjoyable and not stressful.

Are video games a waste of time? It depends again. If playing video games doesn’t connect you to your humanity or what matters to you I would say yeah it’s a waste of time for you. You could watch the Ravens play a game with your buddies. They might lose but at least the defense is good.

Warm Regards


Cyberpunk morning 12

Word was out the Yellow Demon was coming for Demon Ross and one fixer had plans to make sure he got him….

Chapter 2


I stood in Eddie’s garage along with his bandmates and Miss James listening in from my detapad. Eddie folded his arms across his chest after I told him the news that the Yellow Demon was going after Ross. Cash was already maping out the building and a plan of attack in the next 48 hours. The time table was tight but it could and would be done.

“What the fuck difference does it make to us Sigma? We ain’t in the business of getting involved in other people’s business.”

I stared at him. “I need 50 credits and your best man to make sure the job gets done.”

Eddie laughed while the others were quiet. He put on a good front. “You want us to pay you to handle a job we don’t give a shit about?”

I shook my head. “I’m a fixer. I handle jobs so you don’t have to give a shit about it. Ross is selling children to Jackels in your city. The boy isn’t the only child he’s selling tomorrow night. I need 60 credits and a champion on loan to make sure the job is done.”

Gino stepped up. “You said 50.”

“The number goes up the longer you royal assholes keep bullshiting me. You all got family and ties to the nomads that run deep. I know about nomad laws on finding a Jackel. Your not warriors or generals. You’ll only get in the way of my plans.”

“Again. I’m missing the reason we should pay you to kill some piece of shit Jackel.” Eddie said again trying to bullshit us.

“80 credits.” Miss James said from the intercom of my detapad. “Ross needs to be removed by perfessionals such as my husband. We are awhere of your plans. It is not necessary and besides the point we have nomad legal right to first kill. He is a threat to my future children.”

I kept my smile back. Miss James was pulling the right cards and emotions.

Eddie held up a hand stopping the others from talking. He looked at me. “100 credits and make sure every Jackel that comes to that auction dies. If you only get Ross it will be 80 credits. You get one champion as a sniper. Yellow Demon gets a clear path to a honor kill. Deal.” He said holding out his hand.

I grasped his hand in a firm shake. “Thanks for letting me handle it. I don’t mean any disrespect to you. But, we can’t afford him to get away. He’s gotten to big but he’ll have a plan to slip away.”

Eddie and let go my hand. “I know. It wasn’t right what he said about your old lady. In the badlands my wife’s people would have killed him on sight for saying it. So would I. It wouldn’t matter to me if said the shit about my kid or someone else’s. You’ve got a lot patience.”

I shook my head. “Not at all. He knew who was saying that shit to and what I would do to him. He said it because he thought he was untouchable. But, really it’s a simple matter of business. Him being alive is a distraction for me but I also have to kill the people backing him so my representation stands. I am not to be fucked with in regards to my money and Miss James or any children we may or may not have. He now owes me his life and now I intend to collect payment. I’ll handle it. You handle bringing out a new album. It’s been to long already.”

Eddie smiled and waved me out. I surprised him with a formal bow and turned and left the way I came in.

I looked at my detapad and saw I had one last message from Miss James.

I expect payment of a child from this partnership. A million credits is deposited in your account for the job thank you.

I smiled oh she just had to make sure I didn’t attempt to play the white knight for her honor. Damnnation she was forever making our arrangement interesting.

Holy shit my dude. This shit is heating up quick….

Warm Regards


Cyberpunk morning 8

The fixer is in a jam. He has an item but something strange is going on with the hand off….

Chapter 1


I walked into Elious shop with the guitar case and alarm bells going off in my head. I looked around at the shop pretending to take in the items lining the walls and shelves. I counted  four. All males two on each side of the small shop.

All millitary. No. Ex millitary. I saw two of them with expensive diamond earrings. A big shit house to my right with expensive sunglasses had the nerve to turn and nod to me. I nodded back.

I headed to the front. The shop keeper red hair, blue glasses. He looked like Willson. I looked at his name tag. Jim. W.

“So is that item for Miss James? She’s been waiting a while for it.” Fake Jim said.

Jim Willson must be dead then. This idiot was a nervous asshole. He kept glancing at the corporate security forces behind me. I put the item on the counter turned and walked away.

“Excuse me. This guitar case has a voice lock on it.”

I shook my head. One of the corporate thugs moved on me blocking my way. He was the big shit house.

“The combination to the case. Give it and you can go.”

A lie.

All this shit for a guitar? What the fuck was going on? Maybe, a case for extortion. I didn’t have time for this drama. I had to get a crew together for a client on a nomad honor killing run.

“If I give you the combination. Your not going to like what happens when you open the case. It would be in your best interest to get the fuck out of my way and pretend you never saw my face.”

The shit house blinked. “A trip bomb? Your bullshiting? This was a drop off.”

I shook my head. “I’ve been given instructions. Your man broke the instructions by talking to damn much. I’m just a middle man. I got no loyalty in this only to getting paid for a job.”

“You’ll get your pay and keep your life. Just give us the combination and confession that Erica James hired you.”

I shook my head and tapped my right link button on my visors to my detapad and did a search for who the hell Erica James was.

“No combination. No confession. Your not my client. I don’t confess to anything. I am a middle man. I have broken no corporate or Newark laws. So stop giving me shit and give me my payment.”

I saw a picture along with a file of Erica. Gold brown skin, dark eyes, dark hair, classically beautiful and net worth. 20 billion ebs. Finance Executive. Height 5’5. Engaged to Marcus Boyden merchant guilde leader of Crossbow group.

Marcus. Damn. This was complicated. I did not do complicated.

“There is no romantic ties with me and Miss James. My guess is the item is for Boyden. He does have a less then a wholesome admiration for King Williams. Ask him to wire transfer me the money. I give you the combination and I’m out.”

The shit house sighed and got out his detapad and sent a message to his boss. The reply came back quick. The shit house smiled and took out his blaster and aimmed it at my head.

“Combination. Now.”

Hmm. Interesting. Marcus really didn’t know when to quit while he was ahead. He was trying to retire me. After everything he took from me. I put my head to the blaster and stared at him. “Apparently your boss didn’t explain to you who the fuck you were dealing with. Activate fifteen minutes. Count down now.”

The guitar box opened and the bomb’s timer inside started counting down. I stared at the shit house as he started to sweat.

“Are you listening Marcus bitch boy. I want my money bitch boy. I want my pay check. Pay me in credits or I’ll collect bodies. Your corporate thugs will do fine for me or that pretty piece of ass ceo your partnering with will do fine enough.”

“He’s bluffing. Shoot him and leave.” Marcus said from entercom on the detapad.

The shit house snorted in laughter. “We wouldn’t be able to make it out besides the fact he has another bomb outside in his ride. Isn’t that right Mr. Sigma?”

“Correct one must be prepared in this business to go all out and I was a solo before I retired. Sense your boss is not inclined to pay me my check I hope you’ll understand that I must collect payment either from you and your co workers or Miss James. I am a working man. I expect to be paid.”

The shit house’s smile slipped away. “Yeah. I understand that. You won’t be getting your credits. Miss James is at her corporate building locked in a room while the board and Boyde decide terms of their partnership. If you can claim her then I don’t think she’ll put up a fight in her situation.”

I turned away from him. “You and your men can leave.” I said.

I heard a rush of feet racing out the door. The fake Jim Willson was gone. I scanned the shop with Jim dead I would need to buy it quick. I scanned the area until I found what I needed. A black book device hidden behind the counter. I deactivated the bomb and closed it up. I would need to send someone to guard the shop before I claimed it. I still had another business  deal to set up before I collected my pay for the guitar.

Damn….I like this dude.

Warm Regards


A strange case of the modern west. Tale of two atheists…

My mind goes back a bit to the scariest intellectual shit that left me thinking holy shit this is what a true secular person looks like.

A few years ago, I saw this interview with Tim Pool and sargon of akkad. They were outside and talking about politics, religion and just hanging out talking his projects he had going.

A short word on Sargon. He’s man of the west and an educated atheist and he’s a fighter. Without question…BIG DICK ENERGY!!


Sargon mentions in passing a fraze from the bible or really a saying that westerners use in relation to someone putting blame on another person. A scapegoat. Tim gets this blank expression and asks Sargon what he means by scapegoat. He had never in his fucking life heard that saying.

Sargon blinks and looks at Tim and then calmly explains that from the Christian old testment a scapegoat was a goat Hebrew prist symbotically put the people’s sins on and sent out into the forest along with their sins. Basically someone you put your guilt, crimes on.

Why did it matter? Most westerns today don’t know a damn thing about Christianity but from jukes by atheist who don’t know shit about Christianity let alone traditions of honor or the value of justice in the system of belief.

Tim Pool is an uneducated atheist. He’s of the same generation as me but I grew up having ideals, traditions and beliefs handed down to me and then having my beliefs challenged by reading books by arthors of the west and different time periods and formed my own beliefs by established virtues primarily of the noble western virtues.

Tim Pool? Who is this man? What is his beliefs? What is free speech? Does he even know the history or intellectual bullshit behind it?

This is not a dig on Tim. I had questions. What does a person born and raised in a non tradition non knowledge of history of western morality willing to do to preserve the 1st world environment he grew up in.

The answer came to me years later. Nothing.

Tim Pool at that moment and probably even now is a talker. Why the fuck would he wish to preserve the west if he had never been charged with the duty and given the traditions of the west. He believes in free speech but does he know who coined the words together. Maybe, the writer was just bullshiting. Has he even thought about the cons of free speech and the fucking fact we have liable laws? Some times you are liable to the law for what you say. There is always an expection to free speech.

Food for thought….personally I believe there is a certain level of bullshit to free speech. Do I consider it a western virtue? At the moment no. Why? There is no virtue in bullshit.

Warm Regards


Kevin Grey the movie…

Kevin Grey
Writen by


Int: Two young men battle in the city streets. One dressed plan clothes and leather jacket. The other in wizard golden robes the same color of gold as his hair. A large crowd is behind the wizard while only a small group are behind the other man. Adam Wells is the only person in their small group that’s smiling.

Kevin isn’t ready for this. We needed more time to make ready for him.

Some great men are made.
Some are born.
But believe it or not some
Great men are made, and taught
Greatness. Kevin Grey.

Are you listening to me?

Int: Adam looks at her. Liza stares at him and then smiles slowly. Adam nods.

This is event has been twenty years in the making. I didn’t go easy on him once. He’s got this. Just get ready for a show. Kevin Grey is about to show these magic assholes who they’ve been fucking with for twenty years.

Cut to: Legend 1997, island in the Pacific Ocean.

Int: young Adam appears in the sea and starts swimming for an island.

I’ll stop it here. I need to work my script writing but what do you think?

Warm Regards

Cyberpunk morning 7

Hmm. Let’s add the Executive and Fixer. Erica Saint James in need of someone to fix a job together.



I was in my office about to close up shop officially for the day and head into the streets for a little black market work deals. Hey what can I say Newark never shuts down for the night and neither did a hungry fixer.

I was only two years in the game sense I got out of the solo gig. It was strangle a lot safer for my health and peace of mind being a middle man for  solos and everybody else in the need for a job or an item to fence in a hurry.  I got a lot customers once people heard about set rates on the streets. 3 million credits and downward with haggling.

I set my cut high and it gave the appearance that I wasn’t cheating my customer of their soul or bread and butter.

My detapad buzzed in my pocket. I got it out and looked at the message.

1 million credits for a Red Strip Caster previously owned by Eddie Williams. Yes or no?

I frowned. A groupie for one of the Kings of Newark. Still they might pay me something for the trouble. Texted back a short message.

I know somebody. Cost 100,00 ebs. Plus half my fee now and later upon completion of job.

Deal. Forward routing number. Dropoff location Elious shop. 1pm this Thursday.

Hmm. The client had to be corporate Executive with a thing for Eddie. The guitar? Today, Tuesday. That left me maybe 72 hours. I forwarded my routing number with a short message.

Hand off or leave at shop?

The message came back quick.

Drop off with store owner. Jim Willson. Red hair. Blue glasses. No talking. Leave item with him.

Alarm bells went off in my head. High level Executive financial district maybe.

I checked my account and the money for the guitar was there along with my half fee. I would do some digging but the guitar had to be out there. I would find it. If not then I would buy a used one fix it up like Eddie’s personal treatment. In the mean time I had to get on the streets and handle a little street business.

I like it….never need any store though about a fixer or middle man.

Warm Regards


Alright can we please stop the complaining and start clowning pussfied males (pussfying of the west)

Real talk. What’s wrong with clowning a dude when he has the nerve to wear a dress and the shit makes your eyes bleed. Because the dude is color blind and nobody told him he’s fuck ugly.

Look. I’m an old fuck. My reasoning is okay in this time of pussfied males that want bad bitch energy you have the freedom to wear a dress. You are not excluded from being clowned when your bitch ass has no style.

I’m not sorry at all. The addicted dudes I saw on TV and on the street growing up had style and male pride. If your going to be a butterfly bitch you better be correct in style, class or I can and I will clown your ass.

If you say I should change my masculine ideals. Hot damn! You just deposited into my account money to clown your ass for days and bullets into my magazine of funny material.

The time for reasoning with a dude that is determined to wear a pink and orange dress with black pumps is over. It’s time to clown his ass like we would any dude that would dare tell any male. That we need to have no style or class like him.

Holy shit. I just fired the first shots. Stop complaining and join me in the clowning.

Warm Regards


I remember the first time I watched a modern day blood Ritual sacrifice video. Warning ⚠️ graphic #FuckedUpShit

For most of the 90s. No fuck it. Most of my life I didn’t care about blood Ritual sacrifices. I had been raised and taught that it was a woman’s choice and who would want to have a rapist’s baby and all that bullshit.

Still no talk about putting a bitch to sleep.

In my late twenties I decided to research what the fuck goes into a blood Ritual sacrifice. Big mistake. I read the tame shit about what a baby goes through in the woam as they grow and then I got to watching a video of an ex witch doctor describing in detail how he preformed the ritual.

He was sitting at a committee government meeting or some shit and talking about what he did. He used a pair of weird tongs and other instruments. He explained how he had to crush the head and body parts first and then pull the pieces out of the uterus carefully so he wouldn’t hurt the female’s uterus or other organs.

Shit made me sick. It wasn’t what I thought. For some reason I watched a video of a blood ritual sacrifice online. Yep, shit was real.

This was the beginning of the internet before the Technocrats and government started locking it down. Anyway the bitch was a young female that couldn’t afford the baby didn’t want the child and so she decided to go to the witch doctor and sacrificed it.

There was a lot of blood and pulling the shit out of her uterus and shit. Really fucked up shit my dude.

This one type of blood ritual sacrifice that hasn’t changed that much. However, I recently learned of new version by accident. It’s a method were the witch doctor injects posion inside the uterus to kill the body inside the female and then yank out the body parts but some times the witch doctors half ass the shit and leave pieces of the dead body in the uterus and the posion kills the woman. Though you won’t hear about the shit all that much.

A female will go through all this bullshit and some female’s won’t even demand the bitch that raped her be put to sleep. Fuck it. Some females are proud how many times they’ve laid down on witch doctor’s sacrifice chair.

Warm Regards


Loyalty is one of the noble virtues of the west. It ain’t free bitch so watch how you treat me – men of the west

Real talk. I believe this to my core. I embrace it like a bad bitch 5’5 shorty with mischievous smile and a loyal heart.

No man or female should be given your loyalty freely because they happen to be your skin folk. My own skin folk and kin folk have turned against me on a dime for mere misunderstanding about the all mighty dollar.

That’s why I’m an American Highlander bad ass soul. Charecter and honor are what I value. Conflict and challenge are what I vap on.

Some say chivalry is dead. Na’aw bitch that shit is reserved for a loyal brother or sister that got your back on dime. If out in the world without pot to piss in and trouble on every side if you call upon a friend or skin folk or female that comes to your with a sword and a meal that shit is real.

I got females in my family I would buy a plane ticket and beta bitch down for. I would go to war for them if they told me they needed money or me to come lay hands on dude.

In a fucking breath I’m down. Not because they’re a female calling for help. It’s because they feed me when I was hungry gave me the warmth of laughter and love. They looked out for me. That’s fucking loyalty. Likewise if a stranger did the same for me on the street and called me for help. I’m down.

In summary, don’t be a fucking white knight. Don’t give your sword of protection away for free to some pretty bitch that says they hate the very fact your a shit kicking cowboy. Then, they turn around in a corner and ask for the safety of your masculine energy.

Fuck that noise. You must be, you have to be a mother fucking bad ass gentleman. Chivalry is reserved for a lady of honor and a blood brother in the struggle with you.

Warm Regards