A tale of two dumbasses

Look at these two dumbasses. Don’t they make a lovely couple of fools in love with being young and arrogent.

I saw this shit in my Uber driver’s ride and I thought. The dumbass couple of the year….

Fuck it. The century. I still remember how my mother told me stories about this black power princess dreaming of one day being a royal living in the royal palace and all that bullshit.

Old ass seduced a young dumbass with a thing for older dumbasses. Holy shit. It didn’t take the bitch long to fuck herself over and kicked out of a fucking country.

It’s times like these I feel like an old fuck. That just can’t stand or tolerate the reality that I’m living in over supply of dumbasses in my generation.

Here are the king and queen idiots the dumbasses worship. Let a mother fucker comment on my passing affection for Robert Frost being a little strange.

Warm Regards



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