Reading advice from RC Walden

RC is a writer/video essayist that I follow his videos and content avidly.

His form of content and diction hit me head on as engaging and talented. Anyway, he’s done a recent video on the subject on making time to read that I found to be up my lane at the moment…

Though trufully the advice was somewhat old news it reminded me of the importance of making time to keep the enjoyment of reading alive.

My advice on the subject would be on a shorter list of two items.

1. Get kindle on you phone. Buy audio and digital books.

2. Carry one book with you that is your go too book. That book that just provides enjoyment for you or helps you pause.

3. Start a blog where you write articles that are fun bit size material that you can’t find anywhere.

The first two are solid. The third you can take it or leave it.

I don’t know if it is a form of vanity or not but I write posts that I want to read later not just simple for the joy of entertaining my readers.

Warm Regards



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