Why does marriage have to have any foundation on romantic bullshit?

Real talk. I’m thinking about this shit today because I’m watching a Japanese drama/comedy online about a couple that marries for practical economical reasons and then fall into romantic bullshit with each other.


I’ve written about this shit before but the question remains swimming in my head and comes up for air occasionally. Why does marriage have to have any foundation on romantic bullshit.

As a dude myself. I value mutual respect and corporation in my relationships. Whether friendships or family. Respect being the highest value.

I had ideas about romantic bullshit being an important foundation when I was very young until I read different opinions from Christian and atheist MGTOW men on the subject.

Christian males in general that hold to a patriarchal system say romantic bullshit is well…bullshit. You do not base a marriage on it or entirely on finding a mate to raise children that hold to your system of beliefs and traditions. The female you choose must be feminine in every classical way and without question willingly submissive and centered on respecting the man they chose to create a family with.

MGTOW Atheist from my opinion don’t believe in marriage or creating families in general because the western social and governmental systems have currupted the contract of marriage and made it a stupid investment. They are right. However, those that do subscribe to family creating should only be invested in with prenup of course or a relationship built on a purpose and mutual respect and agreement between both parties.

I didn’t really hold to the shit until shit got real in my life and I discovered all those dudes were right in different ways on the subject.

Is there any long term value in romantic bullshit?

No. A man doesn’t need romantic bullshit and neither does a woman. Men and woman have one common value.


Everybody wants to be respected for what they add to a relationship.

That being said…respect is earned. Having tits or an expensive car doesn’t mean shit if you carry yourself in a disrespectful manner and behavior.

Warm Regards



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