Cyberpunk Dreams Lore

Cyberpunk “HeavyMetal Dragon” Dreams

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Crafted from the elements, came into being centuries ago in the city of drakes. The founder of Newark the city of his people. Lived among humans through his genesis and prefers their company more then anything else. Uses the elements of metal and iron.

See The Rise of the HeavyMetal Dragon Finished series.

Ice “Dragon of Ice” The Elder of all Dragons.

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Known as Ice to his siblings and the Ice God to mortals. He is the head of the dragons.

See orgins

Fire “Fire god” Dragon

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Second in power to Ice but the favorite of Cyberpunk and Lightning baby.

Air or Wind “The quiet Dragon”

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The favorite of Ice and his consent companion near him who listens and understands him the most. (Strange dreams series ongoing) spin off series.

Earth, “Earth god” Dragon

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Third in power of the elders. Connects naturally with Cyberpunk because their elements aline.

Lightning baby “Lightning Dragon”

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The mother of the Nomads and the guardian of the lightning kissed chosen. The consort of Cyberpunk dreams.

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Map of Newark and the realm of dreams….

Red District- Black market, freelancer business

Business District – Corporate business and financial services

Purple District – Corpo living district

Degres District – Poor living area

Outlands – Wild lands for hunting and Nomadic land

Farms – Food and cattle land

City Well – Water supply

Edge of realm – The border of the dream realm.

Education and trade schooling

Hierarchy chain



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Born to travel and wander the Outlands. He is the father or brother of a pack (tribe) he works with his hands, hunts man and animal. He lives to protect the pack and live free and unbound. Loyalty and honor are the two laws you never break with him.

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Also..Nomad politics


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The pursuit of the bag and power is the motivation for all and any executive or corpo brat wanting to reach the top.


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You need a job done quietly I got you bro. I’ll be your runner, solo or fixer.

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I am the authority.

You don’t have a right to do anything you want without the law having a say otherwise. There is a line. You cross it you get 50 years in the pin at best or death on the fucking streets if you violated the kings law.

See JDMO finished series

Game Project

The rule basics.