Updates…conflict, wars and writing schedule

First the writing…. Alrighty…Long story short. I’m working on finishing Blue Technomancer and it’s going to take me more then a minute before I can get on to thinking about where I want the blog to go. I’m up to 24 episodes and I’m a long way from being done. The story spans several years […]

Blue Technomancer coming in June…

Beau Lucas had it all. The charm, the looks, the mind, the hot girl and the skills of a true sniper elite in the special forces. All that went to shit in a single blazing hellish day when a giant flaming monster dropped down on him on the day of his proposal and changed his […]

La Rue: The Knight Book 2 is up…

Well it took me some time but La Rue: The Knight Book 2 is up and I am very proud of the results of the book. The story kicks off differently then the first book but it is an enjoyable ride. The book Warm regards Guardiandogg