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– Life support at 50% –

– Air supply at 20% –

– Personal shield DOWN –

– Enemies arrival immediate in 50 minutes –

– 1st Mission objective. Survival. –

I felt an electrical shock to my chest. I was standing in moving water. I opened my eyes to darkness and then lifted the visor on my helmet. I blinked as my blurry vision came into focus. I stared at the forest around me and then stones and glowing figures on them.

– Enemies arrival immediate in 30 minutes. –

I frowned at the voice in my helmet speaker. I looked around. “Where are they coming?” I asked the voice.

– Enemies arrival coming from your right side from the sky –

I checked my utility belt for a weapon. I reached for something that felt like a side arm strapped to my leg holster. I grabbed it up and looked at it. My vizor I.D. the thing as a universal mining tool. What the fuck? I was miner!?

– Enemies arrival incoming in 10 minutes. –

Shit. I looked around for a weapon of any kind. My gaze locked on the images in the stones as I scanned and down loaded information for locations and letters. Letters?! The letters meant something. I had to scan them all. There was information in the stones I needed to get this time. I couldn’t fail like last time.

Like last time?! What happened last time?!

Hot fire blasted across my shoulder from the sky followed by a storm of fire from the enemy.

–  RUN. DAMN IT. –

New project I got going on that is a bit of a fan project for a game called No Man’s Sky.

I’m nearly finishing up Lords Of Delta: Pete. It is extremely good and heavy with the action and awesome.

The good action and ride doesn’t end. Pete is nearing the end of his story but I’m fixing to put a spin to the end. I’m mixing a lot of classic Urban fantasy and heavy fun.

Warm Regards




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Fuck the public school system. Fuck all that bullshit about being a professor at some higher learning government funded institution. If you want to get serious money and you know a skill or trade take that shit to the internet and own your shit my dude. This is the Twenty-first century my dude. Being a poor public school teacher is bullshit. It ain’t necessary and it ain’t righteous or good it’s banana balls horse shit.

How do you start? First comes the Marketing vehicles. Otherwise known as social media/word of mouth.

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Tik Tok

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

Right now in the year of our Beta Bitch Biden as we speak the government is trying to take the biggest bag away from we the fucking people of the un-united people as a means for teachers and dumbasses to market their skills of teaching Spanish to the Gringos and get paid on the back end with private course and selling merchandise on the back end. Why? Because the fuckers are greedy mother fuckers that want American’s to go to government backed social media shit instead. Will they succeed? I don’t know. I hope not but right now you need to get on the app and take advantage of the timing.


Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

You know what time it is my dude. Instagram ain’t nothing but a means of people’s attention toward you and then directing those people to your website and off shoot teaching sites to run up the bag. The secret to all social media is. BE INTERESTING, ENTERTAINING and you have em show you fucking tits off with low cut wet T-shirt.

How do you charge customers/students?


Photo by OVAN on Pexels.com

The website is simple a tool to use as hosting your own school. You are the business. You are the school.


Photo by Terje Sollie on Pexels.com

You can launch your teaching from this one site and branch right into your website later. It’s a marketing machine. The key is this. Be entertaining and then point your students to your paid instruction shit online and off-line.

Workshops/meet ups/conferences/main events

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

Once you’ve gotten your students knowing who you are and charging them for your instruction take it off-line. Give people a real world experience, create a fucking environment for growth and atmosphere that your here to get people learning and advancing it what you teach.


repeat, repeat, repeat and get paid my dude.

Why do it?

To own your shit entirely and not have to be poor fifty years from now on government assistance that ain’t going exist after Beta Biden rises from his crept to takes into goble nuclear dumbass war.

Warm Regards


The Pursuit of the BAG! (Money, Money, Money)

What the fuck is the bag and why the fuck do I need to pursue it? Welcome to earth sense you’ve arrived on earth let me give you the game. You’re either the fucking boss or your fucking trading your fucking time in exchange for a check, money or I.E. the money bag.

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No matter what the fuck anybody tells you. It’s all about getting the bag. Mother fuck’ ah it’s all about the bag. People will fool you. They tell you some bullshit about race, politics or any other social Big Mac issues of the day it’s all about putting yourself in the position to go after the bag.

Why pursue the bag?

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Freedom. Do you know what the fuck that is really? It isn’t just the right to say what you want to say or do what you want to do. It’s the ability to leverage your skills, knowledge and position yourself to not give a fuck if the fucking government takes all your money out the fucking government and leaves you with empty bag and a street to sleep on.

The pursuit of the bag is the pursuit of the freedom to not be beholden to the system that change up the value of money on you and make the money in your bank account less the shit that a politician’s promise of wealth equality for the poor and rich.

Fuck that shit. Get that shit. Own that shit. Rule that shit.

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POWER! Look my dude. You can settle for the shit the government gives you, society gives you or whatever bullshit your born into. The solution is simple for me. I’m in the pursuit of the bag because in the pursuit for my freedom and power. I’m a mother fucking western man born in the West, raised in the West and I have natural distrust of the government or the fucking FED. Fuck um.

Nobody is coming to save my black ass. There ain’t no fucking super heros my dude. You want someone to look out for your interests look in the fucking mirror and align yourself with people that move like you do. Anybody that says otherwise. So fuck um. I’m getting that shit. I’m going to fucking win in this fucking game called life. Fuck anybody that gets in my way. Please get in my way so I run you the fuck over while I get to the position I want to be in. I ain’t apologizing for nothing. That’s the attitude I have lastly. It’s the pursuit of the bag. It’s the pursuit to win in the game of LIFE.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Winning. It’s about winning my dude.

Hey I ain’t guarantied shit. I might not get to level 200k in experiences points but by the end of this shit I ain’t going to be level 2. I already advanced past that shit when I was twenty-eight. Mother Fucker I survived COVID MASK WARS. The governmental psyops. Make moves to get to the top. Don’t wait for somebody to come help you out. Fuck that shit. Get your balls up and help your own damn self.

I’m going to pursue the bag. I’m going to win.

Warm Regards


Foxx and Leroy friendly discussion

Foxx comes over to his best friend Leroy’s place to get in some gaming and catch up with his old friend while he tries the trouble he’s currently dealing with right now.

Leroy is sensing something is amiss with his friend. He pushes Foxx to open up about who he’s pissed at.

To be continued…..

Life is a game? Yes. Play to win.

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I used to live my life on autopilot looking for chances for someone to give me a chance to get to be who I wanted to be. To get where I wanted to go. The day I started living was the day I started putting the responsibility on myself to actively play to win.


I was late to this thought process in my life in the second stage but I wasn’t late to the concept of gaming. I’ve been a gamer all my life. The game of life has end goal and set timer for when your part in it will be over. I’ve never been afraid of dying or the afterlife.


That’s what I care about. I’ve always cared about.

“Un intentional life isn’t a life at all” – unknown.

I don’t know who said it. It’s the thought or idea of living without a sense of intention was the thought or feeling that I was afraid. Not living to be engaged in what I am doing while I’m awake.

I have to have a goal. We all have to have a direction for the course we’re on in life. It’s what makes life’s moments mean something. Purpose and intention.

I reflect on this from time to time. I remind myself with books, videos and art, philosophy to remind myself. I need… to


I’m not trying to do a lot. I’m trying to focus on my attention on the win and reasons for why I do what I do. That’s the mindset I have. I WANT TO WIN AND I’M GOING TO WIN.

No matter what trials or difficulties I have in life. I am going to rise up to the top and win. I have coasted through my life in the past but one thing was always the same. Whether they be challenges or challengers to my own process nothing has ever stopped me from doing what I got a focus or determination to do and I encourage anyone around with the same message….

Don’t quit. PLAY TO WIN.

I leave you with this video below. It is a favorite moment in a great Chinese epic drama. One man against the forces of nature and a QUEEN BITCH OF THE EAST that want to see him fail and die against a challenge for his life.

He meets that challenge with five words…

I am going to win.

Warm Regards



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Chapter 10

The next morning….

Vince smiled at one of their female associates as he and his brother walked into the firm offices. “Good morning Natalie. You are looking quite pretty today.”

Natalie froze staring at him saying nothing and standing in their way until he took her by the hips and lifted her aside setting her down he continued walking but Pete stared between Vince and the shocked female while Vince continued moving like nothing had happened.

“What the fuck is up with you?” Pete said noticing the effect he was having on the females that worked in the firm.

Vince frowned at him as they pasted through the firm hallway to their offices. Female associates or clerks all appeared to busy themselves to stay out of his line of sight or not look directly toward him.

“Nothing is wrong besides the fact I need to get laid. Besides that I’m fine. Why do you ask?”

Pete did a double as Vince continued walking toward his office. Mini whose desk was in front of his door to the right got up nodded to him and walked away.

Both men frowned at her. “Hey. Where you going?” Vince asked.

“I’m keeping far away from you until Ahlar becomes Mrs. Delta. Your coffee is on your desk along with your daily schedule. You have a change in your schedule bout for your current case.”

Vince stared after her but then hurried into his office with Pete following him. He walked inside picking up a memo attached to his schedule on his desk he read the memo that read like a royal summons and started to feel his blood boil.

“Your next bout is tomorrow night. Your challenger will be the second suitor for Miss Ross in the family line of Slicer. No excessive violence after the bout will be accepted or it will count against you as a lost even if you win the second bout of champions. Sincerely Elder Deacon Ross. Son of a BITCH!” Vince roared and punching his fist down on his table and breaking it in half. He robbed his fist in annoyance.

Pete stared at his brother. “So your hand is fine?”

“What?! Ah yeah. Still a bit sore but I’ll still be able snap that fucker’s leg off.”

“Which one.” Andrew asked behind them. Both brothers turned and blinked at the sight of Andrew in a suit and Cassandra in a pink suit and short skirt.

Vince nodded to her. “Good morning, Cassandra. Good to see you again.”

Cassandra smiled brightly. “Good morning, Vince.” She said.

“Andrew who is this fine…” Pete stopped himself when Andrew gave him a look.

“Cassandra is my new personal asistent and the firm’s lead accountant.” Andrew said.

Vince blinked and looked at Andrew. “What happened to Charlie?”

Andrew shook his head but looked pissed off. “We had a parting of ways. “

Pete glanced at Cassandra. “Is it because he hit up on your female or because she wanted his job.”

“He was under billing.” Cassandra said. “I have a love of numbers and he’s been working for your competitors for six months now.”

Vince frowned. “How did you find out the last part?”

“Mr. Marsh told me.” Cassandra. “He also offered money for my private employment.”

Pete nodded in understanding. “Okay. I get you. Well fuck em. ” He said and turned to Andrew. “We got problems. The old fucker is pushing the time table up for finishing with the deal with the fat Orc girl.”

“Yo!” Vince said.

All three straightened up at Vince’s tone and they stared at him. Vince locked his gaze on his brother. “Her name is Ahlar Ross. The first name isn’t up for debate the second will be optional soon enough. Keep your personal bullshit issues you have against Ahlar to yourself and keep your head in the game. We have to close this case and stomp out all the shit bags involved.”

Pete held up his hands. “Alright, bro. Look. We’ll win the case. Listen. I looked through the case. There is a way for you to get out of your contract with-“

“Fuck, the contract. The bigger case is the illegal pagan ritual and attempted kidnapping. Both are high crimes on their own together it’s a perfect shit storm. Deacon Ross is into his ass in this shit. We got one witness, we just need another and if we can bag a confession I’m putting Slicer and his brothers to the sword for illegal mating rituals and attempted kidnapping.”

Pete put his hands down and stared at his brother. “Alright lead counselor. What do you need me to do?”

Vince stared at him. “While I’m handling the Ross case I need you to get me a confession out of that old bastard and information for how far this shit goes. All of it has to be recorded and documented.”

Pete was nodding his head. “I know. I know. I got you. You just focus on winning the next match to at least keep the game going long enough for us to nail em before they sneak away.”


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Chapter 9

Vince was Icing his hands as he sat in the firm office with Pete and Andrew. Pete was shaking his head, arms crossed and pissed off.

“Where the fuck is Ross, with his daughter?” Pete said finally in annoyance. “She has to know more to this shit. That fucking bastard has got something to do with this shit.”

Andrew nodded in agreement silently as he smoked on his cigar with a grim line on his lips. “Fucking son of a bitch. We need to becareful. We can’t out right connect it all together. We only have one witness and we might need that old bastard alive to close the case with an axe.”

Vince looked at Pete. “Don’t leave like that again without telling me.”

Pete blinked at him. “What?!”

“I said, don’t leave me behind holding my dick like you did again. Let me know what’s up first and don’t fucking ghost me when I call you. I didn’t know what the fuck happened to you after a while and I got worried.” Vince said.

Pete stared at him and then nodded. “I got you. It won’t happen again.” He said and then he smiled. “You softened that fucker up nice and lumpy for your next match.”

Vince grimanced. “I might have over done it. We got two weeks until the second match. I’m hoping my hands heal right until then.”

Pete shook his head. “Don’t worry about that. I’ll think of something.”

There was a knock at the door and then it opened for Ahlar and Ran to walk inside. Vince stared at Ahlar was dressed in a satin yellow dress that hugged her body and vail covered the lower half of her face.

Vince glanced at Pete to see him looking at Ran and ignoring Ahlar entirely. Pete got up as Ahlar came over and held out his hand.

Ahlar ignored or didn’t see his hand and came over to sit facing Vince. “You…you are hurt?”

Vince shrugged. “I lost the first match so I had to take it out on Slicer’s face.”

Ahlar stared at him. “It was supposed to be a simple boxing match.”

Vince shook his head. “Slicer set the tone of the match. He wanted it to be street boxing match so I respected his wishes. I need you to tell me again how you met Slicer.”

Ahlar stared at him. “You’ve been ignoring my phone calls.”

Vince shook his head. “Your playing with fire. I want you hard and dirty and you know it. I’m not like Slicer. You would be my female now if it wasn’t for this case. I’m a Barbarian warrior in a brokes brother suit. I’m not interested in your modern fantasy dating games.. There’s not a soul alive that can stop me from claiming you.. So are you going to tell me the story of how you really met Slicer?”

“Are you speaking to me as my lawyer or a Lord of justice?”

“Both. Tell me the story again. ” Vince said.

Ahlar flinched but she shook her head. “Your not interested in that. What do you want to know. I’ll tell you. No games. Just ask.”

“Did Deamon Ross have a hand in you meeting and dating Joc Slicer?”

Ahlar sat up. “Yes.”


“He introduced us at a dinner party. He has also has been encouraging us to date in the beginning. Otherwise. I don’t know the way of it. Are you thinking of pursuing a judgment on Deamon and Joc for a high crime?”

“That isn’t your right to know.” Pete said stiffly.

Ahlar waited staring at Vince. He shrugged. “It’s a possibility. I wouldn’t advise you tell Deacon any of this-“

“If Deacon.” Ran started and paused. “If Deacon has committed any crimes against the law then you can have the full support of the Ross family in his arrest and execution.”

Ahlar stared at him silently and then back at Vince. “Your hiding something. What is it?”

Vince shook his head. “It’s time for you to go.”

Ahlar stiffened at the dismissal but nodded she quickly leaned over and brushed his lips against her mouth. The barrior of the vail was thin but enough to keep Vince in his seat as Ahlar hurried out the room.

Ran nodded to them following after his daughter. The room was quiet.

“What the fuck?!” Pete said. “You want her?!”

Vince looked at Pete. “How did Mini find you?”


“How the fuck did Mini find you?” Andrew asked. “I have been wondering about that myself.”

Pete snorted and shrugged. “Mini has her ways. Anyway, where’s the contract you have with the Ross girl!”


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Chapter 8

Vince in the meeting room with Andrew at his side outside boxing ring newly set up for the bout in the middle of the room. He had on boxing trunks and nothing else. Andrew frowned at the scars that maped Vince’s upper body and a large HM tattoo that covered his worst wound on the right side of his chest.

“Where or when did you get that one from?” Andrew asked him before the doors opened to admit Ran and another Elderly Orc that looked similar to Ran but had a black long go-tee.

Vince nodded to the elder. The Elder frowned at him and then stared at the double H tattoo on Vince’s chest. He gave ran a look.

“You going to answer my question?” Andrew asked.

Vince looked at his grandfather. “It was a disagreement between me and my brother. I saddled it.”

“Pete and you wouldn’t come to blows like that.”

“I meant my pledge brother. I got a free tattoo out of it. So no harm done.” Vince said.

Vince faced off with Ran and the Elder. “Good evening Mr. Ross. Mr. Slicer will be joining us soon then?”

Ran waved a hand at him. “Fuck the formal talk, my Elder is an Alumni of the double H.”

Vince frowned but relaxed when he took a better look at the Orc and saw the double H ring on his left ring finger.

“Slicer hasn’t arrived yet? We were expecting him at least to show up twenty minutes ago. Was he at your house?”

Ran grimanced but nodded. “Yes. I told em to follow me down here or he would lose the match by default. I still have clan at the house so don’t worry.”

Vince made a face and froze when the Ross Elder froze at the sight and narrowed his eyes at him. Vince locked his gaze with the Elder and held out his hand. “Excuse me manners. I am Vince Delta.”

The Elder reluctantantly took his hand in a firm quick shake. “I am Deamon Ross. Ran’s great uncle and head of the Ross tribe. You are apart of the new human horseman to join the horseman in this current century I believe.”

Vince shrugged letting go of the elder’s hand. “Mostly human and little bit of everything else.”

“Meaning you are mutt of sorts.” Deamon said.

Vince again shrugged. “What of it?” He said.

Deamon stared at him. Vince stared back and smiled slowly. “Do I trouble you or do you stand on firm ground?” He asked.

Deamon flinched at the question glancing at Ross. Ross stared at him saying nothing. Deamon looked back at Vince and studied him.

“You walk a fine line. Nothing troubles me. I am concerned with the level of your fire. Your brother was not one to handle the bout so I’ve heard.” Deamon said.

Vince stared at him. “You have seen my fire burn. My brother is his own man. Let him speak for himself. Address the horseman rider before you. Don’t hide with pleasentries or silent jabs. Do you wish to test me?”

Deamon’s response was a slow grin. “Your eyes prove who you really are. I don’t like you. I don’t approve of you.”

“What are the rules?” Vince asked.

Deamon laughed. “You lose when you submit or your own able to go on hu-man. Only the mighty deserves Ahlar.”

Vince stepped closer and then gentle put a hand to Deamon’s shoulder and pushed him aside to face Slicer and his brothers. “Your late.”

Silver had on golden gloves and was bare chested with white trunks on. His brothers were armed with bats and knives.

“Look what we got here.” Andrew said with a chuckle.

Andrew stepped forward with a cigar in his mouth a 12 gauge shot gun in his hands and two glock 19s in his gunbelt.

Slicer chuckled. “You think that old hu-man will stop all of us.”

The sound of another shotgun being chucked behind Slicer and his people wiped the smile off his face.

“Slicer is the only one going in.” Pete said from behind the Slicer Orcs. “The rest of you fuckers stay out of it.” He said.

Vince smiled waving Slicer inside. “Come on mother fucker. Let’s go.”

Slicer ran inside narrowly smashing into Ran and Deamon and swung his fist at Vince.

Vince dodged to the side and came back with two jabs and right cross. Slicer went falling into a table but got to his feet quickly came Vince again with ramming speed tackling him to the ground and started pummeling him.

Vince’s head was rocked back and saw black. He came awake the second Slicer came off him. Vince kneed him in the balls.

Slicer screamed grabbing his own balls as Vince came up. His head hurt and blood flowed from his nose and mouth.

“Hey the fights over. I knocked his ass out.” Slicer complained.

Vince advanced on Slicer. Slicer again tried to tackle Vince but he side-stepped him and tripped up Slicer’s ankle.

Slicer went down hard face planting on the floor but he again came up only to turn as Vince rocked his body with kidney punch from the right to the left and then finishing off the combos with elbow shot to the Slicer’s chin.

Slicer dropped to the floor. He lay on the floor motionless until Vince kicked him in the abdomen.

Slicer gasped and coughed on the floor. Vince stood over him.

“Get up, bitch. I ain’t done.” Vince said.

Slicer looked at Deamon. “I won. He blacked out the fight is over.”

Deamon frowned and looked at Ross. “He’s right the human blacked out.”

Ran stared at him. “Are you sure about your decision?”

Deamon grimanced but he nodded. “Joc wins this round. There is still best of two more matches. The battle isn’t over.”

Ran nodded. He turned to Vince. “You lost this round. You better prepare for the next one.” Ran said and nodded over to Slicer. Joc slowly came to his feet shaky but smiling in victory.

Vince nodded and went over to Slicer and kneed him in the balls again. Slicer went down quickly and Vince got on top of him and started beating his face.

Deamon looked at Ran. Ran stared back at him. “Is there something you wish to say?”

“How long will this continue?” Deamon asked quietly.

Ran stared at him. “Until, I am satisfied Joc Slicer is prepared for his next match.”


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Chapter 7

Vince was pouring over the contract for the last few hours when he got a knock on the door. “What is it?” He asked in a gruff voice.

“I found Pete.” Mini said to Vince’s surprise. “He’s doing fine and he’ll be back in the next forty-eight hours or less. Mr. Ross is here. Do you wish to see him?”

“Yes. Thank you Mini.” Vince said and then sat back in his chair as the door was unlocked and opened. Ran stood in the door and took in Vince’s condition before quickly coming inside closing the door and taking a seat.

Vince stared at him. “What the hell is happening to me?” He asked.

Ran sat back. “My guess is some type of mating fever. This hasn’t happened to you before?” He asked.

“You know damn well it hasn’t.” Vince said. “Humans don’t experience what I’m going through right now. How did you do it? I can’t find any form of enchantment words in the contract or ink, I signed.” Vince said.

Ran frowned shaking his head. “Your not under any enchantment. You’re just experiencing a mating fever. It’s normal.”

“Not for humans.” Vince said.

“Yes. Humans don’t experience what your going through.” Ran said pointedly.

Vince leaned back in his chair tapping his chin. “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to get in contact with you about your case.” He said instead.

Ran smiled. “Working. I have a business to run myself. You are rather bulky and muscular for a human and you favor swords and martial arts to modern weapons. You do realize there are few humans in the horse men. You must have giants in your bloodline maybe a Red Orc.” He said.

Vince stared at him. “I told Sister Daisy I would have to kill Slicer. He is determined to have Ahlar.”

Ran’s smile dropped away. “My wife told me everything you said. He is mean to kill if it comes down to it. You may win the alliance hand but I have rights to kill.” He said.

“You expect me to restain myself if this fucker comes at my head with an axe?” Vince asked.

Ran stared at him. “Barbarian as well.”

“What?!” Vince asked.

“You have Barbarian blood in your veins. I can see it in your stare, however to answer your question no. I don’t expect you to restain yourself. The contract says a best of three bouts. Boxing. Wrestling and finally blunted sword fencing. If he beats you in two the victory is his for a moment until I remove his head. If you beat him in two bouts the victory is yours and I remove his head later when things calm down.” Ran said.

“Slicer doesn’t seem like a male that plays by the rules and he’s fixing to take her any way this goes down. You do know that right?!” Vince said.

“If Slicer is unwilling to go by the rules then fuck him and his clan. It will be war.” Ran said.

“Does Ahlar know this?” Vince asked.

Ran stared at him. “Thank you!”

“Your welcome. But, what are you thanking me for?” Vince said.

“Dispite Ahlar’s behavior. Your gentleman behavior is more then I could have expected but you will not intentionally kill Slicer.”

Vince nodded. “I’m not a murder. I’m a lawyer so I’ll try to play it by the rules. When does the first match begin?” He said.

Ran nodded. “The first bout is tonight. I have made arrangements to have it at a hotel meeting room. Slicer had the option of bare knuckles or gloves.”

Vince leaned back in his chair. “He chose gloves.” He said.

Ran studied him. “How did you know?”

Vince shrugged. “He talks a good game but he has nicer hands then we do.”

Ran nodded. “Easy win for you then.”

Vince shook his head. “He’s a sneaky little bastard though. He made me show my hand early to him. Whose going to be the judges?”

Ran pointed a finger at himself. “Me and the elder of my clan. You just have to beat him two out of three matches either way he’s not getting his hands on my daughter.” Ran said and walked out of Vince’s office.

Vince’s phone rang twice on his desk. He picked it up and saw Ahlar Ran on the caller ID and put his phone back down.


Photo by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto on Pexels.com

Chapter 6

Two days later, Vince woke up at 5:30am and went for short run and stopped off at his horse men gym.

Eddie Williams a half giant and brother horse man took one look at him and shook his head. “What the fuck is up your ass?” He asked.

“I got a fucking dual against a psychopath who wants to make my client his breeding cow. I keep having intense sexual dreams about my client. I’m going to need to refresh my weapons skills and sweat off whatever the hell is wrong with me. Can you help me out?”

“Shit. Some old world bullshit. Come on I got a training room booked for the day.” He said and turned and started walking with Vince following him.

Eddie looked him over. “Is your brother at least backing you up?”

Vince shook his head. “Something about the case fucked with him. He’s on the road. I’ve been trying to get in contact with him but no go.”

Eddie stopped and stared at him. “Are you sure he’s missing and not been taken by the assholes you up against?”

Vince froze. He hadn’t thought of that. He should have after meeting Slicer. “I don’t know. Shit. Something about this whole case is fucking with me to. I’m missing something.”

Eddie shook his head. “Trainning will help you think it through and relieve your stress.”

It was late in the morning when Vince finally got into work the next day. Andrew and Mini looked angry and then concerned at the sight of him.

Andrew frowned at him. “Where the fuck have you been?”

“Weapons trainning.” Vince said. “Slicer’s people sent any messages to the firm.”

Andrew’s face grimanced but he nodded stiffly. He turned waving a hand as he went to the meeting room. A small crowd was gathered around the open doors staring inside.

Andrew waved them away. He pointed inside. Vince saw a large bastard sword on the table. Vince walked in picking it up and sighed.

“Damn it.” Vince said softly.

Andrew shook his head. “You knew this was coming. To late for regrets.”

Vince handled the sword easily. “I wonder about that. I need to have a talk with Mr. Ross. Can you get in contact with him?”

Andrew frowned at him. “You have his number and your lead counsel. Why didn’t you call him up?”

Vince shook his head staring at the blade. “I’ve already tried that. He’s evading my calls and I can’t get lead on where the fuck he is right now. I need you to get your hunters on finding him.”

“Shit. You should have told me sooner.. What the fuck are you worried about?” Andrew asked.

“Beyond getting killed in a challenge match? There is to much shit we don’t know about this case. Illegal Orc practices. Pete is missing. I feel like shit and I can’t stop thinking about fucking Miss Ross. I think Ross might have some information to add. I got a question for you though. Is there any sort of enchantment that is given to the champion for the alliance prize?”

Andrew shook his head. “No seductions or enchantment spells. I made that clear when it was written up and made sure our people looked over the contract for any I didn’t see. Why the fuck are you asking?”

“I saw our client Miss Ross again and got un pleasant desire to fuck her on her parent’s lawn. It took to much out of me resisting the desire and I can tell you it wasn’t normal for me. We need to find Ross.” Vince said.

“Shit. I’m on it. Stay away from the Orc girl!” Andrew commanded.

Vince gave him a look that made Andrew step back. “Fucking shit.” He cursed and shook himself. “I’m going to my office and try and get in contact with Pete and work on the case.” He said and forced himself to turn and back back to his office.

Vince walked to his office with Mini close behind him. He noticed how bad he was looking by the pale expressions on his co-workers. He dropped down into his chair and tried to breath out the hard on he had that felt like it would kill him.

Vince felt Mini watching him. He didn’t look up at her. There was no way he was getting much done today until he got what ever the hell that was happening to him under control. He needed not to be around any female. “Mini. I need you to find Pete. I don’t know how you can or why this is happening to me but I need to know that he’s safe and just ignoring me and not…please just find him.” He said.

“I’m on it.” Mini said and closed the door behind her locking it.