I’m reading a book on the subject and thinking about future studies to further my own exploration on my own theories and experiments. The study of the mind and the course you can set it to is an interesting little mind puzzle to nible on. Why? I want to understand my own motivations for why […]

Brainstorming: She-hulk, Heavy Metal and long kiss goodnight pt 3

SheRoar “Hmmm. That feels good. What happened next? How did the story end?” I said as I felt my body turn into a whole lump of kneaded and pleasure due. “Well. She got a way. Not much excite that night of our first meeting. What happened at the authority station?” I frowned. “I was nervous […]

Trying to find my way back to books and music….

I’m a realist with a desire to have the space for a book collection and the time to enjoy. The problem is I’m spending to much of my time like this…. Watching this…. It’s a real problem. I was a weird kid growing up dreaming of being an old fuck reading a whole bunch of […]