Foxx and Leroy friendly discussion

Foxx comes over to his best friend Leroy’s place to get in some gaming and catch up with his old friend while he tries the trouble he’s currently dealing with right now. Leroy is sensing something is amiss with his friend. He pushes Foxx to open up about who he’s pissed at. To be continued…..

Life is a game? Yes. Play to win.

I used to live my life on autopilot looking for chances for someone to give me a chance to get to be who I wanted to be. To get where I wanted to go. The day I started living was the day I started putting the responsibility on myself to actively play to win. LIFE…


Chapter 10 The next morning…. Vince smiled at one of their female associates as he and his brother walked into the firm offices. “Good morning Natalie. You are looking quite pretty today.” Natalie froze staring at him saying nothing and standing in their way until he took her by the hips and lifted her aside…