Alright can we please stop the complaining and start clowning pussfied males (pussfying of the west)

Real talk. What’s wrong with clowning a dude when he has the nerve to wear a dress and the shit makes your eyes bleed. Because the dude is color blind and nobody told him he’s fuck ugly.

Look. I’m an old fuck. My reasoning is okay in this time of pussfied males that want bad bitch energy you have the freedom to wear a dress. You are not excluded from being clowned when your bitch ass has no style.

I’m not sorry at all. The addicted dudes I saw on TV and on the street growing up had style and male pride. If your going to be a butterfly bitch you better be correct in style, class or I can and I will clown your ass.

If you say I should change my masculine ideals. Hot damn! You just deposited into my account money to clown your ass for days and bullets into my magazine of funny material.

The time for reasoning with a dude that is determined to wear a pink and orange dress with black pumps is over. It’s time to clown his ass like we would any dude that would dare tell any male. That we need to have no style or class like him.

Holy shit. I just fired the first shots. Stop complaining and join me in the clowning.

Warm Regards



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