Cyberpunk morning 8

The fixer is in a jam. He has an item but something strange is going on with the hand off….

Chapter 1


I walked into Elious shop with the guitar case and alarm bells going off in my head. I looked around at the shop pretending to take in the items lining the walls and shelves. I counted  four. All males two on each side of the small shop.

All millitary. No. Ex millitary. I saw two of them with expensive diamond earrings. A big shit house to my right with expensive sunglasses had the nerve to turn and nod to me. I nodded back.

I headed to the front. The shop keeper red hair, blue glasses. He looked like Willson. I looked at his name tag. Jim. W.

“So is that item for Miss James? She’s been waiting a while for it.” Fake Jim said.

Jim Willson must be dead then. This idiot was a nervous asshole. He kept glancing at the corporate security forces behind me. I put the item on the counter turned and walked away.

“Excuse me. This guitar case has a voice lock on it.”

I shook my head. One of the corporate thugs moved on me blocking my way. He was the big shit house.

“The combination to the case. Give it and you can go.”

A lie.

All this shit for a guitar? What the fuck was going on? Maybe, a case for extortion. I didn’t have time for this drama. I had to get a crew together for a client on a nomad honor killing run.

“If I give you the combination. Your not going to like what happens when you open the case. It would be in your best interest to get the fuck out of my way and pretend you never saw my face.”

The shit house blinked. “A trip bomb? Your bullshiting? This was a drop off.”

I shook my head. “I’ve been given instructions. Your man broke the instructions by talking to damn much. I’m just a middle man. I got no loyalty in this only to getting paid for a job.”

“You’ll get your pay and keep your life. Just give us the combination and confession that Erica James hired you.”

I shook my head and tapped my right link button on my visors to my detapad and did a search for who the hell Erica James was.

“No combination. No confession. Your not my client. I don’t confess to anything. I am a middle man. I have broken no corporate or Newark laws. So stop giving me shit and give me my payment.”

I saw a picture along with a file of Erica. Gold brown skin, dark eyes, dark hair, classically beautiful and net worth. 20 billion ebs. Finance Executive. Height 5’5. Engaged to Marcus Boyden merchant guilde leader of Crossbow group.

Marcus. Damn. This was complicated. I did not do complicated.

“There is no romantic ties with me and Miss James. My guess is the item is for Boyden. He does have a less then a wholesome admiration for King Williams. Ask him to wire transfer me the money. I give you the combination and I’m out.”

The shit house sighed and got out his detapad and sent a message to his boss. The reply came back quick. The shit house smiled and took out his blaster and aimmed it at my head.

“Combination. Now.”

Hmm. Interesting. Marcus really didn’t know when to quit while he was ahead. He was trying to retire me. After everything he took from me. I put my head to the blaster and stared at him. “Apparently your boss didn’t explain to you who the fuck you were dealing with. Activate fifteen minutes. Count down now.”

The guitar box opened and the bomb’s timer inside started counting down. I stared at the shit house as he started to sweat.

“Are you listening Marcus bitch boy. I want my money bitch boy. I want my pay check. Pay me in credits or I’ll collect bodies. Your corporate thugs will do fine for me or that pretty piece of ass ceo your partnering with will do fine enough.”

“He’s bluffing. Shoot him and leave.” Marcus said from entercom on the detapad.

The shit house snorted in laughter. “We wouldn’t be able to make it out besides the fact he has another bomb outside in his ride. Isn’t that right Mr. Sigma?”

“Correct one must be prepared in this business to go all out and I was a solo before I retired. Sense your boss is not inclined to pay me my check I hope you’ll understand that I must collect payment either from you and your co workers or Miss James. I am a working man. I expect to be paid.”

The shit house’s smile slipped away. “Yeah. I understand that. You won’t be getting your credits. Miss James is at her corporate building locked in a room while the board and Boyde decide terms of their partnership. If you can claim her then I don’t think she’ll put up a fight in her situation.”

I turned away from him. “You and your men can leave.” I said.

I heard a rush of feet racing out the door. The fake Jim Willson was gone. I scanned the shop with Jim dead I would need to buy it quick. I scanned the area until I found what I needed. A black book device hidden behind the counter. I deactivated the bomb and closed it up. I would need to send someone to guard the shop before I claimed it. I still had another business  deal to set up before I collected my pay for the guitar.

Damn….I like this dude.

Warm Regards



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