If you are pro life for rapist and Jackels not being aborted. I got questions. I’ll be nice.

Well…as nice as I can fucking be about the issue.

What the fuck?


Why? Why should we allow rapists or Jackels that hunt and abuse women & children to live and not be put to sleep?

I mean if you catch them red handed. If you got the proof and video of them smiling at the camera why is it not a moral duty to put the bitch to sleep?

This post is going to be a short one. I really would like to hear some asshole’s bullshit answer about enslaving them in prison is a noble deed instead of freeing them from a society that can’t stand their fucking asses.

Real talk. What the fuck is the issue here?

I’m not talking about murder. That’s wrong. I’m saying put the bitches to sleep.

Warm Regards


If a bitch calls you too nice that means she doesn’t want you to fuck anyone including her. #badasstheories

I learned that shit from Tupac Shakur. Being a man ain’t about being nice. Some of us can be the Chad and some us can be Mr. Delta.


You have to be, you must be a mother fucking bad ass man.

History is unforgiving and proves without a doubt that bad asses conquered and fucked as many women as they could and as many threw themselves at them.

Am I saying you have to be an asshole?


I’m saying any man that will stand in the face of sea beast blued haired bitch and tell her “no. You move.” Is a bad ass.

Likewise. If a fine ass female gives a dude the female bullshit special edition treatment with shade thrown at his father and grandmother. If he stands there and stares at her and then he calmly tells her…

“Yeah. You can pack your shit and get the fuck out now. You crossed the fucking line bitch. I told you never talk shit about my big momma.”

These are the words of a bad ass.

Okay. What a good Christian man? What would he say to a bitch that tried to “reason” with him about his biblical way of life and belief that rapists should be aborted. What would he say?

“I don’t care what you say about the matter. I don’t care how you think about the matter. I told you what I believe that saddles it. I’m not going to change my beliefs because your insulting them and me. I see your going to be argumentive about this so why don’t I leave sense you appear to be not in control of your emotions.” He says and then turns and walks away as she’s talking to him and cursing him out.

Holy shit. That’s some cold bad ass shit my dude. You see there is punch to the face line and then there is a cold logical stab to the brain line. But anyway you do it. This is bad ass behavior. This is why you need to be, you have to be a mother fucking bad ass.

Warm Regards


The legend of Zelda call back to the stories of west and the moral virtues of old.

The hero’s journey and the struggle for man against a power hungry pig and quest to save the princess.

The legend of Zelda is a series of games that vary in good, bad and weird. I have my favorites. I just like the series in general.

Zelda just offers fun and mini challenges that appeal to me as a pick up and play or just zen out on a Saturday morning.

Challenges. I just enjoy the levels of challenges that rang in degree.

The story isn’t fucked with that much overall but it has it’s levels of blend and refinement of the hero’s journey. I love how the Legends change but the archetypes and names remain the same. The moral code remains the same and layered in complex themes. Courage (the Hero) wisdom (the Princess) and power (the Pig).

Courage guided by purpose. Wisdom seen as the prize to obtain and power as seen as the thing to tame and bring into submission by the combination of courage and wisdom working together.

Gameplay is action adventure, challenges and puzzles. It’s all just one fun little ride.

Warm Regards


An Ode to Count Dankula

Rich in worth and comedy.

Human. To his very bone. Brave and enduring in a time of pussies and asshole globle asshole diggers.

Faced with the threat of imprisonment and bullshiting because of a dog and some little dick assholes burned in the memory modern day blue haired dumbasses.

He took to court and he was pronounced guilty. The fucking comedy of modern day first world problems. Now he spends his days busting his blog and making videos about the legendary evil bastards and other weird shit.

Now….in English.

Some fucking Scottish YouTube comedian did a joke involving a dog and some asshole named Hitler. Fuck I care. The shit wasn’t that funny and I lost interest. The comedy was seeing a dude go to court for a joke and be found guilty and then him making a failed bid as a politician to change the shit only to create the best comedy/weird shit about evil bastards of the past video series named mad lads.

I don’t care about his politics. Real talk. I love the dude for making me laugh and having an amazing sense of humor about the weird shit he went with the law. He’s a fighter and family man. I rock with both and I respect both.

Warm Regards


Is Technocrat Bill Gates Valentine from Kingsman? I think so. #overlordtheories

I remember reading this dude’s book in the ninties and thinking..wow. What a interesting person.

Over the years I heard some wild shit about him over the interwebs. Now I’m thinking…wow. This fucker has to much power.


Technocrat. Guardiandogg diffinition: A mother fucker that has some control over the internet, technology and the ears of world leaders.

In other words. A fucking king or Queen of the 21st century. But nobody says it out loud.

Bill Gates is a rich powerful overlord mother fucker. No bullshit. He’s a card carrying goble dumbass (we are the world peace la doe tree fucking bullshiting atheist) that believes that we should decrease world population. It’s a belief he really does have based on science shit and some bullshit. Did I mention he’s got money and power?

Hmm. Does any of this shit sound like it’s from a fucking movie?

Kingsman the first movie is a fantasy bullshit movie and the book was better. But, in real life if you had money and you were a smart overlord with a god complex wouldn’t you figure out a way to make dumbasses kiss your ass for the honor to kill themselves?

I’m a realist and the more money and power you have just means the more time you have to fuck with people instead of fucking a hot chicka on a table.

Fucker has to much power and money. He hasn’t worked an honest CEO job in fucking decades. He’s been running his mouth and running a goble fucking “charity”. To much fucking time on his hands but that isn’t the major issue with him I have….

He’s a fucking Boomer my dude.

A fucking Bommer on TV tellling me what the fuck I should put in my body and do with my life. Fuck that noise.

Warm Regards


A bastardiced version of Powerpuff girls live action is coming. Nobody asked for the shit but CW provides it for you. Holy shit!

Hello, I’m guardiandogg and I’m American Highlander bad ass nerd. Now that’s out of the way.

I love the OG powerpuff girls. Pure 90s cheesecake cartoon shit. Big heads included my dude. Fucking CW is making some bullshit live action shit of Powerpuff girls.

The bullshit cometh. The fucking show already looks like a big mac shit sandwich with no fries just a milk shake of piss. Fucking buttercup is a black power princess.

Holy shit.

Everybody knows fucking buttercup is an asian barbie land princess.

Holy shit.


Holy mother fucking bitch!

The 90s was a throw back to the 80s and now 2000s, 2010s, 2020s is a bizarre world of a throw back to creative mainstream shows going into the shitter.

What the fuck is in the water these brain dead western assholes drink…




Look my dude all joking aside. It is looking to be a lovely Monday morning in shit kicking Texas enjoy your day and go watch the OG powerpuff girls for a laugh at my silly ass.

Warm Regards


Brainstorming let’s take tomorrow people 1990s Let’s add some action and magic bullshit.

There is no real action or combat with tomorrow people because they’re nonviolent pussies. I saw Jumper and read some shit on teleporters. But, that wouldn’t fit the world.

Tomorrow people evade and run. They’re not combative outright. But, they have the ability to teleport objects and people though. Wait. Fuck it. Let’s add some matrix shit. Mix..

Kevin Grey

End of book one or end of season 1


Kevin? I woke up beside Lisa. Where the fuck was Kevin. Peter was swimming in now. Lisa got up.

Kevin is in danger. He’s scared. Peter’s been shot I have to tend to him.

Lisa teleported away in a royal blue blaze of energy. I didn’t have time. I focused on Kevin and then felt for safe spot in his area. None. Shit. I was going in hot.

I ran at the wall and leaped into a kick. I kicked into dude that was choaking Kevin.

The asshole went flying but he wasn’t alone. Magic shit heads surrounded us. I grabbed Kevin and teleported.

A fucker grabbed me out of the jump but Kevin was already at the island. I was yanked into a desert.

A felt a gun to my head. His hand was on my throat. “Give me the location to the origin, freak.”

I came to my feet as he disappeared. I sent in echo out into the desert. A felt her. Betty. Shit. Not her. Not now.

She appeared behind me blocking my mind. “You took a chance in teleporting him away. You could have changed him. Like Kevin did Peter. Little brother.”

I smiled. “He had a gun to my head. It was the fasted solution to a problem but you would know better then me how easy is it to become what we are?”

“Are you asking to keep me from killing you?”

I turned as she shot out fire from her hand. We faced each other. She had a sword in her hand.

We circled each other. I stared at her. She smiled at me.

“Are you her…”

I frowned. “Brother? Yes. I’m her brother. You know it wasn’t easy learning our language on my own just to find out I wasn’t an alien from outer space.” I said and held up my hand when she draw her gun and the gun landed a mile a way.

“Nice. You would make a fine wizard lad once you lost your pussy mindset.”

I shrugged. “Your not my enemy. Can your partner swim?”

Betty stared at me and then laughed. “He isn’t my partner and he can’t swim at all. You’re different. If you bring my sister to me I’ll let you live.”

I held out my hand. I felt orgin fighting me. “Take my hand.”

Betty stared at me. “What is this?”

You belong to us not them. Ah! Shit. Come on dude. You got to be forgiving. We’re only human.

I felt orgin reprimanding me and pulling me home.

Betty snorted. “You really do love her. Damn. Na’aw. I don’t want to live on that stupid island and I like magic and the modern world to much. All I want is my sister.”

I dropped my hand. “You already have her. She’s in your mind and your in hers. No matter what bullshit they told. You still belong to us. Don’t forget that.” I said.

Betty nodded. “I hear you and I know. What is your name?”

“Adam. But, you already know that. I didn’t abandon you.” I said feeling Lisa and the Orgin calling me back.

Betty smiled. “I wasn’t talking about you. Your name isn’t Adam though. Orgins have names that reflect their position in the tribe. Yours is a very high position.”

“I know. But, I wasn’t among the first awoken. So I don’t accept the title.”

Betty shook her head. She studied me. “You are interesting. I killed your parents.” She told the lie with a straight face to hide an attack.

It still hurt but I learned something about her and Orgins.

I teleported into the Orgin as a wazard tried to stab me in the back. I stood before Kevin, Lisa and Pete was a short red haired girl. I estimated her height at full maturity at 5’7.

Pete frowned at me. I’m alien he-man warrior. I’m not a girl.

I glared at her. Stop distracting me.

Pete was a wild one now. Even after being shot in the chest.

Kevin folded his arms across his chest. “What did you learn from her that we can use?” He said having watched the whole thing through my mind and analyzed the lie and what I thought.

That was Kevin. That was what made him our current leader even at fifteen. I could feel his power growing.

She told me a lie in a truth. She can’t kill us.

Kevin nodded. We can’t kill her. What do we do now?

I shook my head sat on cross legged on the air. Lisa rolled her eyes at my show of power while Kevin and Pete grinned. Betty is a long term problem. We have to find Lisa’s mother and your parents and where they’re being held. But for right now it’s time to train.

Hot damn! I like it.

Warm Regards


Big dick envy it’s real and I don’t understand it?

Even when I was a pussy I didn’t or couldn’t understand the shit. I would see it in other dudes throwing shade on other dudes and angry at a Chad for being well…a Chad but again I couldn’t rock with it still can’t.

Besides the whole self pity with a side of Jack Daniel’s my Black Rambo skin folk have an equal amount of envy jealous fury for shit kicking Chads, an Academic Bruce Lee Chad and other Black Rambos.

The shit is funny now because I can admit to myself but it can also be quite…hallarious.

Holy shot.

You can see coming in a dude when starts talking about sports and Chad comes into the mix. They try to play it cool but then the mild shade comes into the mix targeted on a Chad.

Big dick envy comes into the mix. Black Rambo never cries unless it’s to get some money, he’s a pussy or well his addicted to dick.

Black Rambo puts up a tough front and bitches like a five year old about the Chad in question. Some may confuse this to be rage or angry outburst but you know when it’s bitching when the subject matter has got something to do with a Chad and a big dick.

Strangly though I’ve never seen or heard a Puerto Rican Cassinova bitch about a Chad….I wonder why? Maybe, I don’t know enough Puerto Ricans Cassinovas?

Warm Regards


Should a man seek to be a pimp instead of a simp? That’s like saying should a man seek to be a cult leader instead of cult member? #FuckedUpShit

What the fuck my dude? I grew up with Highlander movies and Cobra. It used to be enough for a man to be a bad ass. Shit.

Come on my dude. This shit isn’t hard. A pimp is no different from a fucking slave owner who beats his slaves, works his slaves and fucks his slaves. Jim Jones did the same bullshit too until he bought into his own bullshit.

A simp. Holy shit! A dude that worships females. Holy shit.. You don’t worship a female. You put that bitch on a table and give her the hammer treatment with a Sunday surprise if she acts right.

The notion of dude worshipping a female any female. Holy shit. For female bullshit alone no female is worth bowing down to but I have met some females worth flipping off or giving a legal spanking in court.

No my dude. You must be you have to be a mother fucking bad ass.

Pimping?! The idea of dealing with female bullshit on the regular is crazy to me. That type of dude maybe loves pussy and money more then he loves being sane and free from an endless supply of female bullshit.

Warm Regards


You remember that time Jeffrey Epstein “killed himself” in jail and we all laughed.

I’m telling you my dude. I almost pissed myself in laughter the minute I heard the bitch Jackel ass killed himself in prison. But, that wasn’t the funny part.

The funny part was watching the news, and the government talking heads and assholes with money all agree that he killed himself. Why? Because felt remorse? He didn’t want to go to prison?

Holy shit.

This piece of fucking burning shit was fucking with women and girls for years. The law did nothing to stop him and anybody with money or brain knew that bitch was dirty.

Holy shit.

The minutes. The hours. The seconds. The day this bitch went down we knew this bitch is really going down.

We all didn’t know how fucking funny it was going to be though.

Fucking dumbasses thought his bitch ass was going to prison. Holy shit.

I am fucking crying just writing this shit and thinking back to the day he was found dead. Today his death be came a meme for he got epsteined

Payback came late but mother fucker, one mother fucking evil son of bitch died a rip roaring death. Holy shit what a day.

Warm Regards


P. S.

All my Black Rambo skin folk were counting down the days and bitch it was a natural holiday of laughter, cookouts and brotherly love. Holy shit!

Brain storming..1990s tomorrow people, urban fantasy. Maybe, Cyberpunk? Let’s roll the dice.

Okay long story short. I hate CW. They got some bullshit tomorrow people show. Is it canceled yet? No. Don’t tell me. I’m doing something different and more fun an alternate 1990s corny and Urban fantasy and maybe Cyberpunk.

Kevin Grey

Prologue: The island


I smelled the sand first before I awoke with a shit kicking headache. What the fuck?

I came to my feet to discover I was on an island. It was the island. The point of orgin.

I frowned at that thought and knowledge. How the fuck did I know that. I got to my feet brushing the sand off my jeans and shirt. I pulled back my hair from my face and looked around as I made my way toward…the entrance.

Yeah the entrance had to be twenty four paces from the shore. North straight on ahead.

The knowledge was coming to my mind fast now. I was being pulled to the place. I looked around wondering where Kevin and Lisa were and then wondering who the hell were Kevin and Lisa.

I wasn’t the first to awaken. Why the hell was I here before everyone else?

To many questions. It would take time to manage the flow of information coming at me. I remembered just a few hours ago being in a fight with my ex girlfriend about the guy at work she was thinking of fucking. She had planned the whole shit out.

I had asked her to move out because the shit was beginning to be to much. I had started hearing her think the shit and I was seeing her imagination of them fucking. She had given me endless denials and the spells she tried on me to make me forget or ignore what I heard from her mind. Magic was bullshit. It never had any effect on me though I had been told all my life my mind was powered by it.

I had had enough when she bought some panties for the special day.

I had packed my shit got in my car and drove off. I didn’t know where.

The crash. That’s what happened. Some asshole had ran into my car purposely and then another car hit me from the front and then before I realized I couldn’t hear their thoughts they open fired on my car.

One bad thing after another in my fucked up life. First my parents dying in a car crash now, my girlfriend cheating on me and I was about to die. I just wanted to go home. Pain. Energy. Both hit my body and then I woke up on the beach. No. I woke up. Home. I was home.

I stopped as I got to the entrance of the orgin’s core. I dropped to my knees and dug for a few minutes until the circle entrance lite up and a passaged opened. I was sucked inside to the core.

A bit long but I like it.

Warm Regards