A strange case of the modern west. Tale of two atheists…

My mind goes back a bit to the scariest intellectual shit that left me thinking holy shit this is what a true secular person looks like.

A few years ago, I saw this interview with Tim Pool and sargon of akkad. They were outside and talking about politics, religion and just hanging out talking his projects he had going.

A short word on Sargon. He’s man of the west and an educated atheist and he’s a fighter. Without question…BIG DICK ENERGY!!


Sargon mentions in passing a fraze from the bible or really a saying that westerners use in relation to someone putting blame on another person. A scapegoat. Tim gets this blank expression and asks Sargon what he means by scapegoat. He had never in his fucking life heard that saying.

Sargon blinks and looks at Tim and then calmly explains that from the Christian old testment a scapegoat was a goat Hebrew prist symbotically put the people’s sins on and sent out into the forest along with their sins. Basically someone you put your guilt, crimes on.

Why did it matter? Most westerns today don’t know a damn thing about Christianity but from jukes by atheist who don’t know shit about Christianity let alone traditions of honor or the value of justice in the system of belief.

Tim Pool is an uneducated atheist. He’s of the same generation as me but I grew up having ideals, traditions and beliefs handed down to me and then having my beliefs challenged by reading books by arthors of the west and different time periods and formed my own beliefs by established virtues primarily of the noble western virtues.

Tim Pool? Who is this man? What is his beliefs? What is free speech? Does he even know the history or intellectual bullshit behind it?

This is not a dig on Tim. I had questions. What does a person born and raised in a non tradition non knowledge of history of western morality willing to do to preserve the 1st world environment he grew up in.

The answer came to me years later. Nothing.

Tim Pool at that moment and probably even now is a talker. Why the fuck would he wish to preserve the west if he had never been charged with the duty and given the traditions of the west. He believes in free speech but does he know who coined the words together. Maybe, the writer was just bullshiting. Has he even thought about the cons of free speech and the fucking fact we have liable laws? Some times you are liable to the law for what you say. There is always an expection to free speech.

Food for thought….personally I believe there is a certain level of bullshit to free speech. Do I consider it a western virtue? At the moment no. Why? There is no virtue in bullshit.

Warm Regards



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