Are video games a waste of time? It depends. Is there a community behind the game or is there a skill you want to strengthen?

Real talk. If a dude tells you video games are just mindless fun that’s a form of bullshit where the dude hasn’t thought clearly about the shit.

I’m not a special boy big brain. I’m just a intervert. So I think about a lot this shit.

The weirdness of playing video games is that in some form or way you’re strengthing habits or activities humans care about. Top two being community & skill trainning.

Not everyone cares about video games. Yeah. They care about American grind iron football and world wide Football. Why? Tactics and strategy primarily?! No. Culture and community and sense of united with your country men or people of your city or state. One large mass of a group all cheering for their team to win the big game.

I’m a Raven’s fan by the way. Best team in the land. Come at me bro.

When communties evolved around video games that meant it went beyond a fad in the day. That’s why the shit ain’t going away Ever. The community alone for one game can number into a thousands loyalists.

It feels good to feel apart of something large and important to a select group of people. You connect and you unit with community.

The skills that are reinforced in gaming isn’t nothing to be looked over either. Problem solving. Hand eye coordination. Memorizing facts. Strategic planning. Resource management. The fucking list goes on.

I don’t game as much as I use to simple because some games don’t reinforce my problem solving or resource management skills or is challenging enough to hold my interest or brings a peace to mind when I’m depressed.

Reading, exercise and martial arts keep me focus still far more then any video game. I think more clearer and my mind runs through problems on my mind or clears out the noise so I take my feelings out of my thinking. Though still I play one game or game series often enough that I get the same vibes.

Legend of Zelda games….

I enjoy a few games in the series, Breath of Wild on the Wii U being my favorite. It hits all the reasons I would play a video game. Peace. Strategy. Tactics. Probelm solving. Memorizing. Hand eye coordination. Meditation. Community. Even the controller is a favorite of mean because most days my hands hurt from work. It fits into my hands and makes play enjoyable and not stressful.

Are video games a waste of time? It depends again. If playing video games doesn’t connect you to your humanity or what matters to you I would say yeah it’s a waste of time for you. You could watch the Ravens play a game with your buddies. They might lose but at least the defense is good.

Warm Regards



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