Who are the high little gods of the American Empire? (Comedy?)

The high moral Lords and ladies of the dying American Empire are the defacto moral gods of the land. The little gods that invent law in the American Empire by reading tea leaves and preforming eisegesis on the consistution (ancient text) of the united states American Empire.

The two modes of scholarship these little gods partake are forms.

Exegesis – what does it say and what do the words used in text mean.

Eisegesis – This is what I think mean based on what I know from my own experiences and opinions about what the text says before my grand daddy was born.

Prime example. One of chief little gods on the Supreme court read into an old text a form universal health care in the form of a tax.

It was pure bullshit but sense he was appointed a little god of the Supreme Court it gave him the hubris and arrogence to enforce the shit on a dead document writen by people that are dead.


Remember the rule. I’m writing about this because I saw it happened and laughed my asshole off. The shit is funny to me because I know the ending to this movie.

Rewind the clock back to a few decades back. Some court case about Row v Wade marks a major change in the rise of the worship of female choice and the peagon cult religion.

Same shit different time period. The short hand version of the shit is you have people reading into a dead document the intention of blood ritual sacrifices being a right for the a female cult worshipper at the time who later recanted on her bullshit but the deed was done the rest is a history of cult services and taglines about the worship of females being great.


Holy shit. Why the fuck is this shit so funny to me? Another question I have to figure out.

Holy shit. I’ve heard atheists bitch and cry about pastors and cult leaders using people to get money and ass by reading into an ancient text what they want people to do.

The little gods of Supreme Court of the fucking land daily decide the moral and legal norms of the American Empire. They play the game of gods when they want to and then fake it like that isn’t what the fuck they’ve done and what the fuck they’re doing.

Honestly speaking how long do you think this shit can go on? Nothing lasts forever. Why? Eventually people get tired of the bullshit.

To my knowledge only one of these assholes had the courage to step down from the shit after a lifetime of fucking with the moral compass of the people for years and say…

You know. I’m done. I would to be a fucking human being for the short about of time I have to live before I die and go home to hell. – nobody said it. The dude called it – retirement.

Warm Regards


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