Kevin Grey the movie…

Kevin Grey
Writen by


Int: Two young men battle in the city streets. One dressed plan clothes and leather jacket. The other in wizard golden robes the same color of gold as his hair. A large crowd is behind the wizard while only a small group are behind the other man. Adam Wells is the only person in their small group that’s smiling.

Kevin isn’t ready for this. We needed more time to make ready for him.

Some great men are made.
Some are born.
But believe it or not some
Great men are made, and taught
Greatness. Kevin Grey.

Are you listening to me?

Int: Adam looks at her. Liza stares at him and then smiles slowly. Adam nods.

This is event has been twenty years in the making. I didn’t go easy on him once. He’s got this. Just get ready for a show. Kevin Grey is about to show these magic assholes who they’ve been fucking with for twenty years.

Cut to: Legend 1997, island in the Pacific Ocean.

Int: young Adam appears in the sea and starts swimming for an island.

I’ll stop it here. I need to work my script writing but what do you think?

Warm Regards


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