Cyberpunk dreams: Rite Of Passage part 1

Prologue: Waking up!


I woke up in the dirt. I listened before I opened my eyes. No one was around. It seemed like I was alone and I felt the heat of the sun and cool morning breeze on my skin.

I didn’t have any shoes or a shirt on. All I had was my pants and…my knife strapped to my leg. I opened my eyes.

Route 66 marker seemed to glow in the after glow of night and dawn.

I came to my feet and turned north in the direction of the Newark. The city glittered like a kingdom of the modern world.

I turned away south and caught sight the eighteen wheeler tire tracks along with the jeep tracks of the tribe’s leadership vehicles. I frowned as I followed the tracks off the road and back around and headed to the city.

The city? Why were they headed back to the city the job was done. Hmm. I thought about last night when the tribe held my 16th birthday party to mark the season of my rite.

I wondered. The only reason they would be headed back is if they left something behind or they had another job.

My stomach growlled. Damn. I would need to hunt up breakfast before I headed for the city. I had a two hour walk on my hands.

I heard movment to my right. I glanced out the side of my eyes to see a house dog. The hell. No. He was a half breed mixed with a wolf.

I moved my left hand down to my bow wee knife. Looks I wouldn’t have to look for breakfast and a skin to wear.

I would have to move fast and get a fire going to cook it right.

To be continued…

Warm Regards,



Are video games a waste of time? It depends. Is there a community behind the game or is there a skill you want to strengthen?

Real talk. If a dude tells you video games are just mindless fun that’s a form of bullshit where the dude hasn’t thought clearly about the shit.

I’m not a special boy big brain. I’m just a intervert. So I think about a lot this shit.

The weirdness of playing video games is that in some form or way you’re strengthing habits or activities humans care about. Top two being community & skill trainning.

Not everyone cares about video games. Yeah. They care about American grind iron football and world wide Football. Why? Tactics and strategy primarily?! No. Culture and community and sense of united with your country men or people of your city or state. One large mass of a group all cheering for their team to win the big game.

I’m a Raven’s fan by the way. Best team in the land. Come at me bro.

When communties evolved around video games that meant it went beyond a fad in the day. That’s why the shit ain’t going away Ever. The community alone for one game can number into a thousands loyalists.

It feels good to feel apart of something large and important to a select group of people. You connect and you unit with community.

The skills that are reinforced in gaming isn’t nothing to be looked over either. Problem solving. Hand eye coordination. Memorizing facts. Strategic planning. Resource management. The fucking list goes on.

I don’t game as much as I use to simple because some games don’t reinforce my problem solving or resource management skills or is challenging enough to hold my interest or brings a peace to mind when I’m depressed.

Reading, exercise and martial arts keep me focus still far more then any video game. I think more clearer and my mind runs through problems on my mind or clears out the noise so I take my feelings out of my thinking. Though still I play one game or game series often enough that I get the same vibes.

Legend of Zelda games….

I enjoy a few games in the series, Breath of Wild on the Wii U being my favorite. It hits all the reasons I would play a video game. Peace. Strategy. Tactics. Probelm solving. Memorizing. Hand eye coordination. Meditation. Community. Even the controller is a favorite of mean because most days my hands hurt from work. It fits into my hands and makes play enjoyable and not stressful.

Are video games a waste of time? It depends again. If playing video games doesn’t connect you to your humanity or what matters to you I would say yeah it’s a waste of time for you. You could watch the Ravens play a game with your buddies. They might lose but at least the defense is good.

Warm Regards


Had to work today the bullshit is real but…a Black Rambo reminded me why I love my skin folk…

The bullshit of working on your day off and then showing up and it’s fuck all work to do.

The corporate bullshit is real my dude. Fuckers always trying to plan ahead of holiday thinking it’s going to be some rush and it’s dick all my dude. Why? Fuckers can’t predict the fucking future and yet a fucker will try to bullshit you that he knows how many fucking clouds will be in the sky tomorrow so you better come early because it’s going to rain at 11:30am. Same old bullshit….

Anyway, I was waiting to clock in with the rest of my work buddies. We all had the same damn long face….like what the fuck are we doing here? Ain’t shit to do.

I saw one Black Rambo dude coming up with eyes half closed with a no fucks given expression just trying to get the through the shit to pay the bills. Dude couldn’t even pretend to give a fuck encase a corporate snitch was watching. I couldn’t help laughing.

The dude turns and sees our faces. He and nods his head reading our thoughts. “Ain’t this some shit huh? Fuckers telling us we got to be in today. You can’t be late today. It’s going to a fucking rush of work to do. Day of mother fuckers pushing the time twice before you even get to the fucking parking lot…come in guess what still ain’t no fucking work to do. Fuckers always about that shit. This some bullshit.”

We were laughing our balls off because the dude just kept going. On point low key rant he didn’t even raise his voice. He was tired and frustrated at the same damn time. Even our manager was laughing his ass off. He knew what was up.

This is the kind of shit that makes me love my skin folk. They will take some bullshit of life moment and turn it in to a gift of laughter to get through the shit. Why?

Because the truth can be funny some times and laughter just some times can get you through some bullshit easier.

Warm Regards


Cyberpunk morning 12

Word was out the Yellow Demon was coming for Demon Ross and one fixer had plans to make sure he got him….

Chapter 2


I stood in Eddie’s garage along with his bandmates and Miss James listening in from my detapad. Eddie folded his arms across his chest after I told him the news that the Yellow Demon was going after Ross. Cash was already maping out the building and a plan of attack in the next 48 hours. The time table was tight but it could and would be done.

“What the fuck difference does it make to us Sigma? We ain’t in the business of getting involved in other people’s business.”

I stared at him. “I need 50 credits and your best man to make sure the job gets done.”

Eddie laughed while the others were quiet. He put on a good front. “You want us to pay you to handle a job we don’t give a shit about?”

I shook my head. “I’m a fixer. I handle jobs so you don’t have to give a shit about it. Ross is selling children to Jackels in your city. The boy isn’t the only child he’s selling tomorrow night. I need 60 credits and a champion on loan to make sure the job is done.”

Gino stepped up. “You said 50.”

“The number goes up the longer you royal assholes keep bullshiting me. You all got family and ties to the nomads that run deep. I know about nomad laws on finding a Jackel. Your not warriors or generals. You’ll only get in the way of my plans.”

“Again. I’m missing the reason we should pay you to kill some piece of shit Jackel.” Eddie said again trying to bullshit us.

“80 credits.” Miss James said from the intercom of my detapad. “Ross needs to be removed by perfessionals such as my husband. We are awhere of your plans. It is not necessary and besides the point we have nomad legal right to first kill. He is a threat to my future children.”

I kept my smile back. Miss James was pulling the right cards and emotions.

Eddie held up a hand stopping the others from talking. He looked at me. “100 credits and make sure every Jackel that comes to that auction dies. If you only get Ross it will be 80 credits. You get one champion as a sniper. Yellow Demon gets a clear path to a honor kill. Deal.” He said holding out his hand.

I grasped his hand in a firm shake. “Thanks for letting me handle it. I don’t mean any disrespect to you. But, we can’t afford him to get away. He’s gotten to big but he’ll have a plan to slip away.”

Eddie and let go my hand. “I know. It wasn’t right what he said about your old lady. In the badlands my wife’s people would have killed him on sight for saying it. So would I. It wouldn’t matter to me if said the shit about my kid or someone else’s. You’ve got a lot patience.”

I shook my head. “Not at all. He knew who was saying that shit to and what I would do to him. He said it because he thought he was untouchable. But, really it’s a simple matter of business. Him being alive is a distraction for me but I also have to kill the people backing him so my representation stands. I am not to be fucked with in regards to my money and Miss James or any children we may or may not have. He now owes me his life and now I intend to collect payment. I’ll handle it. You handle bringing out a new album. It’s been to long already.”

Eddie smiled and waved me out. I surprised him with a formal bow and turned and left the way I came in.

I looked at my detapad and saw I had one last message from Miss James.

I expect payment of a child from this partnership. A million credits is deposited in your account for the job thank you.

I smiled oh she just had to make sure I didn’t attempt to play the white knight for her honor. Damnnation she was forever making our arrangement interesting.

Holy shit my dude. This shit is heating up quick….

Warm Regards


I’ve been trying hard to think of something funny to write about but I can’t stop thinking of how fucked up it is we can’t abort rapists.

The shit is just weird to me. I mean we all have heard stories of a rapist falling on some bullets on his way to getting put to sleep. The shit is a damn shame the heroes never get the gold medals they deserve.

The shit is so unfair. I mean a female will lie about her deserve to put a bitch to sleep and sell some bullshit about having a blood sacrifice ritual is the same or equal to putting a bitch to sleep.

Bitch please.

That’s some fucked up shit. Seriously my dude. You know a society has gone into the shitter when we started going ass backwards about putting a bitch to sleep.

Real talk. No bullshit. I spent most of my childhood not hearing the herotic tales of men and women of the past putting bitches to sleep. For some reason people feel shame about the shit or worse think it was evil?! What the fuck?

Damn shame. Kids now a days don’t know the shit head bitches their ancesters put to sleep in the past just for looking to long at a dude’s legacy with evil intent.

I know. I know. I’m a complaining old fuck but I still long for a day we can be honest again and take up the noble tradition of putting a bitch to SLEEP!

Warm Regards



I’ll think of something funny soon.

A strange case of the modern west. Tale of two atheists…

My mind goes back a bit to the scariest intellectual shit that left me thinking holy shit this is what a true secular person looks like.

A few years ago, I saw this interview with Tim Pool and sargon of akkad. They were outside and talking about politics, religion and just hanging out talking his projects he had going.

A short word on Sargon. He’s man of the west and an educated atheist and he’s a fighter. Without question…BIG DICK ENERGY!!


Sargon mentions in passing a fraze from the bible or really a saying that westerners use in relation to someone putting blame on another person. A scapegoat. Tim gets this blank expression and asks Sargon what he means by scapegoat. He had never in his fucking life heard that saying.

Sargon blinks and looks at Tim and then calmly explains that from the Christian old testment a scapegoat was a goat Hebrew prist symbotically put the people’s sins on and sent out into the forest along with their sins. Basically someone you put your guilt, crimes on.

Why did it matter? Most westerns today don’t know a damn thing about Christianity but from jukes by atheist who don’t know shit about Christianity let alone traditions of honor or the value of justice in the system of belief.

Tim Pool is an uneducated atheist. He’s of the same generation as me but I grew up having ideals, traditions and beliefs handed down to me and then having my beliefs challenged by reading books by arthors of the west and different time periods and formed my own beliefs by established virtues primarily of the noble western virtues.

Tim Pool? Who is this man? What is his beliefs? What is free speech? Does he even know the history or intellectual bullshit behind it?

This is not a dig on Tim. I had questions. What does a person born and raised in a non tradition non knowledge of history of western morality willing to do to preserve the 1st world environment he grew up in.

The answer came to me years later. Nothing.

Tim Pool at that moment and probably even now is a talker. Why the fuck would he wish to preserve the west if he had never been charged with the duty and given the traditions of the west. He believes in free speech but does he know who coined the words together. Maybe, the writer was just bullshiting. Has he even thought about the cons of free speech and the fucking fact we have liable laws? Some times you are liable to the law for what you say. There is always an expection to free speech.

Food for thought….personally I believe there is a certain level of bullshit to free speech. Do I consider it a western virtue? At the moment no. Why? There is no virtue in bullshit.

Warm Regards


Cyberpunk morning 6…

Hmm. April is almost gone. Let’s finish it with brainstorming fun. Okay. Let’s take a Nomad and rocker boy Eddie Williams and how he met, and married his old lady.



I lay in bed with my old lady taking a shower in the bathroom of our tour bus. It was ourĀ  twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and I wandered. I played softly on my guitar the song she liked while I heard her start to sing the lyrics from the shower.

I closed my eyes.

It had been in a dive on the outskirts of Newark near the border of the nomadic lands. One of our opening gigs sense we parted with the college of bards and started out on the streets.

The crowd was rowdy and fights were going on around us. The first song bombed hard and we were about to get stoned to death by the crowd throwing beer bottles at us to the chicken wire stage we stood behind.

I saw two chicks walk in with two big ass nomadic assholes with swords at their backs. Shit. Samari nomads. What the fuck?

One of the chickas a raven haired Betty with lavender eyes caught my gaze and froze in mid step. She had some type of latent magic in her that lite the fire in the magic of my bardic tongue.

Damn. I felt the jult to my soul and I started singing. The magic taking hold of me.

“There she is. There she is. There ain’t nobody like her at all. There she is. My one true love.”

My band mates caught on to feel of the magic and soon the melody took hold and they grooved into it.

I stared at her not caring that she might be some fuckers mate or wife. I was going to have her. It was partly my own ego in the shit but it was her bad ass bitch command for my attention. She captured my notice. As her big brick shit house of man noticed me macking on his girl and came at me sword swinging.

Fucked broke through chicken wire. The crowd instead of fleeing cheered expecting a blood bath.

My band mates took off for our van. I ran forward past the dude, dodging his buddy and taking the girl over my shoulder and booking it.

It hadn’t been a smart move but damn it hadn’t the right move. I found out later that night her name when got hitched nomad tradition. Vowing loyalty to each other in front of her friends and family a life of travel and adventure with loyalty and family binding us to the road.

I felt a kiss on my lips and opened my eyes to see my raven haired beauty naked in front of me smiling.

“Hey, Lovie. You thinking about me?” My woman asked.

“Sure enough Betty Lee. Today all day I’ve been thinking about you.” I said and then put my guitar aside to take her into our bed and make love to her.

Hmm. Romantic bullshit aside. I like it.

Warm Regards


If you are pro life for rapist and Jackels not being aborted. I got questions. I’ll be nice.

Well…as nice as I can fucking be about the issue.

What the fuck?


Why? Why should we allow rapists or Jackels that hunt and abuse women & children to live and not be put to sleep?

I mean if you catch them red handed. If you got the proof and video of them smiling at the camera why is it not a moral duty to put the bitch to sleep?

This post is going to be a short one. I really would like to hear some asshole’s bullshit answer about enslaving them in prison is a noble deed instead of freeing them from a society that can’t stand their fucking asses.

Real talk. What the fuck is the issue here?

I’m not talking about murder. That’s wrong. I’m saying put the bitches to sleep.

Warm Regards


If a bitch calls you too nice that means she doesn’t want you to fuck anyone including her. #badasstheories

I learned that shit from Tupac Shakur. Being a man ain’t about being nice. Some of us can be the Chad and some us can be Mr. Delta.


You have to be, you must be a mother fucking bad ass man.

History is unforgiving and proves without a doubt that bad asses conquered and fucked as many women as they could and as many threw themselves at them.

Am I saying you have to be an asshole?


I’m saying any man that will stand in the face of sea beast blued haired bitch and tell her “no. You move.” Is a bad ass.

Likewise. If a fine ass female gives a dude the female bullshit special edition treatment with shade thrown at his father and grandmother. If he stands there and stares at her and then he calmly tells her…

“Yeah. You can pack your shit and get the fuck out now. You crossed the fucking line bitch. I told you never talk shit about my big momma.”

These are the words of a bad ass.

Okay. What a good Christian man? What would he say to a bitch that tried to “reason” with him about his biblical way of life and belief that rapists should be aborted. What would he say?

“I don’t care what you say about the matter. I don’t care how you think about the matter. I told you what I believe that saddles it. I’m not going to change my beliefs because your insulting them and me. I see your going to be argumentive about this so why don’t I leave sense you appear to be not in control of your emotions.” He says and then turns and walks away as she’s talking to him and cursing him out.

Holy shit. That’s some cold bad ass shit my dude. You see there is punch to the face line and then there is a cold logical stab to the brain line. But anyway you do it. This is bad ass behavior. This is why you need to be, you have to be a mother fucking bad ass.

Warm Regards


The legend of Zelda call back to the stories of west and the moral virtues of old.

The hero’s journey and the struggle for man against a power hungry pig and quest to save the princess.

The legend of Zelda is a series of games that vary in good, bad and weird. I have my favorites. I just like the series in general.

Zelda just offers fun and mini challenges that appeal to me as a pick up and play or just zen out on a Saturday morning.

Challenges. I just enjoy the levels of challenges that rang in degree.

The story isn’t fucked with that much overall but it has it’s levels of blend and refinement of the hero’s journey. I love how the Legends change but the archetypes and names remain the same. The moral code remains the same and layered in complex themes. Courage (the Hero) wisdom (the Princess) and power (the Pig).

Courage guided by purpose. Wisdom seen as the prize to obtain and power as seen as the thing to tame and bring into submission by the combination of courage and wisdom working together.

Gameplay is action adventure, challenges and puzzles. It’s all just one fun little ride.

Warm Regards


An Ode to Count Dankula

Rich in worth and comedy.

Human. To his very bone. Brave and enduring in a time of pussies and asshole globle asshole diggers.

Faced with the threat of imprisonment and bullshiting because of a dog and some little dick assholes burned in the memory modern day blue haired dumbasses.

He took to court and he was pronounced guilty. The fucking comedy of modern day first world problems. Now he spends his days busting his blog and making videos about the legendary evil bastards and other weird shit.

Now….in English.

Some fucking Scottish YouTube comedian did a joke involving a dog and some asshole named Hitler. Fuck I care. The shit wasn’t that funny and I lost interest. The comedy was seeing a dude go to court for a joke and be found guilty and then him making a failed bid as a politician to change the shit only to create the best comedy/weird shit about evil bastards of the past video series named mad lads.

I don’t care about his politics. Real talk. I love the dude for making me laugh and having an amazing sense of humor about the weird shit he went with the law. He’s a fighter and family man. I rock with both and I respect both.

Warm Regards