Abortion is a wild connondrum to ponder

All joking aside about my highlander heritage. I grew up in a era when abortion was the thing. It wasn’t looked down on or put to shame.

The abortion of the modern times is a little confusing to me at times. I think and ponder it all. I’m like this shit don’t make sense to me. I’m just an old fucker after all.

Alright let me give you an example of my kind of abortion.

You have a bitch that’s a bite wild and to playful and maybe a little dangerous. She gets out of the yard and attacks a young girl on the street wounding her leg and biting her body.

The dog is taken out back to the barn by the father of the young girl and with a shut gun or a glock the father violently puts that bitch to sleep.

I know. I know your going to cry to me about animal cruelty but that’s just how we did things in my day. We didn’t cut off the young girl’s leg. We put that bitch to sleep.

Another example. A dude by the name of Ed, I knew back in the day owned a farm near me. He was a friendly man and had a lovely daughter that when she smiled you saw sunshine and you could hear the birds sing. We called her sun shine girl.

One afternoon when the father was away for a short time. A mother fucking savage came on to Ed’s farm and attacked and raped sun shine girl.

Ed came back as the mother-fucker was in the act of raping his daughter. Ed being a responsible man of law and order and an excellent shooter took out his 45. and put that bitch to sleep.

His daughter called the police while kind hearted Ed tried to save this bitch for trial for attempted murder.

Attempted murder?

Yeah. Back in my day. When we had the evidence and the shit was clear as a sunny day. We put bitches to sleep and went to church for Sunday morning service.

What about multipul cases of gang rape?

Holy shit. That would have been a long day of guns going off my friend.

Yep. I just don’t understand the times today. Abortion was more simpler in my day. Instead of putting bitches in jail we put bitches to sleep.

Warm Regards,


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