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Chapter 7

Vince was pouring over the contract for the last few hours when he got a knock on the door. “What is it?” He asked in a gruff voice.

“I found Pete.” Mini said to Vince’s surprise. “He’s doing fine and he’ll be back in the next forty-eight hours or less. Mr. Ross is here. Do you wish to see him?”

“Yes. Thank you Mini.” Vince said and then sat back in his chair as the door was unlocked and opened. Ran stood in the door and took in Vince’s condition before quickly coming inside closing the door and taking a seat.

Vince stared at him. “What the hell is happening to me?” He asked.

Ran sat back. “My guess is some type of mating fever. This hasn’t happened to you before?” He asked.

“You know damn well it hasn’t.” Vince said. “Humans don’t experience what I’m going through right now. How did you do it? I can’t find any form of enchantment words in the contract or ink, I signed.” Vince said.

Ran frowned shaking his head. “Your not under any enchantment. You’re just experiencing a mating fever. It’s normal.”

“Not for humans.” Vince said.

“Yes. Humans don’t experience what your going through.” Ran said pointedly.

Vince leaned back in his chair tapping his chin. “Where have you been? I’ve been trying to get in contact with you about your case.” He said instead.

Ran smiled. “Working. I have a business to run myself. You are rather bulky and muscular for a human and you favor swords and martial arts to modern weapons. You do realize there are few humans in the horse men. You must have giants in your bloodline maybe a Red Orc.” He said.

Vince stared at him. “I told Sister Daisy I would have to kill Slicer. He is determined to have Ahlar.”

Ran’s smile dropped away. “My wife told me everything you said. He is mean to kill if it comes down to it. You may win the alliance hand but I have rights to kill.” He said.

“You expect me to restain myself if this fucker comes at my head with an axe?” Vince asked.

Ran stared at him. “Barbarian as well.”

“What?!” Vince asked.

“You have Barbarian blood in your veins. I can see it in your stare, however to answer your question no. I don’t expect you to restain yourself. The contract says a best of three bouts. Boxing. Wrestling and finally blunted sword fencing. If he beats you in two the victory is his for a moment until I remove his head. If you beat him in two bouts the victory is yours and I remove his head later when things calm down.” Ran said.

“Slicer doesn’t seem like a male that plays by the rules and he’s fixing to take her any way this goes down. You do know that right?!” Vince said.

“If Slicer is unwilling to go by the rules then fuck him and his clan. It will be war.” Ran said.

“Does Ahlar know this?” Vince asked.

Ran stared at him. “Thank you!”

“Your welcome. But, what are you thanking me for?” Vince said.

“Dispite Ahlar’s behavior. Your gentleman behavior is more then I could have expected but you will not intentionally kill Slicer.”

Vince nodded. “I’m not a murder. I’m a lawyer so I’ll try to play it by the rules. When does the first match begin?” He said.

Ran nodded. “The first bout is tonight. I have made arrangements to have it at a hotel meeting room. Slicer had the option of bare knuckles or gloves.”

Vince leaned back in his chair. “He chose gloves.” He said.

Ran studied him. “How did you know?”

Vince shrugged. “He talks a good game but he has nicer hands then we do.”

Ran nodded. “Easy win for you then.”

Vince shook his head. “He’s a sneaky little bastard though. He made me show my hand early to him. Whose going to be the judges?”

Ran pointed a finger at himself. “Me and the elder of my clan. You just have to beat him two out of three matches either way he’s not getting his hands on my daughter.” Ran said and walked out of Vince’s office.

Vince’s phone rang twice on his desk. He picked it up and saw Ahlar Ran on the caller ID and put his phone back down.


The Return of the raging MGTOW….

audio of return of the raging MGTOW

I’m bit tired and restless of late so here’s something funny. The orgin of this piece.

Long story short. A fucking year a go I got into it with a MGTOW disciple over a blog post I wrote in regards to the dude having a shit fit about me being critical about MGTOW in general.

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Once again, I was just being a little critical of his religion (MGTOW) and fucking with him a little about it. He took the shit too fucking seriously.

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Anway, to my Shock and horror the dude comes back a year later and is still but-hurt over the shit. He was fucking whinning again that me and another blogger were critical about his position on MGTOW a fucking year a go. In the fucking comments section. It’s both funny as hell and fucking depressing.

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Holy shit. My dude. I had one fucking hope my dude that he had dropped the bullshit and stopped the crying and whinning about men having to contend in a world that’s against us and trying to fucking take us out.

Newsflash: Tough times make strong man. Soft times make weak soft ass beta bitch gammas.

Holy shit.

It’s the fucking mindset of some of the MGTOW Acolytes. Self-pity, cry baby, blackpill, banging hockers bullshit.

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To each man, live your life. No shade from me but holy fucking shit. Later for all that fucking angry whinning bullshit mindset.

I have more respect for the MGTOW pursuit of the bag chasers then the fucking whinning female hating, hocker bangers.

Warm Regards


Spring time in a recession/political depression….#poetry

My allergies are kicking my ass.

The day to day journey’s from home to work and back again fill me with woe.

Not for the work or job as it be. It’s because of the consent bullshit shit in the metaphorical air. I’m allergic to bullshit and politically motivated as such there is alot in the air in that regards.

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It’s a upon us. The season you work longer hours and think about chances to grab more out of a week and day. The prices aren’t falling. So the pay must keep raising.

There’s a reason for it all. There’s a cause behind it all I just can’t name him.

Beta bitch Joe Biden

Oh well. I can’t seem to remember the name of the person. All I can hear are voices continually talking about Will Smith for some reason.

Warm regards


I don’t know what it is but I can’t stop finding a reason to make stuff funny.

I’m working on Blue Jumper and season 2 is hilarious my dude. I have no idea where it’s going but it is entertaining writing and reading back where the Supers Unit is headed too.

But, I’m noticing a pattern currently with my writing. It’s leaning heavy on comedy with a little action. Even the strange dreams series currently….

Strange dreams….

Stranger things?…Is there a connection? Nope.

My shit isn’t about Nostalgia tripping balls on 80s dreams. Dark City dreams are coming….Along with a 1990s TV show called sliders about to hit the mix button….

Anyway, that shit with Bill taking his best friend Scott on table was funny as hell.

Warm regards


Great Papo goes to war with the Boomer

Great Papo is sitting up in bed at the family estate with a shot gun on his lap. Great grand son is called to talk to him.

“Bring that sum-a-bitch Boomer here. I’m a shot his fat ass off. This is war!”

I stared at him. “I didn’t take the vaccine damn it. Calm the fuck down. Your not shooting my grandfather.”

Great Papo stared at me. “That fucking asshole. That fucking asshole told me to my mother fucking face I needed to trust the government and convince you to take that shit. Fucking traitor to his clan.”

Holy shit.

“Look man. The vaccines aren’t that deadly-“

“That fucking Boomer is brain washing you with that trust the government bullshit. I talked to your Daddy. He told me what’s the goings on and showed me some stuff but that ain’t the reason I’m pissed off and you know it. That fucker asked me to trust the government! After what the government did to me in 1966 and 88. Fuck the government and fuck that traitorous Boomer son of mean.”

Oh shit. He was really pissed.

“If I get him on the phone and he apologies to you about it will you calm the fuck down?”

“Fuck his words.” Great Papo said gruffly. “I want a written contract that fucking Boomer won’t EVER mention government and trust to me while I’m alive or try to trick you into sucking the dick of the government on your fucking knees.” He said

I sighed. “Okay. I think I can get it done.”

“He has to sign it to in blood is my choice by in ink will do. Now how’s things going with your girl?”

Warm Regards,


I’m dreaming again…read to the end. Your welcome.

That’s a weird statement. Don’t we all dream when we sleep? When I was younger my dreams long or my dreams were often detailed stories and fantasy worlds of mystery and weirdness. Dreaming is part of in part the reason I wanted to be a writer.

My uncle and family would often get tired of listening to me tell a long was dream about rope bridge cities that lead to dystopian roaring 1920’s city state countries.

It was part having a wild imagination as kid and part reading stories often.

But, I spent 2020 in a daze of dark daylight nightmares. I kept having the same dream and I wished I could dream something else. Then I couldn’t dream at all until recently.

It might be because I’m reading more again. I really did miss reading books. It’s still the best entertainment value of these modern times of a confederation of dunuces.

I really do mean it. Woe. I’m having a passing thought for these strange times of the sparkle of the West has lost it’s shine it seems for the moment.

I ponder. I weigh the decisions and immortality of a generation long sense loss to its own hubris. I am lost in thought. For every boomer that rides a motorcycle and points a finger at the X,Y and Z generations that have suffered from their decisions and laughter at out how poor we are and how great they are…I am watchful.

I contemplate their hour. I have dreams of peaceful sleep for the less voiceful ones and few gems. My grandma was one. She wasn’t perfect but she accepted me for who I am and was truthful with me. She believed in me and my dreams. But, for the jackasses that laugh at us that did no part to help us. Worse yet they think they have a right to put us down or judge us and show off their wealth and selfish living. I have a dream. I have a dream of a pillow and a not so peaceful sleep.

Warm Regards


P. S.

You weren’t the greatest generation boomer. You are bunch of selfish assholes that ride motorcycles. The day of the pillow is coming.

To a female that has had eight blood Ritual Sacrifices. Why do you need validation.

If your new here this is the link to what a Blood Ritual Sacrifice is.

Now some well meaning people call for understanding and encouragement for female cult worshipers that engage in Blood Ritual Sacrifices to be handled with care and love. I’ve seen pussies that don’t like blood ritual sacrifices that advise modern thinking non pegans to be encouraging and not make fun of female cult worshipers or be mean to them. So they can convince people that engage in pegan cult rituals are weird.

Fuck that pussy shit. The minute you become an adult or have the option to choose who lives and dies you don’t deserve kid gloves. I got questions and thoughts about it from a non cult perspective.

I mean it’s legal and on demand in the post rational and truth 1st world shit holes. So you can have it your way big mac style but why the fuck does a female cult worshipper need validation for sacrificing a human life on a pagen chair of the worship of ego and hubris?

Come on my dude. The fucking balls on a female cult worshipper that says she has a right to sacrifice a human being because she forgot how humans are created is laughable. The excuse that it was a slip up and her plans for college or she can’t afford to take care of “it”.

Holy shit. The cult like thinking of turning babies into monsters in their woams in their fucking minds. The fucking brain washing.

Hey, I was a victim of the shit myself until I started thinking about it and saw the shit. It’s the old game of dehumanizing for the reason of personal gain or to terminate for the glorification of female cult hubris.

There is a comedy in this shit. Think about it. A female cult worshipper has to have a reason to terminate a human so that she can gain something from her god…

Now who is her god? Herself or more to the point the female gender.

Have you ever heard a beta bitch male worshipper defend this shit? It’s always from the view point that the female has the superior right, knowledge and will over the males in the production of humans.

Holy shit. The production of humans?

They think this way. Listen to them. I heard a dude named Nick Cannon speaking this cult talk shit once and it always sounds weird. Off.

Warm Regards


P. S.

My solution for females that think humans are “its” is for them to have sex with dudes that can’t have children. Problem solved. Though that would be the end to cult worship.

Kwame Brown? The strange case of a man responding back to rich celebrity assholes that fuck with him for no reason out of nowhere.

Look the shit. I’m going to summarize.

Ex-nba dude KB gets thrown shade by celebrity ex-nba dudes on tv about his career.

KB responds back. Ex-nba dudes shit themselves and call him an angry black rambo.

Some dude on a radio show throws his hat in the conversation because reasons. He tries to “defend” KB by calling him an angry Black dude from an angry black family.

KB respond back to Radio show host by exposing Radio Show host’s past habit of doing the dirty maybe, possible with a 15 year old girl. Though there was a court case and he got off.

Anyway, the shit keeps getting deeper and deeper. Because, once again all the shit started because assholes keep fucking with KB and he just responds back.

The easiest solution is the assholes to apologize right???

Radio show host apologies. But, you know it’s one of those pet on the head apologies.


“Listen dude. I was having a laugh at your family and your people and pissing on your charecter and I’m sorry you became an angry black dude about it. I’m really sorry and your a good dude. A really good dude. Sorry. We good now right?

I find the shit amazing. It’s a study in bullshit reasoning, magic nonsense logic and rich assholes trying to shit on a dude with BIG DICK ENERGY that isn’t having it.

Warm Regards



Dude is young enough to be my son. I am an old fuck.

Update: He’s older then me. I am a dumbass.

I saw two archetypes in Black Panther (2018) the traditionalist and Attila the Hun.

Art is subjective bullshit. Any meaning you gather from the shit is always connected to who you are and where you come from. Yet the historical repeating patterns in the movie still haunt me years later.

The ethnic traditional male that wants to preserve his culture and it’s traditions and Attila the Hun the male that wants to conquer the fucking world. For reasons???

Yet, is that altogether the truth. No. Again it’s subjective. I love my skin folk but looking at that movie and remembering the shit.

Yeah. I can’t see it any other way. Attila the Hun was the rightful ruler. He beat the defender of the tribe and it’s traditions. He had the right to burn it all down and he did. Attila the Hun did not give a damn about the future of his father’s nation. He didn’t give a fuck about roots or history. He wanted to conquer the fucking world. Rightly he could and rightly he would burn it all down and conquer the world in the traditions of Stalin, Hitler, the American Empire and the top dog dictators of today.

So what? The traditionalist should die? The traditionlist should just bow down and let his nation be turned into a dumpster fire empire. The traditionlist should accept bullshit reasoning?

Fathers & sons.

The traditionalist was taught by his father he had a duty to defend the traditions and honor of his people. Attila the Hun honored his father by seeking to conquer the fucking world. For reasons??

You know what camp I fall in and you damn sure know I wouldn’t be merciful to my kin folk for trying to set fire to my family business to get the insurance so he could open strip clubs to put my cousins through college and to get more customers for his cocain side hustle.

Bitch please. I don’t give a fuck about your reasons. You need to give me a reason not to throw a tomahawk at your head coming at me with that bullshit.

Warm Regards


P. S.

I don’t hate Kill monger. I understand his rage. But, what the fuck would you do if a dude tried to convince you to tell your sister to sell her body to a rich dude so that the dude would invest in the family business so we could get paid and gain political power. Some men answer such a suggestion with a fist or a hail storm of bullets. Me. I’m a traditional man. I carry a sword.

Am I Black Piller? Na’aw son. I just don’t believe fairy tales like functioning US government

Real talk. This shit imagination land government I’m in right now I can’t take the shit seriously.

To my Highlander American bad ass soul I hated Bush Jr with a passion for a 5’5 shorty with a smile and no clothes on lying on a table.

But, at least that fucker had a functioning government. War machine shit storm that it was it worked. For me everybody else is living in a dream when they take the Crept Keeper and Chief to the Army of the pirates of the Caribbean seriously.

I can’t my dude. I am a dude with a world making imagination but I just can’t take the shit serious.

I’m waiting the next four years out when this shit dream everybody is on comes to an end. I’m working on getting stronger, getting a car and buying two twin 1911s and a sharp shooting rifle.

No. I’m not the murdering type. I live in Texas though and you never know when might have to put down a wild animal or a Jackel or two.

Anyway, I just can’t fucking believe in a never never land United States government that ain’t there my dude. I can fake it to get a long with people hocked on the dream but I can’t trust it or believe it because I know dreams. That shit comes to an end and the real world ain’t no joke.

Warm Regards


Brainstorming session…Digimon, bullshiting friends and a dude who stutters…

Could be funny or not..mix

Alright the shit started in the fucking late 1990s early 2000s. Some mother fucking wizard opened a damn portal to another universe with a fucking spell trying to get a slut demon. Dumb ass ended up bringing in five foot size monsters from the fucking digital world.

Mother fucker also fucked up the laws of space and time as well. The universe had to reset itself and mix histories to put the shit in ballance. We didn’t find out this shit until SageMon came to earth and revealed it. That’s another story though.

I was a fucking kid at the time when the Digimon arrived and for some strange reason of fate, magic bullshit I don’t know they fit in. They became the new pets or fashion of the early 2000s. It fucking felt like they had always been here as did the fucking battles.

Anyway, me, Earl and Jena and Tai had a pet Digimon. Tai was the quiet one with a bad stutter but that fool was crazy about Digimon. He had a Leomon we called Iron fist.

Earl, and Jenna had Angemon and always argued about who was the stronger fighter between the two.

Me and my Buddy ArguMon stayed out of the shit. The shit usually didn’t lead to anything until the summer of 06 shit got real.

We were in the park walking to an outdoor battle of Digimon. We never made it. Fucking Earl and Jena were getting in to the shit along with their Digimon.

A fucking lighting bolt came out the sky hitting us and these weird devices were in our hands.

They started to glow. Digimon B flashed on the LCD screens.


Fucking Tai started stuttering bad. We looked at him as he pointed at the screen on his device and pointed at Earl and Jena.


Fucking Tai was losing his shit and then we heard it. It was the fucking battle song for a digi battle coming through our devices.


Earl and Jena faced each other. These two dumbasses were going to do it. Go into a amature bout over some bullshit.

“Let’s go mother fucker.” Jena said.

“You got it Bitch. Digimon battle ready go.”

“Angemon divine holy fist.” The dumbasses commanded their Digimon.

I wish I can tell you it was an epic battle but come on my dude that wouldn’t be me. The fucking dumbasses canceled out each others attacks and de-evoled their Digimon.

The best part of that fight and afterward was Tai losing his shit singing that damn song all day my dude….

Did those two grow out of that shit…fuck no those two dumbasses are married with two kids and still digimon battling in the streets my dude.

Warm Regards