Interview with Boss Bitch in Charge….

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Alright what is this photo telling you. There is a story here. In every article of clothing and in the very way she leans at an angle toward the camera. The gaze. The expression of one eye brow raised.

She is relaxed but posed and focused. Nothing is out of place. Everything fits and there is a story.

Interview with Kaiah Lewis best selling author of I birthed Twelve kids and run my own damn business and Boss Bitch in Charge.

GuardianDogg: First off, I want to say you have a lovely home and very welcoming family. How you are doing today?

Kaia Lewis: Thank you. I’m quite good. My daily morning Yoga ritual was fantastic and energizing afterwards I had a lovely writing session just before your arrival. I am ready for this interview to get going.

GD: Let’s dive in then. When did you realize you wanted to be a Boss bitch? Have you always had an entrepreneur spirit?”

KL: Well yes. Though I didn’t realize my full potential until my husband obtained his first million, before then I was just a house wife with three children. Those were fun adventurous times writing on my blog and doing freelance writing gigs. I was eighteen at the time.

GD: Humble beginnings. You have a very strong pose in your writing. How long did it take for you to develop it in your writing career/business?

KL: Oh I would say right around my sixth child and my husband got into investing in the hotel business that my writing took off. I got into my stride and I started getting book deal offers suddenly and here we are.

GD: Indeed. Who is your inspiration as a writer and boss? Who has cultivated you to the success you are now? Are you a self made genius?”

KL: Oh no. I would say my husband of course. He is a very busy man between doing business deals around the world and being a father of twelve. But, he always seems to find time to blow my back out on my birthday every year with the same energy and passion he did when I was eighteen. I find that inspiring.

GD: Really?! That is amazing. Such dedication and punctual timing.

KL: I agree. Of course sense I am his personal asistent in control of his schedule I always put it in his Callender of course. I always make a commitment on my part to make sure our busy schedules line up just right.

GD: You are woman of many talents.

Warm Regards



A Gamma in perfect form…

A gamma with fadora and leather jacket…

Look at this bitch….

The words my dude, just give off the feeling of unintended comedy.

I don’t believe in a God because I’m a smart boy with nice fancy pants and a leather jacket.

Holy fucking shit.

He sees into a mirror reflecting back his own self delusional image of himself.

A man in leather jacket leaning against the side of his bathroom door. He casts a shadow of false spells with in his own mind. Inwardly he smells his own bullshit and calls it….the essence of man.

Warm regards


An Ode to common sense and common knowledge….

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No. NO.

It isn’t so common anymore. I thirst for it. I hunger for it. I find it not readily available any longer in every day conversations or in rhetorical play and argumentations infused in converstions.

True Dialectical dialogs are lost art. Few able to enter into or traverse the landscape of the deep seated truths old and common lingo of social ingrained knowledge of male roles within groups.

There are those that lead the group by right of being the faster ones to race to the top. They had carry themselves as so. They accept the responsibility of the roles. There are those that stand in second and center. They back the leadership by instinct and the nesssessity of the groups survival of the day or the need to get the project done on a timely manner. Bills have to be paid and time is a costly thing.

The fools. The fools of these modern times think to explain away the realities of the

social male hierarchy


Social sexual hierarchy.

To deny hierarchy is to deny the truth of leaders rising up with the archetypes fitting of strength excellence and masculine supremacy.

To deny the alpha is deny the Chad. Is to deny your Boss that fought to his position over the competition that was against him.

Oh my soul be moans such elementary false statements of supremely ill conceived notions of non existence of leadership within groups or group dynamics of hierarchy still existing today….

I am in a century of a confederation of dunces.

Now. In English……


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You bitch dumb mother fucker-ah.

Men built this fucking world, bitch. Mother fuck-ah in reality we still rule it because we take the risks and suffer the most to get shit done keep shit moving. Men in groups evolved within group hierarchies to achieve the brilliance and wonderful present modern age we enjoy now in the first fucking world. No. Fuck it. In even in the second world and every other shit hole men still run shit.


My source to you being a Gamma is your fucking behavior in how act in relation to the fucking words I’m spitting toward you bitch mother fucka. You come at me with your dick out, bitch I’m coming at you with my fucking samurai sword.

You want the smoke I’m done. I enjoy every minute of the conflict.

Don’t come at me with that this scientist said this and this disproves your hypothesis that your not attracted to shorties you really want to fuck your mother?!

Fuck your bought and paid for bullshit wizard scientists.

I ain’t a Alpha. You dumb mother fucka. I’m an American Highlander. I cew on Iron and I spit out bullets. If you need me to explain it further then your to short and fucked out of luck for me.

Warm Regards


The Creeping Gamma

The inspiration….and Redbone as follows….

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Like I’m going to take the opinion of a person that NEVER answered my point and then kept going on a mutual circle jerk with a person that ran like a craven fucking coward the moment she tried coming at me

Which is my last point. You are nothing more than an idiotic faux intellectual Fucktard bully that thought he’d found an easy target in MGTOW that got massively butthurt and STOPPED when he found out that wasn’t the case

Take your projections shove them up your ass. YOU chose to post what you posted so deal with the consequences little boy

My response….

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It’s too late. It’s now 20-22 but….

The Gamma can’t stop whinning about


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He’s all up in his feelings and

It’s so wrong.

He wakes every up day be-moaning

being a Man.

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If you want to…


If you want to…


If you want to

Shame me and call me a little boy. Then here is my advice…..

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Stay fucked! Up the ass!

Creeping Gamma.

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Go fuck yourself!


Stay fucked. STAY FUCKED!! Up the ass!

Creeping Gamma. Go Fuck yourself.

Warm regards


P. S.

I’m dropping my poetry album later this year. I damn near pissed myself laughing at his enraged reply to a comment I made one fucking year ago. The dude has red pill blog were he complains about females and other shit.

The Return of the raging MGTOW….

audio of return of the raging MGTOW

I’m bit tired and restless of late so here’s something funny. The orgin of this piece.

Long story short. A fucking year a go I got into it with a MGTOW disciple over a blog post I wrote in regards to the dude having a shit fit about me being critical about MGTOW in general.

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Once again, I was just being a little critical of his religion (MGTOW) and fucking with him a little about it. He took the shit too fucking seriously.

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Anway, to my Shock and horror the dude comes back a year later and is still but-hurt over the shit. He was fucking whinning again that me and another blogger were critical about his position on MGTOW a fucking year a go. In the fucking comments section. It’s both funny as hell and fucking depressing.

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Holy shit. My dude. I had one fucking hope my dude that he had dropped the bullshit and stopped the crying and whinning about men having to contend in a world that’s against us and trying to fucking take us out.

Newsflash: Tough times make strong man. Soft times make weak soft ass beta bitch gammas.

Holy shit.

It’s the fucking mindset of some of the MGTOW Acolytes. Self-pity, cry baby, blackpill, banging hockers bullshit.

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To each man, live your life. No shade from me but holy fucking shit. Later for all that fucking angry whinning bullshit mindset.

I have more respect for the MGTOW pursuit of the bag chasers then the fucking whinning female hating, hocker bangers.

Warm Regards


Simp song of the day…My whole has changed by G

The lyrics

My whole life has changed
Since you came in
I knew back then
You were that special one
I’m so in love, so deep in love
You made my life complete
You are so sweet
No one competes
Glad you came into my life
You blind me with your love
With you I am in sight

You never realize something is weird as fuck or dumb as fuck to hear until you aren’t in the category of it.

Girl, you opened me
I’m wide open
And I’m doing things, I never do
But I feel so good, I feel so good
Why’d it take so long me finding you
This is my story
And I’m telling you
It’s not fiction
It’s truely a fact
Without you right here having my back
I really don’t know just where I’d be

You opened me?! What the fuck does that mean?

Warm regards


The problems I have with Disney start back to the live action Beauty & the Beast. #DevilMouse

The animated Beauty & The Beast movie in the 90s was the shit I grew up with and enjoyed. It was one of My mother’s favorite movies. The music, the animation the fucked up story. I loved that shit.

Flash forward to the remake in 2017 era. I’m much more hip to the notion of Disney being full of shit now that we’ve entered the declining years of woke shit tush salad.

I don’t watch it. I watch the review for one main reason. The big headed alien staring as Bella is some bullshit. I don’t rock it and the fucking trailers gave me the stench of “we’re trying to say something political but we’re dumbasses so”


Why in the fuck when they bring back classic good movies they have to destory the good in it with a crappy new interpretation and some black guy in it married to a white wife? Oh wait I know why. It’s because Disney doesn’t want to miss a moment of fucking with black men in general by using them to tell their own shifty as fuck political bullshit evil wet dreams.

Yes. I do hate Disney. It is in my opinion a fucking fact it is an evil empire. This is part 1 of my rant.


Disney is shit.

I’m reading some shit about race swiping that fucks with me a little but the fucking music sections and seeing the big headed alien being Bella that shit….holy shit.

Fuck the race swiping. Having that Big headed chip on her now shoulders asshole as Bella that’s the shit that did it for me. Keep in mind this was back in my beta bitch days so I was doing the fuck that shit on the low.

Now I’ll just say it openly.

Warm regards


Am I a right winger? Hmm. I prefer to think of myself as a right hock kick to the balls of the beta bitch left and right.

I think of right wingers as beta bitch losers who love to talk about how virtuous they are losing the their culture, their jobs and their fucking society to blue hair land whales.

I was much worse at one point because I grew not knowing and then being a beta bitch by hiding the fact. I was always on the shit kicking right.

I grew up in a blue state. Spoon fed liberal ideologies and self-pity tactics with a side of Jack Daniel’s. But, I was always weird even in my beta bitch days. Some stuff never rang true to me.

It’s the white man this…the white man that. Always in conflict with the dual messages of you control your progress in life by effort, skill and determination. My ideals flowed to the later and the former always bored the fuck out of me.

I rock with everybody that treat me with respect but I’m down with shit kickers for sure because we agree to the same mindset.

Don’t remain in the past push forward. That’s always been my ideal.

Warm regards


The trouble with Tattoos on females. I hate anything that distracts me from….you know.

I am a bit of flirt with everybody. Not on the creepy side but I generally like people and like to find something about them to like and joke around with them. I tend to think a lot about it. Why? I’m intervert I think a lot.

Females in particular I tend to think of ways to connect and get a feel for em and a smile when I see them upset. I like shorties in a special way. I want to put them on a table. It’s always there in conversations and especially if they’re sitting on a table It’s distracting and makes me think of…hmm.

Now one thing that is annoying as fuck are tattoos on a shorty. I can’t stand it. It doesn’t distract me as much as when a shorty has big tities and a nice ass it’s just annoying as fuck. Tits and ass are wonderful distractions. Tattoos are like markers for questions that pop into my head.

Why the fuck does she have that long ass sentence I can’t even read on her neck? It’s a pretty neck though. Damn that’s an ugly ass detailed rose on her tits. Now I can’t stop staring at her tits. Hmm. Roses on a table. A bed of roses and naked shorty.

Fuck what the hell were we talking about?

The shit just gets to me.

Warm regards


Leave me alone….Ana

We started out with kisses and hugs. It was sweet and comfortable nerd love. We laughed and we saw marvel and DC movies. That time is done though…let’s move on.

You keep calling me up on my phone. I block your number but you message me on Instagram. I block you there to but you stalk me all over the internet. I see your messages follow me all over social media. You haunt me like a demon of the night…..Ana please.



Just stop talking get the fucking hell on.

This has gone for to long. Why can’t you be normal for a week. Monday your calm and normal. Tuesday You bring up old shit that happened three years ago. I apologized a thousand times over and it’s never enough.. I try to plead with you to stop talking to me. To stop messaging me on my burner phone. Why can’t you hear me. Ana…please.



Just stop talking bitch you need to get the fuck on.

Warm regards


A strange case of a dude asking for permission to have power. No. It don’t work that way.

It’s a matter of power.

It was a podcast I watched recently of panel of females and males. A guest comes and is of the Hebrew Israelite crowd. He starts a fire in conversation easily.

He makes an argument that all women of his protectcular tribe need to give men in his tribe power over them. Now he didn’t say power he said respect but the females understood he meant power. They’re correct.

The dude tries to use the Bible to back up his claim and says a female has to give the men this power over them.

The females buck against this correctly. This is some bullshit on the highest level. But, they of course don’t know why.

I do.

Power is not given. Power is not permission. Power is power.

Example. I’ve worked on my day job for close to 3 and half years. I have gained alot skills, confidence and authority in what I do. I am used to telling people to go do this or come over here and do that. It’s effected how I communicate with females. Leadership isn’t hard for me. It’s knowing people and commanding respect. I exercise dominance and authority over them without thinking about it.

It can get annoying because people look to me to lead them or rely on me more then I would like. Though I do have a protective side that leads me to look out for people I consider my own. People see that and they appreciate that and act like I am their own as well. So the level of trust is there.

It’s a mutual trust and respect. Half the time I don’t know this is happening.

Now I say all this to say. If a man is with his woman or any woman really the female can smell it on a man.

As a man, you don’t ask a female for power or authority over her. A man commands that authority in how he moves in how he acts in the manner he speaks. This is basic shit.

Now. I could be wrong. But, the idea of a man asking a woman pretty please submit to my authority is laughable. It’s alluding to something that makes no damn sense.

You either are a man with authority or your not. A female can not give you authority over her. The very act would be a lie and a fraud. A man commands authority or he’s admiting he has no authority and no balls.

Seriously though someone tell me if I’m bullshitting here.

Warm regards