Covid mask theory: masks reveal the crazy fuckers around you (comedy)

Let’s call it like it is my dude. Masks don’t do shit but make it harder for people to breath and reveal the crazy fuckers around you.


The double mask dude. This mother fucker is the dude with two masks on in his own car alone and crazy eye stare as you past by him on the fucking street. Harmless but be careful fucker might try to spray you with bleach.

No mask guy. He’s a fucking dude that thinks he’s hot shit and he got a big brain because he knows it’s all bullshit. He fucking looks at people with masks on like he’s fucking the Lord of the universe looking down at peasants.

I let the shit go. In a hundred years his bitch ass will be gone and I’ll be living on looking like I’m sixteen.

The face shield fucker. Holy shit. Watch out for this fucker. She’s calm enough and friendly when you talk to her but if you fucking sneeze on her. My dude you better run. My dude that bitch will come after your head.

The black mask helper. This fucker attracts a fist to the face like a whore to a dick. He is well intentioned. He is concerned that you’re not taking your health seriously. That your not taking The Big C seriously enough.

My Black Rambo nomad badass daddy lost his battle to Cancer my dude. These mother fuckers are close to saying the Big C is Cancer × Aids = Black death 2000s.

Get the fuck out of here. Don’t pimp me that fear cocain my dude. I’m good. I’ll wear my mask only because it’s fucking cold outside and my fucking bosses won’t get off my dick about it.

One good thing is the mask shit let’s you know who the fucking crazy people are around you.

Warm Regards,



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