Cyberpunk dreams: Rite Of Passage part 1

Prologue: Waking up!


I woke up in the dirt. I listened before I opened my eyes. No one was around. It seemed like I was alone and I felt the heat of the sun and cool morning breeze on my skin.

I didn’t have any shoes or a shirt on. All I had was my pants and…my knife strapped to my leg. I opened my eyes.

Route 66 marker seemed to glow in the after glow of night and dawn.

I came to my feet and turned north in the direction of the Newark. The city glittered like a kingdom of the modern world.

I turned away south and caught sight the eighteen wheeler tire tracks along with the jeep tracks of the tribe’s leadership vehicles. I frowned as I followed the tracks off the road and back around and headed to the city.

The city? Why were they headed back to the city the job was done. Hmm. I thought about last night when the tribe held my 16th birthday party to mark the season of my rite.

I wondered. The only reason they would be headed back is if they left something behind or they had another job.

My stomach growlled. Damn. I would need to hunt up breakfast before I headed for the city. I had a two hour walk on my hands.

I heard movment to my right. I glanced out the side of my eyes to see a house dog. The hell. No. He was a half breed mixed with a wolf.

I moved my left hand down to my bow wee knife. Looks I wouldn’t have to look for breakfast and a skin to wear.

I would have to move fast and get a fire going to cook it right.

To be continued…

Warm Regards,



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