Getting close to finishing LA Rue The Knight…..updates.

I’m enjoying finishing this book though it has been tough. But, I’m getting close to finishing the 2nd book.

Other projects are going well. I’ve hit a wall with the blog. I’m thinking of just working on my books, stories and podcasts.

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Dream realm (Game) Brain storming session 001

I am brainstorming about Cyberpunk dreams as a RPG. The name of the game will be Dream realm or DR RPG.

The rules:

The dream master presents a quest for the player(s) to go on and attempts to present obstacles for them to overcome or fail. The players win when they achieve his/her goal and survives to the end. Number of players 2-5.

There is a dice roll or randomly generated numbers program for actions to fail or succeed. Based on the value of the skill sets of each player. Success/failure is depending on skill value or chance encounters.

Example: Rafael Kendrick. Class: Nomad. Race: None elemental. Skill set: Malee 50%, Survivalist 30% bartering 30% Weapons: Lightning sword 15%, hand to hand 50% revolver 10% Weaknesses: Low technical knowledge, Advanced weaponry. Executive Politics. Elemental magic.

Players can name their own character, pick from classes with in the game lore and level up their characters as the quest progresses and they face off against enemies.

The game world map

quests take place in the city or the bordering regions.

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I really want to do a sci fi story for November’s Kiss this year….time to experiment.

I’ve been dreaming about this my dude. I want to make it a good one now for November’s Kiss. So the stories will be incoming.

I’m so down to do something fun. Something playful and above all else. Something new. Blue Jumper…is coming along great and it’s given me that itch to do more. To explore more.

You know The Explorers was a great little movie what could I mix it with?

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Writing weird shit 5? Holy shit balls…

That was some fun shit. Hope you enjoyed it. I might start act 2 tomorrow but there’s always next year. Wild ride.

I really enjoyed this shit. It was a first for me in formating and concept. Making two stories at the same time and yet fiting them together in parts.

Now….wasn’t Jill a more fun and interesting heroine female character.

That big headed alien from star wars wishes she could have been Jill.

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Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, Cyberpunk and Predator (movie) Final

In honor of Trinity, fuck Matrix two and three. Let’s go!

Chapter 5


I had an idea what the codes to the back on the card meant and seeing the bitch fighting to loose from Berry let me know I might be on to something.

“Berry put the bitch to sleep.” I said.

Berry snapped Betty’s neck. That wasn’t what I meant but neither Chris or anyone else gave a damn.

Berry through her body to the side of the dinning room as I jacked into the typewriter port.

I closed my eyes and found myself in the library of the mansion super computer.

“Code. 666_2011999Juneghost.”

The room blinked and went blue. I heard running feet in the computer room coming to me. Viruses. I did a quick scan of the library and downloaded what I could and found a file I sent to my detapad.

I tried to blink out but I got locked in still. I saw a message before my eyes.

“This is the end of the road. Sorry Jill but Chris doesn’t need you hamstringing him for what’s coming. -West

I smiled. Poor West. He thought so little me. The door behind burst open. I turned as green and red men held assault rifles pointed at me.

I looked behind them to see a phone booth down a hallway. I just had to get past these assholes.

They fired on me as I leaped forward changing into a bird and flying past their heads out the door way I raced to the phone booth.

Sentinel fire guard caught me by the throat and slammed me to the wall. I grabbed a hold of his wrist and burned him with a suit down code I had found in my quick scan. I took off toward the phonebooth at a dead run as hords of enemies started attacking me.

I leaped up and came down punching the system with a virus that shook the core of the system and melted the guards.

I made to the phone booth and idialed Chris’s birthday on the receiver as I saw a semi truck racing toward. I braced the window and used the force of the truck crashing into the booth to brack the lock keeping me inside.

I jacked out and Chris caught me as I fell. I got out of his arms quickly and got out my detapad. “Alright what were you trying to hide so bad.”

I brought up the video as my unit gathered around me. I hit play.

West was folding his arms across his chest as several soldiers stood behind him. “You will stay here and complete the mission while I ready Raccoon city for the final outbreak of Covid 69.”

Betty glared at him. “We’ve sent everything we have against Chris and that bitch Ruby. They’re killing them all. What the fuck else you expect me do. The mission is a fail.”

West shook his head. “Not at all. Chris and Ruby survived. They’re fit for the world One World is planning. Jill and that old rust bucket model have to be destroyed. They’re totally useless. I need you to activate TS and send her to take care of Jill and Berry.”

“Fuck them.” Betty said. “It’s not my program to-“

“You will as your told or I will kill you now. Finish off Jill and Berry. If you fail the EMP rifle will take care of Berry. Take the jeep back. Do you get me?”

Betty stared at him but nodded. “Yes Sir.”

The security video ended. I frowned as minded worked backwards. Something still wasn’t adding up. “Why take the jeep?”

“What’s wrong with the Jeep?” Chris asked.

“There’s a helicopter on the roof. I found about it in the files I downloaded. It would be quicker to get out and back to Raccoon city.”

Ruby chuckled. We looked at her. “What?”

Ruby’s face turned grim. “West had no intention of Betty getting out alive. He must have hocked the jeep up with explosives and a timer. Though if he wanted as all dead I would have set the mansion up as well to make sure none of us got out to fuck up his fanatic plans.”

I stared at her and started running toward the door. They rushed to catch up to me without a word. I led the way upstairs and then toward roof where the The Bo105 sat ready.

I got inside strapped into the pilot seat as everyone filed in. I started it up and quickly got it in the air and racing away.

Five minutes later the mansion explosed into flames.

“Son of bitch West. Your ass mean.” I said as I raced toward Raccoon city.

Act 1 ended

Warm Regards,


Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, The Edge (1996) and  Mission Impossible (1990s) part 10

Chapter 4


“Chris! Out of the way!”

I frowned and looked past enemies as they came at me. I saw the green uniform, red hair and the katana blade as Ruby came running toward the group of T1s.


I kicked off the wall leaping over the their heads and ran along the side wall as Ruby came swinging her katana slicing and cutting down the group of T1s as she went into her dance of death.

I avoided the dance entirely and landed on the other side. I turned back in time to see her end her dance with a jump spin kick to a T1 that snapped his fucking head with a loud crunching sound.

Blood and violence was painted on the floor and walls but Ruby stood spotless. She wiped off her blade and on a dead T1 and shieved her blade before walking over and jumping into my arms and kissing me on the lips.

She grinned at me. “It’s good to see you Chris.”

I nodded slowly watchful of her. Ruby was a wild one. Deadly. Lethal and sexy ass hell. She was team Bravos sniper assassin.

“What happened with squad Bravo?” I asked.

Ruby wrapped her legs around my waist and shook her head. “Your a smart man. You must have figured out this is trap. Andy, Dan and I were the only ones that made it here alive and then things went to shit quickly enough.”

I stared at her. “West and Betty met you at the doors?”

“The answer to the question your not asking is yes. They broke code. Though I have no fucking idea why.” Ruby said and then smiled at me. “You seem to be available now. What do you say to-“

“Sure. I have to get Jill and Berry out of here though before we start fucking. You find a ride out of this hellhole.” I said.

Ruby stared at me. “Hmm. Is Jill your-“

“-Yes. I thought that was clear enough. Jill doesn’t like to mention it because she wanted to stand on her own.”

Ruby smiled. “Don’t worry baby cakes. I will make you forget all about that fat ass cow in one night.”

I stared at her. “I’ve already forgotten about her. If you haven’t already guessed.” I said.

Ruby giggled rubbing herself against my crutch. “You are such a sweet heart and just the right size for me.”

Warm Regards,


Hot damn! This weird shit is getting good part 3

Okay. If you are a fan of the remake RE shit then you know the reason I’m doing Chris’s story the way I am.

Chris is hardcore Henry mode.

Jill is sneaky assassin mode.

Chris….I’m just going all out for his shit with Jill. I’ll have to be more sneaky.

I really want to put Leon and Claire in this shit for act 2 but I don’t it will happen this year.

Oh forgot to mention that. This is all act one of two part brainstorming.

This being October might be a reason I’m writing this shit but fuck it I’m having fun. I really hope your enjoying it.

In all this shit again I want to make the point you have to forget about being nervous about starting just begin with one word if you have to….

Fuck or at least take a whole bunch of shit you like and love and slam it all together in blender and hit mix.

Warm Regards,


Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, The Edge (1996) and  Mission Impossible (1990s) part 8

Chapter 3


I walked into a narrow empty hallway closing the door behind me. I scanned my map for a second. There was sitting room and door around the corner that led into the east wing while if I went to my right it would led to a dead end and three rooms.

I would check those rooms out later when I got back. I started for the east wing and rounded the corner. I froze. I stared at the mutilated body on the carpet.

Andy was still dressed in his combat vest black cargo pants and Beret. I bent down over him. His eye lids were still open. I closed them. His Colt Anaconda was still in his hands. His belt had two extra speed reloader rounds in it.

Damn it. Whatever took him out must have been a strong bastard. I got up and started to leave but I felt someone behind me. I turned going for their throat and slammed the asshole against the wall.

He moved around wildly snarling and trying to leap at me. I kneed him in the balls and he screamed and glared at me.

“Good. I got your attention. Who the fuck are you people?”

He stared at me. “You are one of us. This mask you wear will not hold for long. You will give in to it.”

I took in his combat vest, height, weight, stare and the T1 tattoo on his neck. An ex-member of the unit? No. He had to be a wash out and failed experimental soldier.

“You killed and mutilated a member of my unit to get your rocks off, asshole. You maybe someone’s pawn in all this shit but your still a T1. You broke code. Protect the unit and never turn against your brothers.” I said before I picked him up and slammed him on his head on the floor killing him.

I spat on his body before I looked over at Andy and went over to take his remaining ammunition.”I’m going to end the fucker that did this to you bro and get Jill the fuck out of here. I promise.”

I said and headed into the next room only to be confronted by five more assholes. I walked inside and locked the door behind me. “Let’s go assholes.”

Warm Regards,


Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, Cyberpunk and Predator (movie) part 4

Chapter 1


We made it to the mansion to find West and Betty waiting for us waving us inside. I didn’t bother to look behind as we ran for the entrance and got inside as West slammed the doors shut behind us locking and holding the doors closed with Betty’s help.

West looked at me. “Where is Chris?”

“We got surrounded by some type of mutant dogs and a beast was hunting us. Chris took point and told us to run back while he fought the dogs.”

West’s face gave nothing away as he studied me. “Was he calm?”

I frowned at his words. “Chris was Chris.”

West shook his head. “He must have calculated it would be better for you to go back while he handled the immediate danger.”


We turned as we heard a monster’s roar in the back of the house.

“Shit. What the hell was that?” Betty said.

“Something inside. You two go take care of it. We’ll stay here to keep watch for Chris.” West said in steal emotionless voice of command.

Berry nodded silently and led the way inside. I looked back at West. He met my stare.

“Don’t worry about Chris. He’s an elite warrior even before he became a model T1 soldier. He’ll make it. Take care of whatever the fucks inside though so we can have at least one safe zone for now. We move out in the morning first light.”

I nodded and followed Berry into the next room. It was a dining room with an extendedly long dinning room table set for twleve people to seat down and eat. Six on each side.

I looked to the front where an old typewriter lay. I saw a green light flash on the side. I went over and saw the digital deta link on the side. I linked my neural link with it and jacked in.

I closed my eyes and found myself inside the super computer of the mansion. It was a small library. I looked through the shelves until I found a map of the mansion first floor. The other floors were on lock out. I would need the code for them later.

I felt someone touch my shoulder. I unlinked draw my gun and put it under Berry’s chin.

Berry stared at me. “What you find?”

I removed the gun. “A map of the first floor. The rest of the mansion is on lock down until we find the keys. What did you discover in the back?”


I unhocked my link and walked over to the blood to stare at the pool of blood on the floor.

“Chris. Shit. Your arm?!” Berry said.

I looked up to see Chris with green healing herb on his arm that looked like it was barely attached.

He glanced at it and shrugged. “It’ll heal. It’s not to bad. The herb is healing it. What you find?” He said.

I watched his arm heal and reconnect to his body fast not just from the green herb but his advanced healing T1 bioengineering and cybernetic framework.

It was both gross and amazing but I kept my face neutral. “Blood. Where’s West and the bitch?”

Warm Regards,


Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….part 12

Chapter 11


We arrived late in the three rides to an unwelcome sight at the eastern border of Newark near the train treks of crossings. Jason and Swan were held at gun point by a tall black dude asshole in a white suit. I wasn’t surprised Rembrandt was still functioning. I was surprised by Jason’s smiling face though that greeted me. Rembrandt wasn’t alone either several other company men with blasters were with him and Dr. Jackson.

I got out my ride followed by Rain and Tomahawk. Rembrandt nodded to me. “Hey Mercy. Welcome back to the team. I’ll be your new commander after you take a little rest first.”

I looked at Jason. He nodded to the Dr. I nodded.

I ignored the asshole who held a gun to Jason and Swan and faced the Dr. Jackson.

“Dr. Jackson. If you want this job done. I want my unit’s franchise as the price.” I said.

Dr. Jackson took out his detapad and flash a lazor in front of our eyes. He frowned when nothing happened and then did it again with the same result.

He then shrugged. “It seems you already have stolen yourselves from the program. We’ll have to get me models. Alright Angel. Who are the one’s that messed up the Presidential mission?”

I nodded over to Jason. “Jason and Rembrandt.”

Rembrant snickered with laughter. “Nice try bae. But, you ain’t gettin me that easy. Swan and Jason were in command that time.”

I stared at Dr. Jackson. “Jason handled the planning and gave Rembrandt point. I was his back up. Rembrandt got distracted and fucked the mission up. I didn’t record it in my mission logs but I left a coded file in my personal log.” I said.

Dr. Jackson stared at me. “What was the nature of Rembrandt’s mistake?”

“He raped me.” I said in flat tone.

“You lying fucking bitch.” Rembrandt roared and turned his blaster at me.

Swan moved fast throwing his blade at Rembrandt’s wrist. He fell to the ground surrounded by other soldiers. I got out my detapad granted access to the file and passed my detapad to Dr. Jackson.

He glanced over my file and then handed it back. “Terminate the two offenders and you can leave with your damaged units. Minus one. Rembrandt remains the companies property.”

I nodded. I walked over to Rembrandt picking up the blaster and shot him in the face. He fell the ground smoking.

I walked over to Jason. Jason waved Swan over to the others. “Keep the others in line Swan make sure they don’t give Angel trouble.”

“Yes, Sir.” Swan said and walked away.

Jason frowned at me. “Get this over with. The cars will give you good money.”

I said nothing and shot him in the chest. I felt a sting to my chest as Jason fell to the ground offline.

Dr. Jackson nodded in approval. “Good luck to you Angel. We might see you later for freelancing opportunities. Let’s go. Pick up Rembrandt. We have to hurry back to the lab to get him fixed back up for his next mission.” He said walking over to his limousine.

I watched them drive away. I couldn’t believe it had been that easy.

I turned to Swan. “Pick up my property gentle man and put em in my car.”

Swan smiled while the other two looked at me in horror. I rolled my eyes.

Warm Regards,