Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part 21

Chapter 20


What the fuck?

I turned to Cy who sat on his cherry red light cycle watching Goldy interview/ Interrogate Goldie while everyone else watched.

I shoved his shoulder to throw him off his bike but he didn’t move he just looked at me funny. “What?”

I stared at him open mouthed. “You trying to fuck with me. Where the hell did Goldie come from? C. I. was supposed to steal her from your subject.”

Cy frowned. “Subject? Steal? That wasn’t in the deal we made. Goldie still has a chance to choose C. I. for your win. Otherwise it looks like Judge Rafe is a head on you and him. You want to head back to my apartment.”

I opened my mouth to protest then realized he was right. He never said he was taking a side or what he would win. I turned to him to see his gaze watchful of C. I. a few a feet away as he watched and listened in on the interview through a listening device he had planted on Judge’s cruiser.

“C. I. is going to win over that Judge guy. That’s the deal?”

Cy nodded dismissively. “Yeah. Game on.”

I glared at his profile. “What exactly do the elders see in you anyway? I’m stronger and have more powers then you.”

Cy turned to me. His eyes. They changed into windows into the lives of the people here. I saw a man racing down a busy city street with the female of his choice as a passenger on his vacation. He lived in the moment. Work and play. He had his work and finite time of play but he took his play when he could.

His eyes changed again. I saw a boy roaring in rage as his mother was gun downed by authorities for selling drugs to corpo children. You see the boy become a man crying out for vengeance.

His eyes flicked through so many stories. Survivors. Warriors. Bad asses. Villians. People. So many lives of the people and then I saw myself laying in his bed naked smoking cigar as he rubbed my feet. My body vibrated with electrical energy and passion.

Cy blinked and his eyes returned to normal. “They’ll be heading to Jackson’s lab but I don’t think that will be the end of it. What do you think?” He said.

“I think C. I. wins in the end with a surpise you won’t see coming.”

Cy smiled holding out his hand. “Now that’s a bet. Game on. What do you want if I lose?”

I took his hand. “A name. Game on.”

Warm Regards,


Law & Nomad act two of JDMO…part 18

Chapter 17


I walked into shop with Bran close at my side. He took in the market shop in one glance saying nothing at the items on the wall behind electrified security walls.

I walked up to the front to see no one here. I knocked on the desk. “Mr. Sigma. I’ve come to get my Daddy’s birthday gift.”

Owen Sigma came out of a back door frowning at me rubbing his hands on a dry black hand towel. I noticed a black blaster at his side. That was unusual for him to carry a weapon in the shop.”Miss Warrior. Your here again? So soon?” He said and looked at Bran and stopped in his tracks. He stared and then relaxed when Bran only gave him a short nod.

“Hmm. So this must be your man. Judge Rafe?” He said.

I nodded. I studied him. “Mr. Sigma. I haven’t seen you in a month sense I ordered the item. Have you been having trouble.”

Sigma grimanced. “A lot of clones come around resently trying to mess with my customer relations. Here. Put your code in and I’ll get you your item. Miss Warrior.” He said and slid over a black detapad to me.

I picked and started putting in my code of sale while a silence followed. I looked up to see Sigma studying Bran.

“Do you happen to be related to a Fixer named Cole Cash?”

Bran frowned at the name. “No. But I know him. What happened to him?”

“He’s gone missing. I filed a missing person’s report with your station but your boys in the station have been giving me the run around because he’s a black market business owner.”

“Give me a time table of when he went missing and I’ll go on the hunt for him.” Bran said immediately.

“He has a shop a couple of blocks down the same street as mean. He deals information and connects people. Last Wednesday he didn’t show up to open his shop up at 5 a.m. I got sent a message from his detapad that he went on a vacation. Cash isn’t the type to take a more then one half day vacation. It’s been a fucking week. I went to his place the door was open and the only thing there was his detapad. I showed it to your people but they say it’s outside their district.”

Bran held out his hand. “Give me the detapad.”

Mr. Sigma reached in to his desk and brought out a detapad sliding over the detapad to Bran. Bran took it and put it into his jacket pocket. “I’ll look into it Mr. Sigma and I’ll let you know what I find with in the next seventy-two hours.” He said.

Sigma nodded and then looked at me and then my hands before he took the detapad. He glanced at it and then put it away. “I’ll go get your item Miss Warrior. Oh. That is a nice tattoo you have on your finger. It’s simple but I can tell it was done by a professional artist.”

I smiled. “Thank you. I got it done by a professional. La Praise Delores. It cost me 300 ebs but the kind of ink she makes was well worth it. It’s simple but a one of a kind.”

Sigma nodded bent down to his safe to retrieve my item. “Oh I know. I know. The ink she uses for her customers is specialized for each person and not used again on any other person. Can’t be faked or copied. You know their making impressive clones nowadays that are really improved but for special tattoos and unique personal scars they could fool almost anybody.” He said and got up placing a silver case on the desk.

I took the case peeking inside before I closed it happy to see my Daddy’s gift was inside. He was going to love it. I smiled up at Sigma but he was looking at Bran. I looked at Bran to see him studying Mr. Sigma.

“What’s up?”

Bran shook his head. “Nothing and everything. Mr. Sigma. Please let me know if you get any clone troubles that raise above troublesome to you and your business. I will get you information on your case soon. Thank you for looking out for Goldy’s business.”

Mr. Sigma smiled. “I’m all about customer service and professional top grade dedication to my customers for continued service.” He said and grinned at me. “Tell the elder I wish him a happy birthday and his continued customer loyalty, princess.” He said bowing to me.

I blushed nodding and took the case and took Bran’s arm leading him outside. I turned to him frowning. “What the hell is going on? Did some try to impersonate me?”

Bran studied me. “Was your adopted father offered a royal title? By Gino Fish?”

I stared at him. “Yes. Uncle Fish and my Daddy became brothers recently and they get on well. Now will you tell me what the hell that was about with Sigma and the whole clones issue?”

“The mad scientist made a clone of you. She’ll probably show up for your family’s get together so be prepared. Don’t be worried your family will know you. We have to look into this Cole Cash case a little today before your adopted father’s birthday tonight.”

A storm of worries was going through my head but I kept myself in check. “How do you know Cole Cash? What is he to you?”

Bran stared at me. “He’s my brother.”

Warm Regards,


Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, Cyberpunk and Predator (movie) part 11

Chapter 4


Berry and I tracked through the mansion quickly not meeting any other threat as we explored the mansion. The only place of interest I found was the armory. We stocked up on rounds and I collected a shotgun. I looked at my detapad and realized we needed to head back.

Berry had a grim expression and was quiet on the way back. I knew what he was thinking.

It was to quiet and some asshole was watching us. He was waiting to drop in on us. We were being hunted. Berry kept close to me and ready while I had my gun out and kept alart to sounds and what was going on around me…

We made it to the last hallway before we nearly reached area we came in the mansion in. I glanced out the window seeing a jeep outside. It hadn’t been there before.

I also caught a glimpse of something on the ceiling. Eight legs. Hairy body. Holy shit.

I holstered my pistal and reloaded my shotgun with special rounds. Berry noticed me do it but made no comment. He just kept walking.

I moved in front of him and then took off running. Something hot and deadly was shot on my back and started eating through my jacket as I turned aimed and fired.

12 gauge napalm rounds launched at the giant spider as I had to drop my weapon and work off my jacket and shirt before the Acid got to my skin.

The spider screamed and fell to the floor. Berry was quickly on it with his knife slicing and dicing the bitch before he ripped it apart with his bare hands killing it finally.

Berry stripped himself of his acid covered jacket and shirt. He stood un harmed brushing himself off. “You good?”

I lathered my chest and back in green and red herbs and nodded. “I’m good. Let’s go!”

Berry nodded walking toward the door and opening it to be shot in the chest. He caught the asshole by the throat and pinned Betty to the wall.

I checked her for guns and removed her knife and a key card with a code on the back of it. She stared at Berry in shock.

“Damn you. That EMP round was supposed to frie your core. What the fuck are you?”

I shook my head. Bitch had no idea what Berry was. “Fuck your questions bitch. Bring her Berry. We need to meet up with Chris.”

Warm Regards,


Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, The Edge (1996) and  Mission Impossible (1990s) part 10

Chapter 4


“Chris! Out of the way!”

I frowned and looked past enemies as they came at me. I saw the green uniform, red hair and the katana blade as Ruby came running toward the group of T1s.


I kicked off the wall leaping over the their heads and ran along the side wall as Ruby came swinging her katana slicing and cutting down the group of T1s as she went into her dance of death.

I avoided the dance entirely and landed on the other side. I turned back in time to see her end her dance with a jump spin kick to a T1 that snapped his fucking head with a loud crunching sound.

Blood and violence was painted on the floor and walls but Ruby stood spotless. She wiped off her blade and on a dead T1 and shieved her blade before walking over and jumping into my arms and kissing me on the lips.

She grinned at me. “It’s good to see you Chris.”

I nodded slowly watchful of her. Ruby was a wild one. Deadly. Lethal and sexy ass hell. She was team Bravos sniper assassin.

“What happened with squad Bravo?” I asked.

Ruby wrapped her legs around my waist and shook her head. “Your a smart man. You must have figured out this is trap. Andy, Dan and I were the only ones that made it here alive and then things went to shit quickly enough.”

I stared at her. “West and Betty met you at the doors?”

“The answer to the question your not asking is yes. They broke code. Though I have no fucking idea why.” Ruby said and then smiled at me. “You seem to be available now. What do you say to-“

“Sure. I have to get Jill and Berry out of here though before we start fucking. You find a ride out of this hellhole.” I said.

Ruby stared at me. “Hmm. Is Jill your-“

“-Yes. I thought that was clear enough. Jill doesn’t like to mention it because she wanted to stand on her own.”

Ruby smiled. “Don’t worry baby cakes. I will make you forget all about that fat ass cow in one night.”

I stared at her. “I’ve already forgotten about her. If you haven’t already guessed.” I said.

Ruby giggled rubbing herself against my crutch. “You are such a sweet heart and just the right size for me.”

Warm Regards,


Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, Cyberpunk and Predator (movie) part 7

Chapter 2


I watched Chris walk out the door and then I had to sit down a moment and stare at the body he had destroyed on the floor.

I couldn’t believe how strong he had gotten. I had seen him do amazing things because of his upgrades up but this was crazy. I glanced at Berry to see him watching me.

“When did he get his latest legs upgrades?”

Berry stared at me. “Chris is still, Chris. Don’t make a thing of it. He wouldn’t want to see you worried. It’s my job to protect you.”

I glared. “I know that you old rust bucket. Did he have any surgery to his legs on his last mission?”

“No. He’s a T1 model. He just got stronger. You ready to go or are you going to stay here worrying about the shit for twenty minutes.”

Damn it. I had to keep it together. I got up and led the way out of the dinning room into the main hall. The front doors were closed and locked up but I could hear dogs outside slamming into them.

I ignored it and walked toward a door and tried to open it. Locked. I fumbled in my pockets for my lock pick.

Berry tapped my shoulder. I looked at him. He held out a pocket lock picking multi tool. I took it and went to work on the lock.

“When did you start picking locks?” I asked.

“I didn’t. I got it for you. Happy Birthday.”

I smirked as I got the lock open. Berry took hold of my waist and lifted me placing me to his side. He got out his gun and eased the door open.

The inside was dark but someone was inside. I could them hissing. A half naked female mutant jumped out at Berry. Clawing and biting his neck.

Berry calmly slammed the mutant against the wall and held her by the throat until she stopped moving.

He let the mutant fall and brushed off his combat vest and neck. I check his neck seeing no marks. Good. The things couldn’t bit down hard enough to get through his exo body.

Berry smiled and let the door open waving me inside. I flipped him off and walked inside.

Warm Regards,


Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, The Edge (1996) and  Mission Impossible (1990s)

This could be a miss but fuck it here we go.


June 6th, 1996


I arrived at the mansion in the outskirts of the city of Raccoon city with Jill and Berry in toe. Our commander West greeted us at the open front door with my wife, Betty at his side.

Betty ran our over all missions and trainning exercises and she happened to be fucking West. Jill and Andy had been trying to hint at it for two months now but I hadn’t seen it until now.

West was a handsome guy 6’2 to my 5’11 charming blond asshole and always wore dark tinted glasses and was ten years my senior with a thing for females around Betty’s age.

Betty was a curvy blond that worked out and kept herself in fighting form. She was also a wild cat in bed and thrilled at sex. Yeah I could see it now. I fucking would have to get a damned divorce but that would come later.

I focused my eyes on West. “Where’s squad Beta?”

West frowned at me. “You got a problem, Chris?”

I could heard it in his tone. West was an asshole but if any member of his team had a grip or issue with him, he’d listen, take it but command that the job take primary focus against personal issues.

“Your having sex with my wife. But, I asked about team Beta, Sir to raise an issue relating to them. They were supposed to pick us up two miles back where the helicopter left us so we could start running exercises as per your instructions what happened?”

“We’re not having sex Chris. Your being to emotional.” Betty said and crossed her arms over chest before straightening away from West.

West’s expression remained the same. “I don’t know where team Beta is. Jarod and his crew were supposed to meet up with you as planned. We lost radio contact with them. We might have a situation.”

I heard scream behind followed by a roar of some type of bear or large beast of some kind.

“Go check it out.” West said.

I nodded bringing my Colt Anaconda and lead my team toward the unknown threat.

Warm Regards,


Let’s take Genetically engineered humans, warriors and cyberpunk….



I woke up on a lab bed fully dressed in my leather jacket and jeans. I felt weird. I started to raise up and looked around at the empty laboratory.

I looked in my vest pocket to find my detapad. It wasn’t there. I checked my pockets. All my shit was gone.

What the fuck was going on?

The door to room slid open. Dr. Jackson walked in. I frowned at how I knew him but I didn’t know him.

He had a clear bag in his hand and a tablet computer in the other.

I recognized my detapad, wallet, keys and my boots. He handed me the bag silently.

I took it and started fishing my shit out of the bag. “What happened? Did one of brothers bring me?”

“Happy 1st Birthday. This is a bio birthing lab.”

I froze and checked the back of my right ear. I felt the three bumps. I dropped my hand away and then started gathering my stuff and then quickly putting on my boots. I checked my detapad. It was Tuesday, the 6th and I had an appointment to get to. I just wondered if I had a crew to bring to it.

I looked at Jackson. “Is my crew here?”

Dr. Jackson watched me taking notes. “Yes. They all just had their birthdays today.” He said in that asshole condescending emotionaless voice.

Damn. Some of them were going to be freaking out. I didn’t have time for this. We had to make it to the meeting or we were shit out of luck and would be terminated permanently by the BattleStar corporation.

“I’ll take over the debriefing. You stay the fuck out of it.” I said.

Jackson started to open his mouth and I came up swinging popping him in the chin and knocking his old ass out. I took his tablet and found the information I needed of their room numbers and the time when our orginals was declared dead.

I had to move. We had a twenty-four hours to complete the mission.

Warm Regards,


Cyberpunk dreams: Rite Of Passage part 1

Prologue: Waking up!


I woke up in the dirt. I listened before I opened my eyes. No one was around. It seemed like I was alone and I felt the heat of the sun and cool morning breeze on my skin.

I didn’t have any shoes or a shirt on. All I had was my pants and…my knife strapped to my leg. I opened my eyes.

Route 66 marker seemed to glow in the after glow of night and dawn.

I came to my feet and turned north in the direction of the Newark. The city glittered like a kingdom of the modern world.

I turned away south and caught sight the eighteen wheeler tire tracks along with the jeep tracks of the tribe’s leadership vehicles. I frowned as I followed the tracks off the road and back around and headed to the city.

The city? Why were they headed back to the city the job was done. Hmm. I thought about last night when the tribe held my 16th birthday party to mark the season of my rite.

I wondered. The only reason they would be headed back is if they left something behind or they had another job.

My stomach growlled. Damn. I would need to hunt up breakfast before I headed for the city. I had a two hour walk on my hands.

I heard movment to my right. I glanced out the side of my eyes to see a house dog. The hell. No. He was a half breed mixed with a wolf.

I moved my left hand down to my bow wee knife. Looks I wouldn’t have to look for breakfast and a skin to wear.

I would have to move fast and get a fire going to cook it right.

To be continued…

Warm Regards,


Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 3

Ready mix!

Chapter 2


It was pitch black and I couldn’t see a damn thing as I stepped into the basement of the castle back entrance.

I got out my lamp lighter and held it beside my gloak. Cash was close beside me to my left. Wait a minute. He had a assault rifle.

“Turn your light on.” I told him.

Cash quickly did so without comment. “What’s the plan, Tango?”

I could hear it in his muffled voice under his ninja mask. Cash was all business.

“They’ll be keeping King Leo in the west side dungeon to integrate him on the location of the ExForce.”

“If you get captured. He’ll use you against him.” Cash said but try to stop me.

I smiled. “I’ve prepared for that. Just keep alart for the ninja assholes.”

Ahhhh! Graaaa. Ahhhh.

“What the fuck?” Cash said.

I nodded as we came up to the main stairway leading upstairs. I put my lighter away as I got my hand free to put my light shield.

Cash took point slightly ahead of me to my left as we slowly climbed the stairs. I sent out a low energy light in front of me.

The door flew open and 6’2 guard in white robes stood with glowing eyes groaning in a strange sound.

“Shot him.” I said.

Cash stood frozen in place as the guard approuched him. I looked at him to see him frozen in stark fear. No. It was the sound no a song of death and passing. I could feel it now working on as my light shield was fading.

I reached for my Ocarina under my shirt and put it to my lips. I started to play the song of the sun’s rising.

The high notes touched me as my magic back alive and Cash came awake. He fired on the guard but he didn’t go down.

Cash quickly dodged out dead guard’s reach. Cash took the sword in hand cut him down. The cropse went up in flames because of the righteous glow of the swords mystic blade.

“What the fuck is going on?” He asked.

“Death magic. Keep your sword out and ready.” I said and then I took the rifle from Cash as we came to the ground floor level of the castle. We were in the kitchen. Cash was beside but looked tense and a bit spooked.

I looked at his tight outfit and noticed other things. I shook off those thoughtd for later. “Where the fuck did you get that outfit from? A sex shop?”

Cash smiled losing some of his spooked fear. “I got it from your old Nanny and her people’s stealth armor technology. It works good for a night run. Your impressed I know. The suit is impressive as well. Lead the way Princess and get your mind off my package.”

I couldn’t help grinning as I led the way. “Smart ass.” I whispered.

Groaaa. Groaaa.

“Shit. It’s going to be a long night.” Cash said mirroring my thoughts as a herd of the undead approached us.

Warm Regards


Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstorming…part 2

Get ready. Mix.

Chapter 1


*Ding, Ding.*  *Ding, Ding.*

I came awake at the sound of my decker sending me a message. I rolled out of bed snatching my decker from my nightstand.

– Hyrule Castle under lock down. City watched. King Leo in trouble. All communications down. It’s Gannon. Meet me at the back entrance of castle. Bring your sword and shield. – Zelda

This situation needed the right armor. I went to my closet and I got what I needed. I dressed quickly in my stealth armor and went to my weapons safe and unlocked it with the pendant I got with the safe. The safe opened and the sword’s handle glowed. It was ready to kick some ass. I got it out and  put it over my shoulder. I stared at my hook shot. I just got the thing last week. I wondered if I would need it this go round with Gannon but I was better off being prepared for whatever.

I almost got killed last time by one of Gannon’s people for not being prepared enough for surprises. If Zelda hadn’t been there my ass would have been toasted. I picked it up and attached it to my combat belt side holster.

I headed out of my apartment picking up my ancient techno shield badge. By my door.

Outside it was raining lightly with a pale blue moon glowing over the city of Hyrule. The magic in my armor’s power banks came online as the lunar crystals took in the moonlight and absorbed the energy from the rain water into it’s energy conversion systems. The castle was twelve blocks away from my apartment building near the lost forest park. I thought again about taking my bike but I didn’t want to gain any notice so I took off running. My stealth armor helped me to make to the castle in a few minutes.

I made it to the back entrance of the castle but found a 6 foot tall robot was waiting for me. It came to life at my appearance and locked his combat rifle on me and fired.

Time slowed down as I was already getting my shield out and rebounded the lazer shot back at it. It took the shot and was electrified and exploded.

I checked my shield meter. I had five more rounds before it would be useless to me.

I snagged up the assault rifle the robot had and moved inside the gates to the garden inside. Where the fuck was Zelda?

My question was answered as I saw her cornered near the back entrance by two of Gannon’s Red ninja assassins.

The bad bitch was holding her own with her glock and light shield but she was getting tired.

Fired at the back of one ninja taking him down only to hear laughter behind. I rolled away losing the rifle and brought up my shield. I didn’t have enough time to rebound and the thing exploded after several direct shots.

The fucker came at me fast with a combat sword for my throat. I didn’t have enough time to draw my sword from my back so I dodged to my right drawing my hook shot and fired at his sword grabbing it from him. I took the sword and threw it at his chest.

He screamed as the blade sank in and then threw something down at his and went up in flames laughing. Holy shit. Sick fuckers. I holstered my hook shot.

I drew my sword and prepared to take out the other one but Zelda had already done so and threw me a rifle. I caught it with one hand as I put my sword away.

“Next time shot the asshole in the chest instead of grabbing his fucking weapon. Save the ninja moves for later when we’re in bed. Let’s go, Rookie.” She said and proceeded me inside the castle.

I sighed. She was going to be a pain in my ass for remainer of this raid on the castle. I smiled and headed inside.

Hmm. It’s okay. Needs more one lines though.

Warm Regards


Cyberpunk morning 12

Word was out the Yellow Demon was coming for Demon Ross and one fixer had plans to make sure he got him….

Chapter 2


I stood in Eddie’s garage along with his bandmates and Miss James listening in from my detapad. Eddie folded his arms across his chest after I told him the news that the Yellow Demon was going after Ross. Cash was already maping out the building and a plan of attack in the next 48 hours. The time table was tight but it could and would be done.

“What the fuck difference does it make to us Sigma? We ain’t in the business of getting involved in other people’s business.”

I stared at him. “I need 50 credits and your best man to make sure the job gets done.”

Eddie laughed while the others were quiet. He put on a good front. “You want us to pay you to handle a job we don’t give a shit about?”

I shook my head. “I’m a fixer. I handle jobs so you don’t have to give a shit about it. Ross is selling children to Jackels in your city. The boy isn’t the only child he’s selling tomorrow night. I need 60 credits and a champion on loan to make sure the job is done.”

Gino stepped up. “You said 50.”

“The number goes up the longer you royal assholes keep bullshiting me. You all got family and ties to the nomads that run deep. I know about nomad laws on finding a Jackel. Your not warriors or generals. You’ll only get in the way of my plans.”

“Again. I’m missing the reason we should pay you to kill some piece of shit Jackel.” Eddie said again trying to bullshit us.

“80 credits.” Miss James said from the intercom of my detapad. “Ross needs to be removed by perfessionals such as my husband. We are awhere of your plans. It is not necessary and besides the point we have nomad legal right to first kill. He is a threat to my future children.”

I kept my smile back. Miss James was pulling the right cards and emotions.

Eddie held up a hand stopping the others from talking. He looked at me. “100 credits and make sure every Jackel that comes to that auction dies. If you only get Ross it will be 80 credits. You get one champion as a sniper. Yellow Demon gets a clear path to a honor kill. Deal.” He said holding out his hand.

I grasped his hand in a firm shake. “Thanks for letting me handle it. I don’t mean any disrespect to you. But, we can’t afford him to get away. He’s gotten to big but he’ll have a plan to slip away.”

Eddie and let go my hand. “I know. It wasn’t right what he said about your old lady. In the badlands my wife’s people would have killed him on sight for saying it. So would I. It wouldn’t matter to me if said the shit about my kid or someone else’s. You’ve got a lot patience.”

I shook my head. “Not at all. He knew who was saying that shit to and what I would do to him. He said it because he thought he was untouchable. But, really it’s a simple matter of business. Him being alive is a distraction for me but I also have to kill the people backing him so my representation stands. I am not to be fucked with in regards to my money and Miss James or any children we may or may not have. He now owes me his life and now I intend to collect payment. I’ll handle it. You handle bringing out a new album. It’s been to long already.”

Eddie smiled and waved me out. I surprised him with a formal bow and turned and left the way I came in.

I looked at my detapad and saw I had one last message from Miss James.

I expect payment of a child from this partnership. A million credits is deposited in your account for the job thank you.

I smiled oh she just had to make sure I didn’t attempt to play the white knight for her honor. Damnnation she was forever making our arrangement interesting.

Holy shit my dude. This shit is heating up quick….

Warm Regards