Old man wants to change the leadership of Russia by force…

So yeah.

Let’s recap. First we went from Covid, vaccines masks.

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High gas prices

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food shortages….

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And now this man.

This old man declares it’s time to change the leadership of Russia because he said so. Ukraine is important enough to enter a goble dumbass nuclear war.

At least now I know why the NWO wants a war with Russia. They want to remove the current leader and replace him with one they like and can control.

Welcome to cyberpunk 2022…..Shit is about to get real.

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A cyberpunk game review: Dex

I’ve been exploring and this game for a weeks now and just been addicted to the story and the look of the game. In two words of encouragement….

Fucking amazing!

It’s a 2d platformer, an rpg combat slightly heavy game with elements blending into various other genres and it has a bullet hell shooter game mode in this shit.

Even with all this the story and the branching arching paths are what so addictive to me. There is more then one way of solving a problem. There is more then one end to a possible storyline with the game and it’s just plain old fun.

I love the main character her abilities are presented and how you can upgrade and modify the character anyway you want. You can even go none lethal in the game play if you wish and still have a fun time.

The controls are keyboard and mouse with no controller mode so that is a bit of a downer but the setting and the feel of the game and even the voice cast is amazing.

Just an amazing setting and the art work is top gear.

You can get the Dex right now on gog.com on the cheap so it’s a buy for me.

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Let’s brain storm…why would NWO U.S. support the dictator of Ukraine?

First off. Fuck the good guys and bad guys bullshit on hellmouth news and being spoken by pimp cocain democrats and GOP hoes. It’s all bullshit.

I don’t respect or listen to professional liars trying to mind fuck me into believing lies as reality. I don’t trust them to even tell me the fucking time of day without knowing their trying to fuck me in some way.

Possible reasons for U.S. leaders supporting the current dictatorship in Ukraine.

  1. NWO (U.S. leaders) have this bitch in their back pocket and control the country and the people. They decide what that country will be.
  2. NWO wish to fuck with Russia in some way and have a pocket of power near the border of Russia.
  3. Ukraine must not fall because it would be a threat to the complete dominance of the NWO hypnotic spell it has over the world and it’s gang of countries.
  4. The NWO need the war in Russia to continue on. Keep in mind the NWO is trying to avoid being the bad guy in starting a open war with Russia and throwing the fucking world into WW3. But, this is the age of dumbasses. So for some reason they believe another world war would be sexy.

In conclusion….

If your reading this in 2077


They used the Ukrainian situation as a means to quietly stop talking about covid and get rid of the mandates when nobody gave a damn because war is sexy. This is the age of dumbasses….

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Dream realm (Game) Brain storming session 001

I am brainstorming about Cyberpunk dreams as a RPG. The name of the game will be Dream realm or DR RPG.

The rules:

The dream master presents a quest for the player(s) to go on and attempts to present obstacles for them to overcome or fail. The players win when they achieve his/her goal and survives to the end. Number of players 2-5.

There is a dice roll or randomly generated numbers program for actions to fail or succeed. Based on the value of the skill sets of each player. Success/failure is depending on skill value or chance encounters.

Example: Rafael Kendrick. Class: Nomad. Race: None elemental. Skill set: Malee 50%, Survivalist 30% bartering 30% Weapons: Lightning sword 15%, hand to hand 50% revolver 10% Weaknesses: Low technical knowledge, Advanced weaponry. Executive Politics. Elemental magic.

Players can name their own character, pick from classes with in the game lore and level up their characters as the quest progresses and they face off against enemies.

The game world map

quests take place in the city or the bordering regions.

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Strange dreams Part 7

The full story.

The Temple.

I got off my job and handed over the blaster and belt to my relief and keyed out the door. Flowers was there outside posed and ready to go to the temple. I walked to the left terminal and we decided down to the subway seven floors until we reach the underground station.

The ruby train was waiting for my arrival along with several excited young girls and pony boys with pale expressions on their faces and staring at nothing. I wasted no time or comment as we got on. The door closed behind us and the train took off.

I held on to the rail above my head as we took off. We zoned past half the city in a few minutes before we arrived at the underground entrance to the temple. A purple carpet was out for the ladies and a grey carpet for the males.

We filed out. A tall male servent stood dressed in a white suit. “Follow me.” He said in a deadpan voice…..

Yeah. Things don’t get pleasant after that. It’s all down hill. But this pushes Alex to get out of it.

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Strange Dreams: Alex part 2

The link to the full story. Oh my God. The story is rich in sci fi and cyberpunk. Amazing. I’m getting somewhere.

Chapter 2

I walked down stairs dressed in my lavender uniform and badge on right breast pocket. My father was at the kitchen table with a virtual room headset on in a meeting. My mother and older sisters were on their devices moderatoring and watching video streaming footage of company’s workers at the office.

The house maid was already clearing away their nutrition bars and milkshake breakfast shakes. I grabbed up two bars and a bottled shake and headed for the door. Flowers opened the door for me.

I turned back to them. “I’m off.” I said.

They waved at me in unison and went back to their jobs. I headed out with Flowers following me. I walked out of the condo into the hallway and took the stairs down to the bottom floor. Flowers followed silently.

I got outside the sunlight had barely risen above the grey and brown towers of the city. On the grey Sky-ways above my head cruisers flew by like birds twisting and turning with ease on the curvy roads.

I sighed and looked away and started down the stairs out of the gate. Flowers followed silently singing that song I liked softly as we flowed in to the herd of workers that had to work outside their apartments for Empiral marks.

Fucking A. Damn I’m loving the world building. Did you hear that sound it’s the sound of a fucking level up boost.

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Strange dreams: Alex

Here’s a link to the full story… This shit reads wonderfully well.

Chapter 1

I woke up to my alarm going off reminding me I had to get to work and after that I had training school for my lifetime service at temple. My headache hurt at the thought of all the things I wouldn’t get to experience.

I wouldn’t get to kiss a boy. I wouldn’t get pregnant. I would never hold a child of my own. I was going to be a fucking virgin forever serving a goddess that didn’t give a damn about me. I had already been stamped with the symbol of the goddess on my right hand. It was a circle with blue ink heart in the center.

My conscripted service would begin in three weeks to the temple. I sighed when I heard an alarm on my stream pad.

I got up walked over to my work station and picked up the tablet. “Open message.”

I stared and was frozen in shock. I had been sent a short message by *Bill-smokeMan.
Oh. Here’s the list
1. Buy a ride
2. Do something wild in it.
3. Get a cyborg to hot wire for realm travel.
4. Get fitted for cybernetic link in index finger.
5. Get some exercise.
6. Start smoking.
7. Drive out of realm.
Get on item 1 today. Remember it’s on you bro.


What hell does bro mean on his homeworld?

Damn was this so….real. this was real. Bill was real. If he was real then. Then. There was a chance this stupid list. This weird list could be my ticket off this world and out of conscription service. This was my chance.

No. No. This was just some stupid game that-

“Alex. Alex. You will be late for your job and don’t forget your honorable service is today.” Flowers said gentle. She was my personal maid/guard for my service. She had been hired by my family two days ago.

I heard the door open. She came in bring in a sweet scent of chocolate rainbow. My favorite chocolate bar. She slipped in to my free hand.

“Hmm. That’s a interesting list is it your last ride list?” She asked and then turned to go to bathroom.

This shit is good….hands down I’m digging the Wettpad app and functions. Great app.

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Strange dreams 12.0

Bill. Wake up honey. Wake up!

I growned and woke to the sight of Scott and Air staring down at me in concern. I felt comfortable laying in a nice bed. I felt right but I also felt her trying to track me.

I waved them away as I rolled out of bed to the side and looked around. We were in the tower. I shook my head.

“She’s still out there. Tracking me I can’t stay here. I have to-“

“We aren’t in Cyberpunk’s dream world.” Air spoke quickly. “We’re in my tower. “

Photo by braden chilton on Pexels.com

I nodded. “Your tower is in Cyberpunk’s dream realm. That’s why-“

“‘-Oh no. We’re no longer in my brother’s realm. I can move my tower around. I have no realm of my own. So I move around as does my tower.”

I stared at her. “What’s the beef between you and my mother.” I asked.

Air pursed her lips tightly. “We were friends once. We came into being on a world called Mars, in a city named Gods play land. Once I learned how to travel the realms I taught her but she was comfort in her position there at the time. I left her on Mars while traveled the realms.”

I nodded. “She thinks you and the elders as she calls them are Gods. She must have enjoyed being worshipped by my kind. Is she mother though?”

Air nodded stiffly. “Bill. We’re not gods. We were all made from the same elements as mortals but we’re different and came to be differently. Mara can’t accept that fully she can die just as any mortal man or woman. My brother and his consort are doing battle with them as we speak. I do not how it will-“

“-She’ll worm her way out. She survived my home world being destroyed she’ll escape the battle in some way. How many humans have you changed?”

Air frowned shaking her head. “I didn’t change you.”

“You created me though, how?”

Air frowned again shaking her head. “Mara is limited because she does not embrace the truth of what she is and can never be. She believes a lie. I embraced that truth centuries ago. I can create and bring things into being. Mara is a creator of death. She can give birth but not life. You were her last attempt at that.”

I frowned getting a strange feeling I knew what she was dancing around saying. “Was I born still born?”

Air grimanced. “You would have been but sense I created you before your birth by breathing my element into you then you are what I created you to be. I am not the only dragon knowledgeable enough to do so.”

I shook my head. “I don’t understand why she would attempt something so stupid. For what reason?”

Air stared at me. “To raise an army of mortal slaves to worship her as their goddess mother.”

“Holy shit. The bitch is nuts.” Scott voicing my own thoughts.

Air nodded. “Yes. She is quite a sad creature. But, she also has still a few miss guided children out in the realms I have yet to reach.”

I got up and looked out the window into the endless portals to realms.

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“Is there another reason beyond being a nice lady that you breath life into her dead children?’

“Bill.” Scott said. “Whst are you-“

“It’s fine.” Air interrupted. Yes there is a reason. A very big reason. Her children the ones I don’t save. Sometimes are saved or created into beings of dangerous problems that start galactic wars or burn whole planets they become annoyances for the elders. When that happens or if there are signs of it happening in those worlds a judgement is made and a world is sentenced to death.”

I nodded to turning to face Air. “Your an elder, right?”

Air shrugged. “In part. I am, the youngest and lowest in power and I rival no one in power or wisdom. I speak with the head elder over us all. I offer advice and try to make plans to rescue those I can. I try. I don’t always succeed but for you. I tried really hard this time.”


“I like you and in a strange twisted way. Mara likes you a lot though it may not seem that way.” Air said gentle.

“Where we headed?” I asked.

Air smiled. “To another another rescue mission.” She said.

“Can we help?” Scott spoke up for the both of us.

Air looked between the two of us. “That isn’t necessary. This is your home now or I can take you to any-“

I held up a hand. “I think you do need a little help. Unless you think it beneath you to ask for help from mortals.”

Air smiled her lips shaking. “I would be honored to have your help and sense you two are inclined to be so helpful. I want to give you both with something.”

“Two. What about Wolf.” I asked

Scott made a face. “He met a girl so he opted out of the fun.” She said.

I shrugged. “That’s alright. I understand. What’s this gift?!”

Air giggled. “Follow me.” She said whimsically dancing out of the room.

Scott laughed and quickly took my hand and led me after Air. I smiled liking the feel of her. We walked out into another large spacious room. We stopped short and stared at the purple and black beautiful crusier.

Air smiled . “What do you think? I ordered it from my little brother. He makes such nice realm flyers.”

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Strange dreams 11.0 (orgins)


I passed the boy to Air and she carried him away. I stood waving the smoke away. The black flame Elemental dragon snarled at me when she saw me.

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“Hey. Are you up for talking some.” I asked.

She shot black flames from her mouth in answer to me. I dodged jumping up and aimming to kick her fucking head off.

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“Damn. You a quick one.” I said coming down to my feet to face her.

“You. Little demi-god trash. I can’t believe you found him again.” She said spitting at the ground at my feet as we turned to face each other.

I laughed. Letting my mask fall away. I became what I was again as I felt the thrill of battle. “Little sister. This shit is getting tiresome. Let the boy go. There is no need for this bullshit. If your looking for something spicy. I am the man for that.”

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“The boy is mean. I birthed him. I keep him. All her filthy abominations will burn in my flames. Stand aside. Your nothing but a demi-god pretender. Your power is not even equal to the goddess of lightning and might. Damn you for your corrupting ways. I will destory you and free the elders from your influence.”

“Yeah. Yeah. I get it. This isn’t about the boy. It’s about me. You want a fight little sister. Game on.”

She turned and their were two. One white, one black. Both with black flame swords

I smiled. “I like. A challenge. Let’s go. Whose first.”

I heard a motorcycle riding up behind me as the mini realm Bill pictured changed and we were in a desert realm. I sensed Lightning Baby’s arrival was imminent. It would take her a time traveling between realms though….until then.

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“Let’s go ladies. Don’t leave me waiting.”

They charged at me as I met them with my sword and iron fist…

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Strange dreams 09….

Bill. Bill. Get your ass up. You got to get to work.

I felt weird. My head felt like someone had been hammering my head with a hammer for days. I don’t remember drinking so much last night after the welcome home party.

I rolled out of my bed. I looked around to see I was in my old room back in a place that didn’t exist anymore.

“Bill. Bill. Get up now. You got to make up your rent.”

My mother. My real mother was yelling for me like always. No. No. Couldn’t all have been a dream. Damn it. Damn it to hell. I needed to get to work. I looked around my room grabbing up clothes went to bathroom washed up fast and got dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and froze.

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Huh. Okay. That’s different.

I hurried down stairs to find my mother sitting at her seat by her computer watching a soap opera on a live stream in the kitchen. Of course she hadn’t made me breakfast. The same as always. I checked my pockets for my keys as I headed for the door and then I found the pack of cigarettes. I didn’t smoke. No. I didn’t smoke in this world. I did in the Cyberpunk’s dream realm.

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I closed the door. And took out a cigarette put it to my lips and lit it up before turning back to my mother. She was still watching her soap opera.

“You almost had me going. But, you forgot about the cigarettes.”

My mother laughed. Yeah. That was her laugh alright. She turned back to me. It was her. She glared at me. “You were supposed to ignore it like the other half-breed abominations she’s made. That bitch maker of yours just has a way of imprinting on you Airheads once you see her. It was the mirror I forgot about. You knew then. Just go to your computer repair store job. Come back with my rent. It’s much easier that way. Don’t be troublesome. She won’t be able to find you here. No one’s coming to rescue you this time or ever again.”

I laughed. “It would be better if we didn’t meet again for you. I left this life behind. I’m not interested in repeating it.”

My mother sighed. I could see her mask slipping as her true form appeared. She had soulless grey eyes. A face of black and white and lips of poison black.

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“The door is locked. Your not leaving until you submit to-“

I jumped up smashing through the fantasy into space. I felt the roar of monster behind me flying to catch up with me as I raced toward a warm hole.

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