Early morning rising

Sleep is good but thank God I got something fun to do today. So I’m up and ready to go.

This didn’t used to be the case.

Mellow and blue were my days before in youth of my summer days.

Easy. Contented. Sitting down at my writing space and recording my thoughts and stories were my days of childhood enjoyment.

Do I miss those days?


I am present for today making quick use of my time and my writing is not as crappy as it used to be in those childhood days long sense passed me by.

I blog in my between hours. I dream of November’s kiss. I have plans for future not yet present.

Brainstorming. Storytelling. Novel writing?!….

Real talk. I’m half and half on novel writing at present. Yesterday it was 60,000 words now it’s news to me that it’s now up to 75,000 to 100,000 words.

Now if you write a lot getting to 200,000 words is easier then you think. But, still not every novel is worth the extention of a short story over bloated with more shit (adjectives) in pot then flavor (plot) and seasoning (interesting characters).

Warm Regards,


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