The Fire Vixen’s own against the Ice and storm Rider Chapter 7 A CORPOS COMEBACK STORY


Who were these fuckers?

I glared at the cruiser burning it with my rage. I didn’t have time for this I had to catch up with the bandits. Little Wolf was counting on us.

I focused and blasted the cruiser up and away a few miles. I blinked closed my visor. My thoughts went cool. I reached for my sword as I raced on a head toward the bandits. Lightning baby handed me back my sword as I felt the fire ignite my electrified blade.


I heard a giggling female voice close to my right ear. “Take out the tires but keep your guard up as you draw near the truck for danger.” Fire Vixen’s voice spoke to me.

I knew it. There was something more to this shit. My instincts didn’t fail me yet. I drove near the truck as a man in Ice armor opened the door.

I fired fire and lightning into the cab killing the two bandits inside. I jumped off my bike hurried inside shoving the bodies out and stopping the Ice Truck.

I got outside as Swan and Tomahawk came up to me and we fist bumped. I bent down and searched the bodies.

“What are you looking for?” Tomahawk asked.

I was silent until I found the detapad and a strange device. It looked like a remote. It glowed vibrating the same energy as the rip in realms a head of us. I pointed it at the rip. I hit a few random buttons until the rip closed.

“How?” Swan asked.

“It was a guess. One thing is for sure.” I said holding the detapad I threw it to Swan.

He caught it. He frowned. “This isn’t alien.”

I nodded. “They were working with someone here to make sure we didn’t get the shipment of Cp-98 in time.”

Tomahawk shook his head. “What’s your gain in this?”

I normally wouldn’t reveal my mind so freely but I felt my fire element cool relaxed around these people. “My instincts tell me I have to help little wolf and back up his father. That’s why I’m here. I always follow my instincts.”

Both men nodded. I walked over to my bike as Jason pulled up and got out. I see it in his eyes he knows who I am. I nodded.

“We got to go. Little Wolf is depending on us to get this done.” I said. Again strangely it was all that needed to be said.

Wolf nodded to me. “Your right. Let’s finish this job.”

Warm regards


Hell and damnation….Chapter 5 A CORPOS COMEBACK STORY


We arrived to hell. I jumped out of the passenger side of the passenger side open door before it came to a complete stop. Damn it. The fuckers had gotten here burned everything to the ground. Damn fools. My boy. What the fuck would I do. No. There had to be a way. I would go back to the city. I would find a way. There had to be a scientist I could find to recreate CP-98. My boy still had a supply for the a few more weeks.

I felt Jason’s hand on my shoulder. “Cyrus?”

I shook my head. “I ain’t giving up. I’ll never give up.”

“There’s tire tracks. We need to follow them. To catch up with the fuckers. This ain’t over. Oh. Hello.” Jason said in a sudden distracted voice.

My element came awake.

I blinked. My eyes felt on fire. Shit. This reminded of a another time this first happened. She was here. I looked around and saw her. Standing a bit off. She was dressed in black jeans with a leather jacket on and a white shirt on. Her black hair was braided down her back. She looked the same when I met her in the pin when I was at my lowest. She had come and kissed my head and whispered my son’s name nothing more. It was enough.

“Hey. I got a gift for you.”

I shook my head. “I haven’t earned it. I just need to catch up with them. Can you slow em down?

Lightning baby nodded and pointed to the west. A lightning storm started gathering in a area. “Don’t easy on em kiddo. I don’t know who they are but they don’t belong here and their fucking with your son’s life. You got two days to get it down before your ex catches up with you. Do your best.” She said.

“Let’s go.” Jason said running to the truck.

I nodded to her. “Thank you.” I said running to the car.

Lightning baby smiled. “He’s waiting for you. Don’t lose hope.”

My chest hurt but I nodded to her jumping in the truck.

Warm regards


Rising Star and hope for the future. 2nd prelude to PUNCH! A corpos comeback story

2 of 5 prelude


I had my first professional fight in EMP arena in two days after getting my license as a middle weight flyer. Coach Goldman Grayson was giving me the go ahead and I was under his gym. Things were looking good but for one thing. The giant ugly scar on my back was a marketing problem. It had to be covered.

Brock had suggested a tattoo and a tattoo palor to get done in. I agreed and thanked him.

I messaged my son for ideas wanting to involve him in the process in my weekly messages. He sent back a short reply..

“I don’t give a fuck, loser. Get a wolf head tattoo or sword or something.”

It was an idea and it would help. I went to Warriors Tate Shop down town on 7th and main.

It was a small shop but had customers filled in the place. I came inside and found Sue. No. Goldy Warrior sitting down chatting with another man with long hair and silver blue eyes that wore a leather vest, jeans and boots.

“Goldy. hey?” I said.

Goldy’s beautiful eyes lite up at the sight of me but her friend gave me a narrowed eye look of mistrust. I wondered at it as I walked over.

“Hey, Cyrus. Nice to see you. What you are doing here?”

I smiled. “I’m here to get a tattoo. It’s my coach’s orders. I’m getting a wolf’s head on my back and sword with my son’s name on it.”

Both of them froze for some reason. I looked around and noticed a few people were all looking at me funny as well. I looked back to Goldy to see her frowning at me.

“So the scar you got on your back is real bad then? The scar you got protecting me?”

I didn’t like the sound in her voice and look of haunted pain on her face brought back memories. It reminded me of the past and what that asshole had done to her when she was teenager. It also reminded me of how I couldn’t do anything to help her but that asshole Judge guy could before and afterward. I shook it off the memory.

“It wasn’t your fault. I should have been more carefull rushing in like that and I got burned. It’s no big deal and you did rescue me. Anyway, I got to get it covered up with something and my son suggested it. If I have to do it at least it will be something he suggested and he might like it on his old man. When or if he sees me online.” I said smiling and hoping Jon would like it or at least think something of me.

I had to make it up to him. I had to get back on my feet and be a corpo he could respect again. I just had to. Seeing him again and being able to spend time with him was all I thought of now. I had to get to the top.

Goldy smiled. “Your son chose the tattoo. I understand. You’ll get there. You’ll see him again.”

Goldy understood. She was a corpo to. I nodded. “So do you know a good artist here that can help me?”

Goldy nodded and turned to the man. “Swan. My brother. He works here part time in the summer. He’s a fantastic artist. He’ll give you the tattoo.”

I didn’t remember her ever having a brother but things change. I could understand Swan’s look he gave me now.

Swan was silent studying me. “If I give you the tattoo you got to make a promise to us.”

What hell was going on? I frowned but nodded. “Sure with in reason.”

“You can’t ever give up on yourself or claiming back your son. The day you do give up, I’ll carve the image off your back. Do you agree to my terms?”

A legal or moral contract. Hmm. The šŸŗ head had some type of meaning to them.

I stared at him and thought about the days, the months the fucking moments sitting in my cell with regrets over my own stupid decisions that had cost me moments, days and months with my son I couldn’t get back. Now that I was out, I could never see him in person unless I got back to corpo legal status showing my fitness as a patriarch.

“I, Cyrus Morgan Vod agree to your terms of the contract.” I said.

Swan shrugged and waved me to a seat. “Let’s get this going then.” He said.

Warm regards


Cyberpunk dreams: Rite of Passage Part 14 (Final)

Chapter 12


I walked into the Corpo building owned by Casey and holdings with Abu Kali and Harley. I had Ruby set up at a spot I would need her and away from the shit storm about to happen. I felt it then. A shift in the feel of everything and everyone.

I looked around then saw him walking into the building past us. Cyberpunk Dreams. He looked. Damn. Well. He looked like me or me more rightly I looked like a lower version of him. His hair was jet black as where the rest of his gear. A black shirt, pants and leather jacket and boots.

He always looked like this. No matter the Era of time. He rarely interfered in our events but for…shit. This was a case of a fucking alien showing up in our realm.

He paused by me and lifted my fist to bump against his. We nodded to each other. He angled his head for us to follow him. We did silently.

Dumbasses and normals all gave him wide breath. He walked to the elevator and we followed him inside. The ride up was a quiet event. I wondered what he wanted us to do. Fuck it. I faced him.

“How you want to play this?” I asked him.

Cyberpunk shrugged. “He’s an invader him being here breaks the law.”

I nodded. “Say no more. Death is the judgement.” I said turning from him to wait for the door to open.

The door opened. Cyberpunk walked out. We paused for a second because the trap door above us opened. I saw a man dressed in all leather and a eye patch on one eye cruching beside a lady that looked like my mother but she was different.

The lady smiled at me and handed me a sword. I smiled at her as understanding hit me. “Lightning Baby arrives for the party with a gift.”

I took the sword as she and the man dropped down. Lightning Baby hugged me and kissed my cheek. “Your rite is over kick some ass. I got to work.” She said stepping outside she began to cut her way through the enemies my family and the stranger stepped into the battle cutting and shooting down mutant shit heads until we were the last standing.

I looked ahead to the main office of the asshole and saw him dead on the floor and my mother standing over him with her sword.

“Shit. How the fuck are we alive?” Harley asked.

Abu Kali nodded frowning and sniffing the air. “What’s that smell?”

I smiled and got out my detapad. “Just a little bit of Ruby’s perfume in the vents. She’s killing it now.”

“poison gas?!” Abu Kali said in a high voice.

I snorted shaking my head. “Not to us. We’re family. ”

My mother came up to us. Putting away her sword and smiling at me. “So you’ve had a journey. What did you learn?”

“I understand why you mated with him. I don’t hate him anymore. I can understand why he is the way he is.” I said thinking on the spot about it. “Everything else the family taught me.”

My mother smiled and nodded “Now. You are a true nomad male. So introduce me to your family as we get the hell out of here. I heard you got a girl now.”

I smiled and lead the way out.

The end of the rite of passage….

Warm regards


Brainstorming…let’s take Resident Evil 1 & 2 remake game, The Edge (1996) andĀ  Mission Impossible (1990s) part 12

Chapter 5


The past few minutes we found dick all but T1s to kill and no sign of team Bravo. They were all dead except for Ruby. No sign of West or Betty. They were in the wind and we were stuck in the mansion until day break or we found a ride onto the main road back to Raccoon city.

I sat on the steps of the stairway of the main room of the mansion waiting for Jill and Berry. I heard the explosion a few rooms away.

Jill. I glanced at Ruby who sat beside me cleaning her blade. She shook her head.

I sighed and stared at the door. The door opened and Jill came out naked from the waist down covered in herbs. I took off my vest and shirt and went over to her. Jill held up her hand with her other arm covering her breasts.

“Don’t. I’m covered in herbs and I was hit by acid.” She said.

“Let me see your back.”

Jill smiled. “Hell, no. I know it’s bad but I’ll live. Hey, Ruby baby.” She said.

“Hey, sweetie baby.” Ruby said.

I threw Jill the shirt as Berry came in carrying a struggling Betty.

Betty looked at me and screamed at the sight of me. Jill quickly put on my shirt and flenched at movement. We needed to get her to a doctor.

I didn’t look at Betty. She wasn’t a factor. But…I needed information she had. I sat down on the stairway.

“I want a vehicle out of here.”

“Alright. You let me go and there’s a jeep outside. Take it and go.” Betty said.

“I saw the jeep outside.” Jill said.

I got up but Ruby pushed me back down. I frowned at her. She smiled at me and kissed my lips.

“Sit a bit.” Ruby said and got up and faced off with Betty. “Why did you bring us here?”

“West planned all this? I’m just-“

“She’s lying.” I said listening to her heart beat and body movements.

Ruby nodded. “Why did you bring us here?”

Betty changed her breathing and tried to be calm. “West was hired to wipe out the teams and start-“

“She’s lying.” I said. “She won’t tell us the truth. Leave her to the dogs or kill her. I don’t give a fuck. Jill needs to get to a doctor.”

“I know but we have to know if this was a termination mission by the government or the corporation. We need information.” Ruby said.

I looked at Jill. She was holding up a key card. “What you got there?” I asked.

“Let me go and I’ll tell you what door that key opens.” Betty said. Lying again.

I stared at Jill.”You know what door that key opens?”

Jill smiled. “I think I do. Let’s take a look at that old type writer again.”

Warm Regards,


Paycheck the story vs Paycheck the movie

Some writer or blogger or YouTuber probably has addressed this shit but…they weren’t named guardiandogg. Let’s go! Spoiler alert!

Okay I finished the short story. This is my conclusion.


Paycheck the movie deals with time, the government and American freedoms and rights being taken away and a solution to becoming protected against this is…


The corporation is the greater evil in relation to the government vs the corporation. One should take down the corporation and then take your girl and hide from the government.

Now. I still love that movie. I like the ending in part. But…that ain’t the conclusion the written story Paycheck leaves me.

Holy shit.

Paycheck the written story. The conclusion I am left with I agree to in part. Jennings does not like the uncertainty of being a worker for a corporation that would easily sell him out or allow him to be taken by the government that has taken his freedoms, can hold him and possibly kill him if he doesn’t obey or even if he obeys.

The government has taken all his freedoms and he is one man alone. He has no means of having a wall between him and the government. But, for one wall. The last wall. The corporation.

Being an individual citizen in the United States of America means shit if the constitution is ignored or people in power ignore or water it down with bullshit laws but ownership of a corporation, having a family and legacy can secure your future against the government if you position yourself rightly.

I am left with a conclusion also that there will be a moment a revolution against the government. The people will raise up and fight the government.

Na’aw son. Miss me with that shit. The cyberpunk future I live in is over populated with beta bitch simps and cowards out for the bag plugged into the American dream that comes on tv or Netflix everyday on their subscription feed.

People don’t really want to fight the system. They want to ignore the fact we are becoming slaves to the machine so they can watch porn and work their job. People would gladly trade freedom for comfort because real freedom requires you to start making some fucking spears to kill the mother fucking bear. (The Edge, 1990s.)

Final thoughts…

Phillp K. Dick. Son of bitch saw this shit coming. Look for all intents and purposes this is the cyberpunk future. We are living in it. Just not the 1980s version bladerunner flying cruisers shit. Corporations are almost on pair with countries in power. The line between the Corporations and the government is blurry.

People really do believe that CCN, FoxNews and every other propaganda mouth piece are just companies that might lean one way or other for money, mindshare and trust. No. These are tools for distraction, disinterest, disinformation against freedom of thought and liberation of the mind.

The story isn’t so much a mindfuck as it is a tame piece of excellent storytelling about the current days that have gone to the doggs.

Warm Regards,


Let’s take Tango & Cash, Legend of Zelda and cyberpunk brainstormingā€¦part 6

Let’s add Tarzan and The Phantom

Chapter 5


I heard the sounds of the drums the moment I stepped foot in the Lost forest. The mist was thick.

I saw a torch light up ahead and Andy stood waiting with a white spear in hand. He was dressed in the green luin cloth and matching cap on his wild blown hair and nothing more. A bag was at his side.

I started stripping until I was down to my green shorts and put my clothes in his bag.

“I seek entrance into the forest temple.” I said.

“The chief will want to see you first before you enter. I’ll lead you the way.” Andy said.

I smiled at him. “Screw you I know the way home.” I said and took off running into the mist.

I heard Andy raced with me blindly as we followed the sound of the drum. My heart raced with excitment inspite of the seriousness of the situation. The magic of the forest and delight of going home again was a thrill I couldn’t stop. I raced on ahead laughing as I leaped off a rock caught a vein and started swinging in the direction of the drums.

“Show off!” Andy roared up at me as he raced on foot to beat me back home.

I landed on a slippery tree branch and started sliding right up and around to leaping for another vein swinging and continuing the ride. The drums got louder and I could hear the people of the forest laughter and welcoming voices.

I bounded off the last tree leaped summersalted and landed down on one knee at the feet of the great chief of the forest.

“Raise. Hero’s Ghost. Spirit of lost forest. Welcome home.” Eddie said.

I came to my feet facing the chief of the lost woods tribe. A 5’5 copper skinned dude with a wild grin dressed in green shorts. The symbol of the symbol of tree and circle was tattooed on his chest.

“Hey, Eddie. Why did you lie about the sword?” I asked.

Eddie grimanced. “Damn. I was hoping I would be dead before I had to answer that question. Leo blackmailed me into having you in exchange for the lost forest being left to be wild lands not under hyrule domain. He needed you.”

“I am Hyrulan by nation!” I said.

Eddie glared at me. “Your mother was Hyrule. Your father was a tribe member of the lost and mixed breed as much as your mother. You are the Hero’s ghost. Your orgin is rooted in legend and the mist.”

“Hyrule has fallen. To a man named Gannon. He has my woman. I need the tri scolls from the temple.”

Eddie shrugged and waved me to the temple entrance. “Have at it. We have no need for such worthless things.”

I nodded and moved past him to the entrance of the temple a door shaped around a giant tree. Something was right.

“There is a price.” Eddie said answering my thoughts.

“Name it.” I said.

“If Hyrule has fallen then it is time for hero’s ghost to return home to his resting.”

I nodded. “If Hyrule has fallen then I’m ready to return home.” I said and the doors to the temple opened. Damn it. That old tree magic never lies.

I walked toward the entrance. Andy came up and handed me his spear and my nightvision goggles. I smiled at him and fist bumped him before strapping on the goggles and entering inside.

To be contined….

Warm Regards,


Cyberpunk dreams: Rite Of Passage part 1

Prologue: Waking up!


I woke up in the dirt. I listened before I opened my eyes. No one was around. It seemed like I was alone and I felt the heat of the sun and cool morning breeze on my skin.

I didn’t have any shoes or a shirt on. All I had was my pants and…my knife strapped to my leg. I opened my eyes.

Route 66 marker seemed to glow in the after glow of night and dawn.

I came to my feet and turned north in the direction of the Newark. The city glittered like a kingdom of the modern world.

I turned away south and caught sight the eighteen wheeler tire tracks along with the jeep tracks of the tribe’s leadership vehicles. I frowned as I followed the tracks off the road and back around and headed to the city.

The city? Why were they headed back to the city the job was done. Hmm. I thought about last night when the tribe held my 16th birthday party to mark the season of my rite.

I wondered. The only reason they would be headed back is if they left something behind or they had another job.

My stomach growlled. Damn. I would need to hunt up breakfast before I headed for the city. I had a two hour walk on my hands.

I heard movment to my right. I glanced out the side of my eyes to see a house dog. The hell. No. He was a half breed mixed with a wolf.

I moved my left hand down to my bow wee knife. Looks I wouldn’t have to look for breakfast and a skin to wear.

I would have to move fast and get a fire going to cook it right.

To be continued…

Warm Regards,


Cyberpunk dreams: Fixer’s vacation

The Fixer on vacation….


“Sigma? What the hell are you doing here?” Miss James said as I heard her come out of the building.

I looked up from my detapad and put it away as Miss James dressed in a plain looking silver blue suit cut to her form. Her jacket was open to show her silver blouse that hugged her breasts nicely. She came out of the restaurant from her business Brunch meeting. Her bodyguards, asistent and partners all stood at attention at her sides blocking the crowd from coming close to her.

She was a modern day royal in a neo silver city and she belonged to me. Well…not in the modern legal way but in the nomad culture way.

“Congratulations. I have an hour of vacation time. You want to go on a ride around the city before you next meeting?” I asked her.

Miss James gave me a sardonic smile. “You heard about my pregnancy?”

I stared at her. “No. You just hit 6.1 Billion ebs this morning.”

Miss James froze and then quickly looked at her deta pad. She stared at it and then calmly put her detapad away. There was giddiness in her eyes now. She held up her head higher and thrust out her chest on display. She walked toward me swaying her hips. She looked behind me at the transporters lining the corner.

“Which one?”

I pointed at the bike directly behind me. “Sense your carrying an investment in futures. Maybe a bike ride wouldn’t be wise.”

Miss James waved me aside as she stared at the silver blue cyber blade bike.

Her silver blue painted nails traced the name of the cycle on the base of the cycle on the side.

“E. James. Cute. ” Miss said sounded more bored then impressed.

I shook my head. “It’s the name of the company that makes the bikes.” I said.

Her head snapped up and she met my gaze. “You bought a cycle company for me?”

I shook my head. “No. I invested funds in a cycle company as an executive over a trust.” I said.

Miss James stared at me. “I do not need your financial protection.”

I snorted. “Aw. I never said you did. The trust again is for the person inside you not you. You don’t get a dime.” I said.

Miss James stared at me. “When are you going to stop hustling in the streets and come up to my level and stop hidding your wealth?”

I held up a finger. “1. I have a wife worth 6.1 ebs.” I paused and held up another finger before she can speak. “2. Being public rich only has it’s uses for normals. I’m a private service provider. My value is dependent on my reputation and my network of customers. I’m always working and I didn’t come looking for you. People like yourself come to me.”

Miss James stared at me. “I am not pregnant by the way. I wanted to test you. I can’t figure you out just yet or what is between us. It seems to reasonable, all business and detached but you keep looking at my breasts and legs and you seem strangely available in your schedule to fufill your marriage responsibilities in bed when I call. So I’m confused.”

I grinned. “So you want to take a ride or waste time bullshiting? We have seventy minutes and twelve seconds left.” I said and held out a helmet for her.

She took off heels and handed them to me taking the helmet. Her asistent Camy Vader came up to her helped but some boots on her feet. I put her shoes in my side saddle. I hopped on starting the engine and put on my helmet.

She hugged my waist as she leaned in behind me. I started the engine pushing the converge silver button. The bike started to raise she held on tighter.

“What’s going on? I don’t like heights.” Miss James said over the radio in the helmet.

“I’m just pulling it out of the space. We’re not taking the SkyWay. Trust me.” I said.

“I do.” Miss James admited.

I smiled and pulled the bike out on to the road once I found a break in traffic. It was still morning so traffic was light. I gave the bike a little more turbo and took off down the street.

“Wooo. HOLY SHIT!” Miss James screamed her excitment over the radio.

I smiled and just enjoyed the ride on my vacation time.

Warm Regards,