I grew up taught and educated that I was African American and now I’m starting to question even that.

Real talk. I don’t even want to question this because it seems so pointless but it has been a in grained fact in my mind that I had no evidence to prove it but for movies and the word of American slave owner accounts I’ve seen.

I’m not black. Literally I’m not really dark skinned or share that much physical traits of Africans. I’m copper skinned with similar traits of my maternal grandmother’s father. Who was a native here or really an Aboriginal.

As does my brother, Red and my mother.

I’m a mixed bag of tribes from in one body. The same as any other person born in America.

The DNA tracing. What about that? Again to my point. I’m mixed and every time I’ve seen somebody get their DNA traced to a point of orgin it always included extra percentage points added in. It’s not a gps system. It’s more like a system that analyzes deta matching them with other deta points through a system made by people that already made the conclusion about where your distant relatives might have come from.

Your dna is you. I know. But that doesn’t mean I suddenly change into an asian because I have 20% asian points in my DNA chain.

Now I have to say these are my opinions because dumbasses in passing might have a grip with me questioning the American tradition of slave owners telling the truth about slavery.

Anyway, add that to the fact people find it more then likely in other countries because the differences between copper skinned folk and Africans is wide from traditions, mindsets, intelligence and etc.

I’m still thinking on it. But there’s one thing about history I know is true….

History is written by bullshiters and beta bitch losers. You have to take it with a grain of truth and caution.

Please don’t take my word for it. Question even my opinion about it. Though honestly it’s in part the reason I call myself an American Highlander.

Warm Regards,



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