The art of the mystery in fiction and otherwise (writing craft) A lesson from Sherlock Holmes

I have weird periods now where I can go months without reading anything new but one series of books and stories.

Sherlock Holmes.

I’m not even that much a mystery buff but the style of stories and the way the mystery for each tale is laid out aways pulls back to reading SH adventures.

I just like the way the mystery is laid out. You the reader are presented the tale and put on the road to discovering what the answer to the mystery at a great pace nothing is given away until the last possible moment.

Side note: I hate mysteries or stories where you feel no give a damn about because the mystery is just filler for the charecter.

I find myself thinking about this a lot now that I’m writing my own set of mystery tales that are charecter driven.

You (the writer) create a charecter the fiction world presents him a problem and the world raises the takes for him making it personal for him to discover or uncover what the hell is going on. You (the reader) him (the character) are on a journey of discovery and adventure.

I find myself as the writer having a cloudy vision for what the hell is going to happen when the focus is on character. That’s a problem for me though I know the ending.

The beginning is a sun raise and the ending is a sun set but the shit that happens in the middle always frustrates me. You don’t know what will happen in the middle to connect it all. It is the challenge of mystery or writing fiction for me.

Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

I feel most lively in that creative process of the middle of the rocky road heading to the end.

Warm, Regards


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