Is writing hard? I have a complicated answer.

The only way to know how strong you are is to keep testing your limits. – Jor El

The movie wasn’t Christopher Reed good but I think of that one scene and it just inspires me.

He comes out of the chamber of the space ship dressed in the symbol of hope. In his head are the words of his father with the challenge….

Test the limits of how strong you are and the limitations to that strength. He’s going to have a few missteps. He’s going to have a few falls. He’s going to have a second or a moment of doubt that he can break through to another level but the words of his father whisper in his head.

You are the son from the house of hope. He has to breath in the air. Clear his head. Take his stance and push off the ground and take flight to level up to 100.


I’m not naturally talented in any regard as a writer or anything in my life. I knew 30 plus years ago it was going to be hard. I wanted to give up plenty of times. But, I kept on pushing and hoping for one day I would push myself to that level where my feet would leave the ground. My focus would set and I could push on and not worry about falling because I dreamed of a time I would start flying….


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I’m pushing alot of writing out. I’m hoping to accomplish finishing a major book project and above all else. I’m taking taking flight to a major leveling up season. This the best time of my life.

If your afraid of testing your limits. If you don’t care about how strong you can be. I don’t know what to tell you.

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I live with this shit. I feel like I’m hammering a giant on moving rock all day but hot damn! What a time to alive. I see cracks in surface. I live for this shit.

Every damn day of the week. I don’t have enough time. So God help me I have to write more.

Warm regards


What I’m learning writing Blue Jumper #onwriting

I normally write my stories in first person point of view but I took a break from that to practice in close third person with some experimenting.

It’s difficult though I wrote my first books in the style but I haven’t practiced it religiously for well over a year and months and of course my writing style has changed a lot sense then. I was less blunt and carefree with my humor and comfortable writing darker elements. Some of the book is a bit of old writing converged with my newer voice.

It’s a work around for me and challenge but I want to use the time I have writing this book in a timely fashion as practice for other book projects. November’s kiss is still on list.

I have love and hates for Amazon vella right now.

The love is working with in their format and writing at a faster pace as I count my words. Each episode is a minimum of 600 words. It’s not really a lot but if you have job and busy schedule it’s work.

I like the feeling though. Writing on the platform feels like work. If feels like I have deadline and a current amount of words and content to get out a day to complete story in time and get paid.

Alright the bad. I’m not sure even now how much the pay comes out to but I know I’m getting screwed. The interface Lord Jesus help me. Is less then desirable and needs updating in current year level. The free app is not indicative of a proper app that is professional. I wish Amazon would come out with a paid version that way they will have to put some effort into the design and update it to current year levels of tech.

Amazon does nothing to promote the stories of the authors. They leave that to the authors and collect the money and attention. I’ll be advertising my stuff as best as I can. I’m thinking about doing videos for bitchut and using my podcast in that fashion. Hmm. I might can do videos reviewing stories on Amazon vella. I have to think this stuff out.

Still. It works I endure the ads but I’m happy to have it. I write a lot and I’ve finished up to 13 episodes in total and I still have more ideas of where to take it and more notes to add on.

In summary, for the moment I may not make much from the site but the story is good and worth the effort I’m putting into it and I am challenging myself in producing my art on time and less mistakes. I don’t know how it will be but I’m still interested.

Warm regards


I’m busy busy right now…so much to do. (Writing and publishing)

I’m publishing an ebook on Monday. Still have finish the edits and formating and such to get it were I want it. I still need a bookcover and I’m trying to decide on other issues.

The kindle print and ebook version will take time to do and I’ll have to arrange everything. But I’m publishing the novelette on the blog.

What do I have planned for November’s Kiss?

I’m still working on book two of La Rue. I want to finish it next month and or start a new book as a challenge but I’ll be focused on La Rue book 2 getting done this year.

I’m happy with my results writing wise this year. A lot of short stories written and finished. I’m also happy with the story I’ll be publishing next month.

Warm Regards,


P. S.

I’m reading Robert Frost poetry again a loud and is heavenly.

Writing weird shit 5? Holy shit balls…

That was some fun shit. Hope you enjoyed it. I might start act 2 tomorrow but there’s always next year. Wild ride.

I really enjoyed this shit. It was a first for me in formating and concept. Making two stories at the same time and yet fiting them together in parts.

Now….wasn’t Jill a more fun and interesting heroine female character.

That big headed alien from star wars wishes she could have been Jill.

Warm Regards,


I’m nibbling on stories by Philip K. Dick my thoughts…soul brother.

There is an exploration of weirdness and random stories that test the bounds ordinary and just plain odd and I like it.

I’m the same way. I have weird ideas and story themes going on in my head that I just have to explore sometimes even if it’s just going nowhere. I to try to see.

The short stories are just that. Short head trip stories with the feel of someone writing just see where the story will go or an idea.

It’s light reading but fun and interesting…..

Man though. He would have been a favorite blogger of mean if he was around now.

Warm Regards,


Finding a plot to move the story….

I started out this year with a novel to finish and blog to grow. I got stagnant on the novel front because I had written the beginning and written the end but the middle part needed something to tie it all together. I didn’t know what so I had to leave it alone.

I’ve been hung up for a couple of months with bullshit and such and really putting in the work on blog and the novel has fallen to the side.

Massive success in the blog. I really went over the numbers and it’s doing good. Not where I want it to be end game wise but I’ll get there.

In any event, yesterday I finally thought of the key piece or string I needed to tie the whole book together. One person. One action. One event. Connect it together.

I just hadn’t thought of really exploring that person and the action being that important. I will have to put more emphasis on the person and lead the book along through the person.

I say person alot because I’m going to publish this book eventually and I don’t like spoilers for books.

Maybe reading the Luminaries made me finally see it how I really needed to think about the plot step by step.

Damn. I might have to change the title to something else. Hmm. It won’t be to much of a change but it has to be done.

I started the book with one charecter being the plot really and the main focus but when I had put in enough pages and really thought about the story I realized nope. The protagonist was someone else. All the plot and interest was focus around that one person. Now I have to do some back end and front in work to really emphasize that point.

Warm Regards,


An Ode to Mr. Rodgers.

Some men fight battles for sake of winning fame and fortune. Some men fight battles forsake of providing joy and love in a media of mind control and madness.

Mr. Rodgers was a warrior in the face of beast that is Television.

Born of struggles of modern times. Born a man. Born to do battle with harsh realities of this life in kindness, in humbleness and willness to offer a change in a space of so much nonesense and political messages to warp young minds with darkness and no confidence.

I have to many thoughts and not enough articulations to brave the wider scope of such a man.

The legacy he left behind is a treasure for all time embedded in my heart and mind. So true the earnest heart and true spirit. I am in part the way I am in thanks to you.

To the defender of The Good, The Beautiful and The True. Though you rest in peacefull slumber. Truth has embraced you and welcomed you home. You live. You live still on in this world of madness among us in our memories and actions.

Warm Regards


A quick writer’s note…If your asking yourself where is this going or where can it go? You got something.

Real talk. This is not a golden bar on writing tip. It’s an observation. Again I find it true at least for whenever I’m writing something I find interesting or just okay how is he going to react to this problem in his way.

You have to write it out to find out. The question of what happens next can’t be answered by thinking about it. You have to write it out and discover it. Don’t get me wrong once a charecter is established that charecter can only react in a certain way.

Change happens to charecter but only as a means of adjusting to new environment or growth.

Warm Regards


Are you feeling inspired yet? What inspires me most times is a question.

The question really is just the spark to get my brain a jump start to writing or finding a conversation topic.

All my interverts know where I’m coming from.

But, staying on the topic of inspiration.  Yes, it usually starts with a question. What would happen if I took Max who is smart and self conscious about having a one arm and flat chest and meets James who is a great admirer of her ass and legs.

Wait a minute…


Final straw…

I turned around and caught James staring at my giant ass. I put my hand on my hip. James smiled up at me unapologetic.

“Have you been listening to a word I said. If we’re going to buy this house we need to get a contractor in here to get fixed for your wheel chair.”

“Did you have to wear that dress today? I told you I get think about any thing when your ass is in my face and your wearing a mini skirt outside.”

I pulled down dress though I knew he was just fucking with me. The dress was long enough to cover my ass and still be short enough to be fun. I wanted to wear it for as long as I could. I was six weeks pregnant with our first and one week married. I casted a glance at my cousin Harry was busy ignoring us looking at video on his phone until we were ready to decide on the house.

I saw down on James lap. I nearly jumped off his lap but relaxed hugged his neck. James put a hand to my stomach and one hand up my dress.

“Honey. I really need you to pretend your interested in this shit.” I said.

“I’ll be good baby. But make it quick I want to get you home for some play time. I fine with whatever house is your fancy.” He said.

Damn him. He kept making believe that he was in love with me and not just putting on the happy new husband we had planned.


Yeah. I get question and the story or something to write about us comes to me. I’m just bullshiting. The thing is if you’ve read a lot and write alot the shit just writes itself after ten plus years of doing the shit. The question is just a spark to a match.

Warm Regards


Let’s brainstorm…okay star wars is dead. Let’s take Highlander, Thundercats, roin warriors and Covid vaccine…here we go.

This is going to be a weird one.


The quickening

December 25, 2020

God Empeor George

I listened to the reports that my advicers were giving me on the progress of the invasion of earth. It sounded like everything was going easily according to plan. The U.S.A was headed to a down turn with the puppet leader Biden being put in place and the eastern countries were all fucking with each other to notice our people coming into their lands. Countries would fall, mortals would die and the empire would gain new slaves to advance our great ambitions.

All was shaping up but for one thing. One big event that took place.

Change. Nothing ruined a well organized plan like it. The fools in power didn’t see it but it was happening.

My advicers were down playing it to me to play kiss ass. But, I was fucking awake.

“Are you sure you can get eighty percent of earths population to take it before the change takes place in Gen Y and Z?”

They were quiet. My eyes were on a digital display of earths populated areas. The silence lasted to damn long. It let me know they didn’t know shit for sure so they were going to bullshit me.

“Emperor the projections are in place and the science is with us. Negating that fact the vaccines are only the means of the first strike to stop anymore proceeding quickening.”

Damnnation and back. The quickenings were happening already. Holy shit. Damn it. They failed to mentioned that before now. It had been a mistake to reasure me. I had to get my War lords to earth to hunt down the ones that were changing into roins. Last time I acted to slow I had to wipe out a whole fucking race of warrior cat humans.

I couldn’t afford to that shit again. The empire needed slaves, warriors and concubines.

I nodded. “Send Arrow and his brothers to North America to over see vaccinations for next year. They should-” I paused as I watched a communications station blimp out. It could have been a power outtage but I knew that was bullshit. That station was well guarded and protected.

I brought up a sky image of a few minutes ago in earth time of the location. Five black armed soldiers invaded the compound and with less then an hour escaped but not before setting the building on fire.

Hmm. “The blue states are under control it’s time we stomped Texas and Florida into submission.”

“We’ll do Emperor.”

I started at the area on the digital screen the power station went out. Waco, Texas.

I don’t know? It might shape up to be a good story but then again not much here but a question. What the fuck is going on?

Warm Regards