The future for writers regarding AI generated written books….

The topic is interesting and yet rather silly from my point of view. This post inspiration comes from Author level Up podcast….

It’s interesting time for writers with advent of AI generated books and the sense of some writers feeling this the end of one era and the beginning of another.

I’m left however feeling like….what the fuck is the worry here? I hear the arguments and concerns and such but again AI is just another form of competition if that.

I’ve read and heard some of the written works of AI and I’m left with a feeling of…okay. It sounds like a generated voice in a sea of the same old shit, shat out by hundreds of authors in a sea of books and bullshit.

What is a writer?

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A writer is an artist. There is no fucking way of getting away around it. Written books of pieces of art and collective voices of generations of voices moving through time. Readers don’t just buy, collect and read books for pure information or entertain entirely.

Voice, personality and ego all feed into why some books stand the test of time and others nobody can give two shots about. Beauty and flow of artistic experience and word Smith craft go into engraving into the minds of humans and color the imagination.

AI isn’t the future.. Is is the present tool of the age. Just like the word processor was the beginning age for modern writers. The computer killed the common use of the type writer. It didn’t kill the need to craft a story worth people giving a damn to read.

“Writers write.” – Throw momma from the train.

I love that movie. But, I didn’t come to understand the other half of sentence until many years and books later. Writers write because the urge to craft words into art never goes away.

AI generated books won’t be the death nail for writers because writers would have to stop writing for it to happen. By that time painters would have to give a damn about AI generated drawings.

On a side note. Now I don’t have to worry about hiring a narrator to narate my stories. AI narration is sounded pretty good. But, still you never know. I might get the Urge to narrate my own shit.

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A review of Atticus writing and formatting application

What is it?

A writing and formatting programing mainly used to format books onto many platforms for publication from paperback to digital books you can get off of Amazon or on your iPad. You can get it on PC, Apple computers. Whatever your flavor.

Why use it?

It’s an affordable option for publishers, both big time and Indie class at price range of $147 dollars you have a wide breath of options on what computer you use it on because you main works are saved onto the cloud service and you can back up your work on your own computer.

How does it run?

I’ve tested the computer out for a few days sense I got it last week. My first impressions wasn’t good. There is a learning curve to operating it but if your patient and dig into the program there is a lot to use for a seasoned writer/publisher. I did buy this program for the option of being able to edit and write on it using my Android phone. The experience so far with using it on my phone is subpar if that. I would suggest simple using it on your computer. It’s just not at the moment optimized for Android. I don’t know about about Iphones or apple computers so I can’t give my opinion how Atticus works on those platforms so I will save my judgement on that.

The formatting option for eBooks has exceeded my expectations. It’s definitely a time and money saver for eBook production and formatting options. It’s worth it for this alone.


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The price $147

The formatting options.

Built in writing scheduling word count for long and short projects

Speed run timer for writing sprints.


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It isn’t properly formatted for Android. The app sucks.

There is a learning curve. Requires patience.

In closing……

Would I recommend Atticus?

Yes. Absolutely. It is well worth the bargain price and the many usefull functions it provides for completing projects at a timely rate and getting work done on time.

Warm Regards



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Fuck the public school system. Fuck all that bullshit about being a professor at some higher learning government funded institution. If you want to get serious money and you know a skill or trade take that shit to the internet and own your shit my dude. This is the Twenty-first century my dude. Being a poor public school teacher is bullshit. It ain’t necessary and it ain’t righteous or good it’s banana balls horse shit.

How do you start? First comes the Marketing vehicles. Otherwise known as social media/word of mouth.

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Tik Tok

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Right now in the year of our Beta Bitch Biden as we speak the government is trying to take the biggest bag away from we the fucking people of the un-united people as a means for teachers and dumbasses to market their skills of teaching Spanish to the Gringos and get paid on the back end with private course and selling merchandise on the back end. Why? Because the fuckers are greedy mother fuckers that want American’s to go to government backed social media shit instead. Will they succeed? I don’t know. I hope not but right now you need to get on the app and take advantage of the timing.


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You know what time it is my dude. Instagram ain’t nothing but a means of people’s attention toward you and then directing those people to your website and off shoot teaching sites to run up the bag. The secret to all social media is. BE INTERESTING, ENTERTAINING and you have em show you fucking tits off with low cut wet T-shirt.

How do you charge customers/students?


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The website is simple a tool to use as hosting your own school. You are the business. You are the school.


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You can launch your teaching from this one site and branch right into your website later. It’s a marketing machine. The key is this. Be entertaining and then point your students to your paid instruction shit online and off-line.

Workshops/meet ups/conferences/main events

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Once you’ve gotten your students knowing who you are and charging them for your instruction take it off-line. Give people a real world experience, create a fucking environment for growth and atmosphere that your here to get people learning and advancing it what you teach.


repeat, repeat, repeat and get paid my dude.

Why do it?

To own your shit entirely and not have to be poor fifty years from now on government assistance that ain’t going exist after Beta Biden rises from his crept to takes into goble nuclear dumbass war.

Warm Regards


The Pursuit of the BAG! (Money, Money, Money)

What the fuck is the bag and why the fuck do I need to pursue it? Welcome to earth sense you’ve arrived on earth let me give you the game. You’re either the fucking boss or your fucking trading your fucking time in exchange for a check, money or I.E. the money bag.

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No matter what the fuck anybody tells you. It’s all about getting the bag. Mother fuck’ ah it’s all about the bag. People will fool you. They tell you some bullshit about race, politics or any other social Big Mac issues of the day it’s all about putting yourself in the position to go after the bag.

Why pursue the bag?

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Freedom. Do you know what the fuck that is really? It isn’t just the right to say what you want to say or do what you want to do. It’s the ability to leverage your skills, knowledge and position yourself to not give a fuck if the fucking government takes all your money out the fucking government and leaves you with empty bag and a street to sleep on.

The pursuit of the bag is the pursuit of the freedom to not be beholden to the system that change up the value of money on you and make the money in your bank account less the shit that a politician’s promise of wealth equality for the poor and rich.

Fuck that shit. Get that shit. Own that shit. Rule that shit.

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POWER! Look my dude. You can settle for the shit the government gives you, society gives you or whatever bullshit your born into. The solution is simple for me. I’m in the pursuit of the bag because in the pursuit for my freedom and power. I’m a mother fucking western man born in the West, raised in the West and I have natural distrust of the government or the fucking FED. Fuck um.

Nobody is coming to save my black ass. There ain’t no fucking super heros my dude. You want someone to look out for your interests look in the fucking mirror and align yourself with people that move like you do. Anybody that says otherwise. So fuck um. I’m getting that shit. I’m going to fucking win in this fucking game called life. Fuck anybody that gets in my way. Please get in my way so I run you the fuck over while I get to the position I want to be in. I ain’t apologizing for nothing. That’s the attitude I have lastly. It’s the pursuit of the bag. It’s the pursuit to win in the game of LIFE.

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Winning. It’s about winning my dude.

Hey I ain’t guarantied shit. I might not get to level 200k in experiences points but by the end of this shit I ain’t going to be level 2. I already advanced past that shit when I was twenty-eight. Mother Fucker I survived COVID MASK WARS. The governmental psyops. Make moves to get to the top. Don’t wait for somebody to come help you out. Fuck that shit. Get your balls up and help your own damn self.

I’m going to pursue the bag. I’m going to win.

Warm Regards


The Creeping Gamma

The inspiration….and Redbone as follows….

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Like I’m going to take the opinion of a person that NEVER answered my point and then kept going on a mutual circle jerk with a person that ran like a craven fucking coward the moment she tried coming at me

Which is my last point. You are nothing more than an idiotic faux intellectual Fucktard bully that thought he’d found an easy target in MGTOW that got massively butthurt and STOPPED when he found out that wasn’t the case

Take your projections shove them up your ass. YOU chose to post what you posted so deal with the consequences little boy

My response….

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It’s too late. It’s now 20-22 but….

The Gamma can’t stop whinning about


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He’s all up in his feelings and

It’s so wrong.

He wakes every up day be-moaning

being a Man.

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If you want to…


If you want to…


If you want to

Shame me and call me a little boy. Then here is my advice…..

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Stay fucked! Up the ass!

Creeping Gamma.

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Go fuck yourself!


Stay fucked. STAY FUCKED!! Up the ass!

Creeping Gamma. Go Fuck yourself.

Warm regards


P. S.

I’m dropping my poetry album later this year. I damn near pissed myself laughing at his enraged reply to a comment I made one fucking year ago. The dude has red pill blog were he complains about females and other shit.

Updates…conflict, wars and writing schedule

First the writing….

Alrighty…Long story short. I’m working on finishing Blue Technomancer and it’s going to take me more then a minute before I can get on to thinking about where I want the blog to go. I’m up to 24 episodes and I’m a long way from being done. The story spans several years and I’m testing my limits with new techniques. I’m having to fun of time to stop writing on it. When I finish it might be 50+ episodes.

On to conflict….

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The West is in an unofficial war with Russia that is set to have major changing with world economy and more importantly food.

1#My source 2# Shit storm 3# imports hit the wall…..

And I have eyes on the raising gas and food prices. The kicker will come when people no longer are concerned about the big screen Oled TV but finding food or growing it at their apartment.

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It is what it is…..The West (Clown World) is fucking with Russia because the reasons justify the people at the bottom suffering.. Everybody at the bottom are in for conflict. Right now it’s tight. It will get worse and people will have go through real survival in the west….again.

My thoughts….I am a man and a survivor so the times don’t move me like it did five years ago. Let alone during 2020.

I don’t say all this to be a beta bitch trying to scare you. I say….. Act with intelligence and be courageous because there is no other option.

There really isn’t no other option in my mind. All I have to do is look back at the play book of people that did it in the past and my own and take notes and take action.

That said I started out this year with with several goals. One of those goals is to make more money…..

I have already succeeded in that goal twice over. The challenge now is fast can I get to 12 grand a week? I’m not there yet but I know there is a cheat code I’m missing that will work for me.

Warm regards


An example of what sucessessful looks like and what a fucking around looks like…..

This story is complete bullshit. But, the meaning is real talk.

So I’m hanging with my friend Eddie at the coffee shop talking about the boners pills he was thinking of getting.

“Your getting vigara pills. You look so young.”

Holy shit. I turn to see Lisa, a 5’5 shorty the waiter looking at my friend trying not to laugh. I noticed he didn’t have a tray with my coffee.

“Get the fuck to the back and get me my damn coffee with wallnut creamer.”

Lisa rolled her eyes at me but went to the back to get my shit. I turned to Eddie. “Mother fucker your old ass needs to be about your purpose. You 37 bro, damn near 40. We talked about this bro. What’s your goal?”

Eddie was staring at Lisa’s retreating backside and looked at me. “Dogg. You hitten that up?”

My right hand was itching to slap the piss out of him. “Fuck her. What’s the goal?”

Eddie sighed. “To get my readership up on my blog and gain more clients on Fiverr. I know but It’s hard writing everyday and I’m not making anything on Fiverr. It’s not going anywhere. What’s wrong with me trying out some boner pills with my old lady?”

I stared at him. “I told you it would be hard the first year. You got to push past that feelings shit and grind your way to the top. Your an excellent writer. Your funny and can write about a lot of topics. It ain’t about the boner pills your trying to give up on the game.”

Eddie glared at me. “It ain’t no game. I got bills to pay and the shit ain’t paying fast enough for me. It’s a great hobby but-“

“Oh your a blogger.” Lisa said in a condescending nice tone.

Eddie smiled like a fool looking for pussy. “I sure do baby girl. I write about world news and do poetry.”

Lisa gave him a pretty smile she gave everyone. “Ah. Your a poet. That’s so cute. How much does poetry make nowadays?”

Eddie blushed and looked down. “Well I don’t just write poetry. I do work as a manager at a company.”

Lisa nodded. “I see. Well writing is a great little hobby.”

Holy shit. No this bitch didn’t.

“A. Get your ass back to the counter or the back of the store. Either way see your ass out of men conversation.”

Lisa made a face. “I wasn’t being mean I’m just being nice to your friend.”

“Your being a condescending nosy asshole. I told you before not get in men business. Now see your way out of it before you get yourself into some real shit.” I said turning her to the counter and slapping her ass to get her on the way.

She started moving giving a side glare before hurrying away I turned away from her to Eddie who was gawking at me.

“Fuck what she said. You can make serious money writing and you got the talent but you got to grind my dude. You ain’t getting any younger.”

“Holy shit. How the fuck are you smashing that young little thing?”

“Get your mind on the game and off the box. I told you, fuck the hoes and fuck your feelings. It’s about being on your purpose my dude. You always wanted to be a professional writer. It’s your dream. This is the time. You got to work more to achieve your goal.”

Eddie stared at me. “Are you smashing her?”

I stared at him. “I don’t answer stupid questions. She’s number three on my list. My purpose is number one. She can easily be bumped off the list entirely because I ain’t got time for boner pills or feelings or the bullshit. I’m getting the bag. What about you?”

Eddie looked at me and sighed. “Damn it. I got to find clients on fiverr and write more posts today.”

Warm regards


Real talk. Stop simping. There is a 5’5 shorty out there that wants you to fuck her. You need to find this chicka

Man I’m an old fuck. I don’t understand this simping shit. Women don’t want to be worshipped they want to be fucked by a dude with big dick energy.

Real talk. Okay so your bad at the dating shit. Practice my dude or dude try this. Notice the chicka that looks at you for long moments when you talk and smiles at you and tries her best not to be a bitch but she is encouraging and is comfortable being close. If you take her by the hand and lead her to a place to sit down. Fuck do I need to go on.

My advice. Don’t get in her way my dude. She’s trying to figure out if you have a nice bed or a steady table to put her on.

I’m dead ass…

Serious. My dude. You don’t have to try hard or dress in a suit. She wants you. You just need to pay fucking attention.

This chicka wants you to fuck her. She wants to bare your fucking kids. I’ve had this shit happened to me in public around my chosen preference 5’5 shorties.

I love me a shorty. The first shorty I smiled down at froze a moment and then blinked up at me and then blushed.  I had on a T-shirt and blue jeans and run over sneakers. Fuck I don’t think Obama was in office.

Real talk. Don’t worship. Find a chicka that wants you to fuck her and please don’t say some dumbass line to get in her way. Laughter excites them. Bullshit little dick simp energy puts them off.

Warm, Regards


The art of the mystery in fiction and otherwise (writing craft) A lesson from Sherlock Holmes

I have weird periods now where I can go months without reading anything new but one series of books and stories.

Sherlock Holmes.

I’m not even that much a mystery buff but the style of stories and the way the mystery for each tale is laid out aways pulls back to reading SH adventures.

I just like the way the mystery is laid out. You the reader are presented the tale and put on the road to discovering what the answer to the mystery at a great pace nothing is given away until the last possible moment.

Side note: I hate mysteries or stories where you feel no give a damn about because the mystery is just filler for the charecter.

I find myself thinking about this a lot now that I’m writing my own set of mystery tales that are charecter driven.

You (the writer) create a charecter the fiction world presents him a problem and the world raises the takes for him making it personal for him to discover or uncover what the hell is going on. You (the reader) him (the character) are on a journey of discovery and adventure.

I find myself as the writer having a cloudy vision for what the hell is going to happen when the focus is on character. That’s a problem for me though I know the ending.

The beginning is a sun raise and the ending is a sun set but the shit that happens in the middle always frustrates me. You don’t know what will happen in the middle to connect it all. It is the challenge of mystery or writing fiction for me.

Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

I feel most lively in that creative process of the middle of the rocky road heading to the end.

Warm, Regards


Someone told me I can’t afford something…my response is challenge accepted

Listen, if life is easy for you and you were raised with wealth and got the hot ass shorty easily ignore my post your doing fine.

Life is conflict for me. There always is something standing in the way of what I want or some person or bullshit brain washing about who I am and what I’m supposed to be or like. I have to fight against the shit every day in the country of my birth.

Fuck, my own fucking thoughts and self doubts can be against me at times. I still have to fight on for one purpose.

Fuck the bullshit I got shit I got to get done.

That’s it. I got shit I got to get done. If you want to do something and your shit at it from the jump then you need to work at it until you reach a capable level or give the shit up because it wasn’t important enough to fight to be better at doing.

My one ambition sense I was twelve was to reach a level of mastery that the words I put to pen and paper or doc file and font size convey my seriousness to the craft of writing.

That spirit lives on in my life in other roads of conflict I travel on now. When something means to you how hard are you willing to fight to claim it, to keep it, to master it, to earn it and to hold it?

I ask myself though before I get into the ring of conflict and accept the possibility of failure and defeat and the bullshit aftermath of self doubt demons haunting me in my sleep and waking hours.

Do you give a damn?

If the answer is anything but challenge accepted then I know it ain’t worth the bullshit. I can walk away gladly because it’s one less conflict I can add to the series of battles I’m currently in. I can forgo the bullshit if it means nothing to me but if is the former then my feet are already leading me into the field of blood and battle. Win or lose I wouldn’t have any other way. Because I will fight until the bloody fucking end for someone or something that means everything to me.

I never grew from the few times in my life when everything was at peace. I grew when I got my first kick to the face. I grew when I had to go to the hospital and see my dying mother even when I didn’t want to. I grew in my years of isolation and days of despair as I had to push my mind out of the fog of darkness around my mind.

Conflict. It is the air I breath and water I swim.

I embrace that because I know what it’s like to try to run from it. You can’t avoid it if is on the other side of the door of conflict means everything to you.

You’ll know. When you give a damn.

Warm, Regards