The return R. Downey Jr.’s weird as fuck Sherlock Holmes…why?

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There’s talk and buzz in the air for more of Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes becoming a Television series.

Because reasons?

I watched the first shit. I found it entertaining for a moment and annoying from my memory of the interpretation.

I remember Jeremy Brett with found love and Senior affection. I can go back to that shit and find humor and real humanity in the character of Sherlock with a twisting cartoon mix.

I find it more interesting trying to think the logistics for how Robert Downey Jr came up with that weird Eng-ish London shit accent.

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Why does Sherlock Holmes have to be a crazy asshole in movies and TV shows.

I was thinking about this bullshit at work in a passing time of a brain fart. Why in the fuck does Sherlock Holmes have to be an asshole?

He’s strange and interesting in the books. He’s sharp, smart and a man of the times I. E. A modern gentleman and not a 21 century beta bitch.

I remember watching movies/tv pre-Sherlock and other bullshit adaptations.

I was down with Sherlock 2000s TV British mystery movie show until the fucking ending and then afterward it left a bad taste in my mouth when I thought and re-watched better Sherlock Holmes show with Jeremy Brett and even a the cartoon show of him in the 22nd century shit.

No asshole Sherlock Holmes present. Pure brilliance and masculine vibe. What the fuck happened to Sherlock Holmes of the books and the black and white good movies.

Fucking hell. Don’t even get me started on the movies Robert Downey Jr. Yeah. That shit happened? Is all I can say.

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For Sherlock Holmes it’s a problem to solve. For me it’s a question to ponder.

Been reading the Sign of Four lately. I don’t know why but I have yet to finish it. I just love reading it and then I move on to other stories in the Sherlock Holmes library.

I’m thinking still of getting a leather back collection of the stories.

Anyway, it’s the matter of when Sherlock is shooting up and The doc has had enough of the shit and he gets Sherlock hocked on answering a question that leads into the thing that most motivates and feeds that beast or element of who he is….

A problem. A strange case or mysterious puzzle that involves a series of pieces all moving and not at all obvious to him the direction they all fit together in. His mind is engaged on finding the solution to the puzzle.

I can understand that deeply. I’m not as smart or talented as the fiction character or his author but I find myself coming alive or engaged by the question. A strangely interesting question that can range from…

What would it be like to a villian that realized he betrayed the one being that loved him? What if you the villian, couldn’t change yourself? What if you wanted justice for people your wronged by engineering your own demise?

Hold up



I realized when Kate smiled and said she forgave me for selling her secrets to her enemy for more land for the pack I realized she hated me. She would never forgive me.

To late. I realized. I had just fucked myself over with the one person that mattered to me. I couldn’t let this stand. I knew I would only get worse. I couldn’t stop myself now. I had sold her secret for more then land. I had sold her secret for power.

I had to get her justice. It was time for me to die. I smiled at her. “I’ll make it up to you. Don’t worry. I’ll give you justice.”

Kate froze and heard it in my voice but then blinked and smiled pretending or thinking I wasn’t serious. “You did this for the pack. I understand.” She said the lie though it sounded like the truth it was bullshit and it only increased my resolve.

I glanced at my Betas. “Kate. I need you to step out a bit. I need a word with my Lieutenants.”

There was a longer pause. They were shocked by the name and it’s meaning. I had to careful. I smiled. “I’ve been listening to the elders and they think it’s time we upgraded to modern titles for betas.” I lied smoothly mixing in truth and misdirection.

Kate nodded but she wasn’t smiling now. She watched me as she left the room. I waited until I couldn’t smell her close enough in the den to hear me.

I turned to Luke my eldest Beta. “This time next year on my birthday. Your taking over in the old fashioned way. Be ready before then or I’ll select your second.”

Luke stared at me and nodded. “I’ll be ready don’t go making it easy or they’ll not accept it.”

I smiled. “Oh they’ll accept it. I’m going to make you into the fucking second coming hero on a white horse. Don’t fuck my Kate though.”

Luke rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry about that. I got you.”

I looked at the other four betas. “This is our secret. I can’t let this go on. There will be no redemption for me justice must be done. Do you stand with me?”

They all collectively gave me the fuck you sign. I smiled. “That’s what’s I’m talking about.


it’s about the question. It fuels something in me even in my blue or dark moments it kicks me out of it to think, to reason or to write.

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The strange case of  Benedict Cumberbatch’s good Sherlock Holmes

I’m not talking about the show Sherlock. I’m talking about him reading Sherlock holmes shit.

It was my day off and I was in the mood for Sherlock Holmes. The Stories are always a fall back for me into getting into a chill moment and need to enjoy reading and words.

My current favorite audiobook version is…

Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Sherlock Holmes’ Rediscovered Railway Stories: Four Original Short Stories

The shit is just jaring and a treat for the ears and imagination hearing the dude not only read the shit but take you into the story with ease and emotion.

Jeremy Brett is my favorite actor to play Sherlock but Cumberbatch has that reading the stories is a treat feel. I wonder some times if he wasn’t more suited to read the stories or what a classic Holmes character reenactment.

For the audiobook alone he is a supremely gifted actor of this era. The voice. The style. The big dick energy all that in one.

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The art of the mystery in fiction and otherwise (writing craft) A lesson from Sherlock Holmes

I have weird periods now where I can go months without reading anything new but one series of books and stories.

Sherlock Holmes.

I’m not even that much a mystery buff but the style of stories and the way the mystery for each tale is laid out aways pulls back to reading SH adventures.

I just like the way the mystery is laid out. You the reader are presented the tale and put on the road to discovering what the answer to the mystery at a great pace nothing is given away until the last possible moment.

Side note: I hate mysteries or stories where you feel no give a damn about because the mystery is just filler for the charecter.

I find myself thinking about this a lot now that I’m writing my own set of mystery tales that are charecter driven.

You (the writer) create a charecter the fiction world presents him a problem and the world raises the takes for him making it personal for him to discover or uncover what the hell is going on. You (the reader) him (the character) are on a journey of discovery and adventure.

I find myself as the writer having a cloudy vision for what the hell is going to happen when the focus is on character. That’s a problem for me though I know the ending.

The beginning is a sun raise and the ending is a sun set but the shit that happens in the middle always frustrates me. You don’t know what will happen in the middle to connect it all. It is the challenge of mystery or writing fiction for me.

Hot damn! What a time to be alive.

I feel most lively in that creative process of the middle of the rocky road heading to the end.

Warm, Regards


On Writing: Sherlock the show sucks because Jeremy Brett did it better


Lover’s of the written word and my fellow writers.

Okay. Why am I writing the hit Britain Television drama show. I was a fan and watched every single season and seeing Mary die crushed me and then ending left me a drift in helpless in a small boat out on the sea of shock and mild disappointment. I still gave it’s due. I was surprising and shocker but left me more then a little depressed.

I watched reviews on YouTube and got the high and lows mixture of be moans and flat out rage at the entire series. Still, my love for the characters and the stories was alive but I wanted to revisit the series in it’s previous versions and written form for several months now and I have to say….

Sherlock 2000s is the poor man’s flea mart knockoff version of Sherlock Holmes.

Okay! The interpretation of Sherlock by Benedict Cumberbatch great actor his interpretation of Sherlock was a weird comic book over the top version of Sherlock’s intellectual side with a mixture of insanity and modern psycho emotional idiot and he makes to many guesses. 

Martian Freeman’s Dr. Watson fared no better. Again another great actor but the character again is turned over the top into a thrill seeking junkie and a complete dunderhead that happens to be a man that went to medical school. 

I would rename the Sherlock series: The Mirror world of Sherlock’s Holmes insane passage into crazy town.

Examples of good Sherlock Holmes in film and Television: The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes staring Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke

The entire run of the series is pure gold in acting, representation of the original characters and above all else realistic and without the trappings of insanity and drug induced dark fantasy drama/comedy.

Examples in good Sherlock Holmes in literature:  The original Sherlock Holmes complete novels and stories. The best by far.

Holmes and Watson a study in black. A modern tale with a interesting twist that is believable and readable. Though not as good as the original again.

I leave it for you to decide. Weigh the original material against Sherlock 2000s or even against Sherlock Holmes of the 22nd Century. You be the judge. I think Sherlock 2000s will not last the passage of time well.

Best regards,

L. M. Parker

Systems of learning: Reverse Engineering Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a fun interesting character for a lot of reasons but as of late the most interesting reason that is often over looked is the fact he is modern age man who owns and operates a trade/job he invented for himself as his ego and talents.

Granted, we’re talking about a fictional character but the man from 221b is not alone in the business class of job creation in this current era in time.

So do you Reverse Engineer Sherlock Holmes. Simple. You start from the beginning. What is he at his core or what was he in his childhood. By nature he was a curious child. A very curious intelligent child that wanted to know the why.


Why does this person behave this way?

Why do people do things they should not do?

Why does a person commit Murder? And, then when those questions are answered the mind turns to another matter. Now, knowing why a person would commit murder how do you find who that person did the murder. More data is needed. The University is the logical conclusion to find out those answers and means of putting forth a system for measuring the scope of reasons, motives and story behind crimes.

University comes to an end. What follows is society puts the demands on Holmes to find employment. Holmes already has the demands met with a part time hobby he started in his late school years that drive and feed his hunger to know why. Holmes deducts that if he has a need to know answer a mystery and the means to find out the answer there might be clients with the same need to find out their own mysteries answers but not the same ready spark skill as himself.

Managing his side hobby of giving advice for a fee through word of mouth and free advice he earns his bread and feeds his drive to know why and to have his mind feed on problems and mysteries.

The conclusion: The curios cat who hunted for rats in the barn was feed for doing what he naturally does well.

L. M. Parker