Brainstorming: She-hulk, Heavy Metal and long kiss goodnight pt 1


The Sensational She-Cyberpunk

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I stood outside the authority court house meeting room waiting to get a word from Dallas on whether or not the judges would allow the new evidence to be presented for our case before the day was done. I wish I could be in the meeting room with Dallas. He was nervous though I knew he could handle it. This was a big case for him. I was only happy I could-“

A loud crackle of lightning broke through the sky outside. I looked up through the window ceiling above in time to see flashes of lightning clash together. The rain started immediately and a storm raged outside.

A flash of lightning connected again and I saw two men exchange blows before the taller one knocked the other down. The man fell fast. I screamed ducking away as the man came crashing through the ceiling. Glass flew everywhere cutting into my back and cheek as the body came down to land in the center of the hallway.

I turned looking down at him. I blinked in shock at the battered bloody male body. He was young, dark hair, dark chocolate skin coded with the language of his people dressed in the fashion common to any age or youth generation of the city Newark. I knew who he was instantly. I had worked hard to avoid him and being noticed by his brethern.

I heard the sound of laughter shake the city and the elements I could only sense converging to lay claim to this realm.

I went over to him quickly gathering him in my arms and wiping away the blood and glasses on his body and face. I slapped his coded face lightly. “Wake up, you damn elemental. You can’t die out on me. Wake the hell up. Damn it.” I said and kept slapping his face now.

Nothing worked. His body was going paler by the seconds. The city shook with the monsters laughter as the Heavy Metal Dragon Cyberpunk slowly faded out of existence.

There was nothing I could do. I wasn’t what he had become. I hadn’t been good enough. He couldn’t die. I couldn’t afford for him to die.

“You can’t die. Please. I need you alive. You can’t die. Please. I need you alive. Damn it Cyberpunk LIVE!” I screamed at him and punched his chest.

A flash of light exploded between us bathing the hallway in light and fire for an instant.

Cyberpunk opened his eyes and stared at me and then he came to his feet and blinking at me in surprise. “Thanks, little Cousin. Sorry, about the change. You look great though. Later.” He said and then leaped up out of the hole in the ceiling.

I stared up wiping my face on my jacket. I felt Dallas behind me. “Did the judge accept the evidence?” I asked him not wanting him to see me. I was changed. I had no idea into what though with my luck.

“Ah. No. It’s too late. They’re sentencing him to life. So you ever plan on telling me your were a dragon/alien like Cyberpunk? Are you going to look at me?”

I sighed and turned to look at him. Dallas stared at me. I frowned at him as I rose from the floor. I noticed the change by how I stood a head taller then his 6’2 height.

I felt different. I felt…sexy, strong, powerful and by the look on Dallas’s perfect face he thought so too. I smiled at him as I shook off my jacket and brushed off the glass from my blond hair, shirt and brushed off my pants. “Don’t worry about it. We’ll get em next time. I can give you a back massage to cheer you up?”

Dallas nodded “Sounds good. Let’s go.” He said taking my hand and leading me away.

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I giggled and followed him.

Warm Regards


The Creeping Gamma

The inspiration….and Redbone as follows….

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Like I’m going to take the opinion of a person that NEVER answered my point and then kept going on a mutual circle jerk with a person that ran like a craven fucking coward the moment she tried coming at me

Which is my last point. You are nothing more than an idiotic faux intellectual Fucktard bully that thought he’d found an easy target in MGTOW that got massively butthurt and STOPPED when he found out that wasn’t the case

Take your projections shove them up your ass. YOU chose to post what you posted so deal with the consequences little boy

My response….

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It’s too late. It’s now 20-22 but….

The Gamma can’t stop whinning about


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He’s all up in his feelings and

It’s so wrong.

He wakes every up day be-moaning

being a Man.

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If you want to…


If you want to…


If you want to

Shame me and call me a little boy. Then here is my advice…..

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Stay fucked! Up the ass!

Creeping Gamma.

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Go fuck yourself!


Stay fucked. STAY FUCKED!! Up the ass!

Creeping Gamma. Go Fuck yourself.

Warm regards


P. S.

I’m dropping my poetry album later this year. I damn near pissed myself laughing at his enraged reply to a comment I made one fucking year ago. The dude has red pill blog were he complains about females and other shit.

The Return of the raging MGTOW….

audio of return of the raging MGTOW

I’m bit tired and restless of late so here’s something funny. The orgin of this piece.

Long story short. A fucking year a go I got into it with a MGTOW disciple over a blog post I wrote in regards to the dude having a shit fit about me being critical about MGTOW in general.

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Once again, I was just being a little critical of his religion (MGTOW) and fucking with him a little about it. He took the shit too fucking seriously.

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Anway, to my Shock and horror the dude comes back a year later and is still but-hurt over the shit. He was fucking whinning again that me and another blogger were critical about his position on MGTOW a fucking year a go. In the fucking comments section. It’s both funny as hell and fucking depressing.

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Holy shit. My dude. I had one fucking hope my dude that he had dropped the bullshit and stopped the crying and whinning about men having to contend in a world that’s against us and trying to fucking take us out.

Newsflash: Tough times make strong man. Soft times make weak soft ass beta bitch gammas.

Holy shit.

It’s the fucking mindset of some of the MGTOW Acolytes. Self-pity, cry baby, blackpill, banging hockers bullshit.

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To each man, live your life. No shade from me but holy fucking shit. Later for all that fucking angry whinning bullshit mindset.

I have more respect for the MGTOW pursuit of the bag chasers then the fucking whinning female hating, hocker bangers.

Warm Regards


Guardiandog’s Mapping out your story (MOYS) podcast 1 creative juices?!….

Episode One

This one is a bit short but…..

It gets into the flow and ideas behind just getting started in writing. I use as examples my latest writing Blue Technomancer as an example of the importance on always have a notebook or phone handy for inspiration and being open to the fact you always have to rewrite but everything begins with just starting out.

Warm regards


La Rue family crest and legacy….

The Elder’s invitation….

We don’t believe or follow the modern ways of things. We are La Rue. We have our own way. It is the duty of a La Rue to carry on the Legacy, heritage and traditions of our tribe. You will be required to add on to our legend and advance the legacy of our story to the next generation to come. Once you set about this course there is no turning back. Welcome to the tribe..

Warm regards


Simp song of the day…My whole has changed by G

The lyrics

My whole life has changed
Since you came in
I knew back then
You were that special one
I’m so in love, so deep in love
You made my life complete
You are so sweet
No one competes
Glad you came into my life
You blind me with your love
With you I am in sight

You never realize something is weird as fuck or dumb as fuck to hear until you aren’t in the category of it.

Girl, you opened me
I’m wide open
And I’m doing things, I never do
But I feel so good, I feel so good
Why’d it take so long me finding you
This is my story
And I’m telling you
It’s not fiction
It’s truely a fact
Without you right here having my back
I really don’t know just where I’d be

You opened me?! What the fuck does that mean?

Warm regards


Four swords of Katie Holmes Chapter 11 Joe

Rage and vengeance.

I tasted it on my tongue as I stared at Heart’s kind face as he slept in a booth at the bar. He smiled knowing he was safe and among his people and safety. The refined water had done a trick of putting Heart at peace to sleep finally. But, he would have to keep taking it to free his mind from the spell that was in his body and clouded his mind.

Two of the Deltas had left and only Vince remained. He sat quietly sitting with Diamond in the booth. Diamond was slupped over the table as he tried to drink himself under the table. Ace was talking with Zadok at the bar making plans about finding a doctor or holyman to help Heart get through the shit. Ace didn’t drink anything and went straight into action once Heart fell asleep.. Telling Elder Delta to connect the proper authorities and begin the procedures. His lady never left his side or said much. Stacy only spoke when Ace asked her opinion issues he wasn’t sure about legally. All I could think about was not being there the night it happened.

To save Heart from being mind fucked. To save Momma from those bastards touching her. They fucked with my family for money and power. The shadows. That’s what Momma called them. That’s what elder Delta said the assassins were. It was all cap. Fake ass pretend boggy men that didn’t have the balls to come at men in the light like men. I just needed a name. I had to play it smart and the fuckers couldn’t see me coming until I rolled up their asses or fuck with my mind with their magic crap.

I looked at Nina. She sat next to me staring at nothing crying silently. I picked up a napkin and wiped her face. She jumped but relaxed when she saw it was me. She took the napkin and blushed at my direct stare looking away.

“Thank you my Lord.” She said too sweetly.

I had a mind to make her mean but not now. I needed information. I turned to Vince who was busy watching Diamond and frowning in thought.

“What kind are you?”

Vince turned to while Diamond’s head was down. He frowned. “I’m sorry. Could you please expound upon your question a little so I’ll know the full context.”

I frowned at his speech and manners. I wondered if that too was a mask. “We were all froze up when that witch was talking you were able to move inspite of him using magic. You said his magic couldn’t work on you. Why is that?”

Vince smiled and shrugged his broad shoulders. “It’s a host of reasons, Lord Holmes. My family is mixed with a uniquely tallented bevy of people. But, it also has to do with my training as a counselor of magical law and critical thinking and logic courses I studied in school. So you noticed I was the only one besides yourself not under the witch’s spell?”

Vince was smooth and tipped his drink to his lips watching me. I glanced at Diamond. His head was down and eyes closed. I could hear him dozing a little. I looked over at the bar to see him busy. I turned back to Vince to see him watching me closely.

I nodded my head. “Yeah. I couldn’t do much good in my position. You learned how to fight witches like that in school?”

Vince again shrugged. “Yeah and I’ve had special trainning from private tutors sense I came of age. If your interested in magical martial law you should think about going to school for it. I’m willing to help tutor you in what I know and help give you tips in taking the entrance exams.”

I blinked caught off guard by the offer. I hadn’t thought at all of going to college and I hadn’t had an idea of what I wanted to do. But, seeing how he handled the witch got me interested but for other reasons. “Yeah. I am interested. I would be honored if you could teach me some things. But, what was that shit with the wand? Why couldn’t Diamond touch it?”

Vince sat back sitting his beer down. “Magic words, spells are dangerous enough if your mind hasn’t been trained well in advance against submitting to it’s influence but I have also trained my body and will against it’s effects as well when handling their weapons. Touching their crap can also pull you into a deeper connection to be influenced and controlled. There’s a lot of trainning that goes into what I do. But, it all comes down to your mind. Not everyone is cut out for it. But, if your interest and mind are strong. I’m happy to start a spark to your knowledge.”

I nodded. “If Diamond had let that bitch leave here would you have hunted him down and killed him?”

Vince smiled slowly. “The gentleman that Diamond executed violated the region King’s law and as an officer and Lord in magical law I took an oath as did my brother and grandfather to terminate anyone that uses magic to influence people into illegal contracts or murder. Using magic too control or violate people is an amoral violation. That’s why it’s illegal.. I have performed the duty once before within the realm of the magical law. As I told the gentleman. I would see him later. I meant it.” He said calmly. “So are you still interested in me tutoring you for the entrance exams for the fall season coming up? It’s very fulfilling career as a magical lawyer.”

“Yeah. I am.”

Warm regards


Let’s take the notion there is a NWO of countries seriously…

Alright. Quick recap….

“It is a critical time because we fight for this New World, we fight for this New World Order. We are protecting not only Ukraine but all the other countries.”Kira Rudik, Member of Parliament, Ukraine

Why is Ukraine so important to the New World Order? Let’s put aside the one opinion that the NWO is fighting for democracy in Ukraine.

You can go to hellmouth news and get the same programmed thought there.

I’m looking at this as a realist. There are two forces at play. The New World Order and the nations outside the control of the NWO.

Why are the NWO governments willing to possibly start WW3 to save Ukraine indirectly?

I keep saying save indirectly because the NWO is dancing around it but for years never formally made Ukraine apart of the NWO formally because that would have been a threat against Russia having an enemy that close to her borders and started WW3.

This situation was always going to happen because position wise and political wise Ukraine is a fucking bitch storm waiting to happen and nobody did dick all to stop it.

Why though

Possible answers

1. NWO needs Ukraine government to remain intact. It must not be overthrown or that would be a threat against the control and power of the NWO over the Ukrainian government and a symbol that the NWO was coming to an end.

2. NWO countries have a deep love and respect and need to see the government of Ukraine not fall. So their willing to risk goble dumbass nukular war. Ukraine matters to the hearts and minds of the world.

3. Anything on hellmouth news.

4. We are in a simulation.

Okay…where’s the bullshit?

There is one certainty don’t allow yourself to be fooled by hellmouth news or the word on the street….

Joe Biden is fucked.

Warm regards


The trials of Chase Morgan Chapter 11


I saw Eddie chilling on the side sitting down on a load stand talking to a shorty new hire. It was the second time today.

“Eddie. Come on man, haul ass. We got twent minutes until the end of the shift. You got a pack of Marlboros on me my guy if you can finish that trailer up on time.”

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Eddie got his ass up quick at the mention of Marlboros and ducked in to a trailer and started hauling ass knocking down packages on the extendo.

I walked down the row of trailer doors. Seeing people working hard to get it done. I checked my watch.

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5:38 p.m.

Shit the time was creeping up I still had to check outside to see if some new trailers came in while I was inside. I hurried back down the alley as Kate came up to me looking stressed. I started walking away to exit out to the yard she followed me.

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“Papi. We don’t have anymore Ncs coming in right. My section is blown up to much from the last half hour. My people need a break.”

“No. Audi wants us to just run overhead. I got to go check the yard.”

“What’s your deal, Papi? I was just playing around?”

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I gave her a look. Kate turned and ran away. It was the smartest thing she’s done in two days sense she started her bullshit game between me and Chad. I knew she was on some bullshit.

I walked to the back exit and looked outside to see four new trailers on the fucking pad. I hurried outside to them and opened one up. It was full. Shit.

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“I know. That was my expression.”

I turned to watch my two favorite yard dogs Guy and Tee come over with their reflective safety vests on.

“We already checked them my guy. Two sams club. One Mitch hardwares. One Walmart.” Guy said.

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“Where you want em?” Tee asked.

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“I’ll tell you in a bit. You guys are doing great today. I got you for lunch tomorrow. What you want?”

“Red Lobster.” Tee said.

“Red Lobster.” Guy said

I frowned at him. “Really?! Alright.”

They grinned at me.

“We’re just fucking with you.” Guy said.

“McDonald’s my guy.” Tee said.

I flipped them off as I walked toward the door inside. “I got you.”

I headed inside to see two doors were empty. I pushed my radio.

“Yard dogs, come back.”

“Roof. Roof. Yeah go.” Guy said.

I smiled. “I need two trailers pulled on 12 and 13. Then put a Walmart up on 12 and put the Sam’s on 13..” I paused to checked my time.

5:50 p.m.

Damn. I was short on time. I wasn’t going to finish them up on time. But they had to go up. “You copy.”

“Got you, my guy.” Guy said.

“Chase, comeback.” Audi said to me on the radio.

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Shit. “Yeah go.””

“Your sixty-eight in total and raising. What’s the down time?”

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68,000 packages in total and rising holy shit. I ran over to my computer and damn…it was 70,000 now.

“Chase. Come back ” Audi said.

“How’s load section?” I asked.

“Blown up all way down. They’re full up and we’re low on belly trailers. What’s the down time?” Audi said.

“Alright. Shut it down.” I said.

“Shutting it down. Congrats on breaking 60 but you’ll still need work on keeping up the speed of your crew the first two hours was slow.”

“Got you. I’m coming to control. Show me the numbers then on rate of unload.”

“Copy that.” Audi said.

Hot damn. I turned to walk to the control room. Managers from around the building came up and high-fived me. I saw Eddie catch my eye holding out his arms.

I held up a pack I had gotten it just in case for him and threw it to him. He caught it and held up his fist at me I did the same. What a day.

Warm regards


Figuring it out as I go along…

This month I’m in the red and I’ve been the most productive I’ve ever been in my writing pursuits and hoping to push forward several projects all at once and I know…I’ll get it done.

This month was several failures and odd moments of success. What did I learn?

I learned that I can get a lot of projects going and finished if I plan a head for having less time and energy. Getting up early helps for me but going to bed early is good to. I wasn’t producing enough writing and content until this month.

I need to write and produce more content from now on if I want reach my overall goal for the next ten years.

Next month….

I’m testing out the kindle vella program. It’s interesting. In a way it will be like what I’m doing on the blog but more limiting and a learning curve. I like the challenge.

I’ll be rolling out two projects next month to see how they fare on the platform. One experimental, the other vanilla fiction. Though this may change depending on what the people like.

I’m figuring it out as I go. I don’t have a manual to success. I just know yesterday’s successes won’t work today..

So I have to try challenge myself. I can’t get comfortable. I have a growing urge to build something of value to others. I’m not there yet but I’m still interested so I’ll keep going and adjust to changes.

Again. Thank you for coming with me this far. If you haven’t had a good laugh or smile from the blog. Wait a bit. I’ll get you sooner or later with a banger.

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Warm regards