Updates…conflict, wars and writing schedule

First the writing….

Alrighty…Long story short. I’m working on finishing Blue Technomancer and it’s going to take me more then a minute before I can get on to thinking about where I want the blog to go. I’m up to 24 episodes and I’m a long way from being done. The story spans several years and I’m testing my limits with new techniques. I’m having to fun of time to stop writing on it. When I finish it might be 50+ episodes.

On to conflict….

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The West is in an unofficial war with Russia that is set to have major changing with world economy and more importantly food.

1#My source 2# Shit storm 3# imports hit the wall…..

And I have eyes on the raising gas and food prices. The kicker will come when people no longer are concerned about the big screen Oled TV but finding food or growing it at their apartment.

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It is what it is…..The West (Clown World) is fucking with Russia because the reasons justify the people at the bottom suffering.. Everybody at the bottom are in for conflict. Right now it’s tight. It will get worse and people will have go through real survival in the west….again.

My thoughts….I am a man and a survivor so the times don’t move me like it did five years ago. Let alone during 2020.

I don’t say all this to be a beta bitch trying to scare you. I say….. Act with intelligence and be courageous because there is no other option.

There really isn’t no other option in my mind. All I have to do is look back at the play book of people that did it in the past and my own and take notes and take action.

That said I started out this year with with several goals. One of those goals is to make more money…..

I have already succeeded in that goal twice over. The challenge now is fast can I get to 12 grand a week? I’m not there yet but I know there is a cheat code I’m missing that will work for me.

Warm regards


Where the fuck are the movies that pay tribute to masculine energy?

Fuck John Wick.

The first movie was good for what it was but damn sure wasn’t as over the top a theme of masculine energy movie as it could have been.

Then again the edge (1997) was a fucking masterpiece. Nothing short of The Big Country (1958) can match it.


These were serious movies. That didn’t play around or attempt to deny what being a fucking man was about. BIG dick energy.


Before the red pill philosophy came into being there was a notion of what a man is at his core. There still exists that notion. A man moves in a certain way. He can be loud and aggressively dominant in expressing his convictions or he can simply speak with a few words and be a man of action.

Both types are comfortable fighting for what matters to them. They embrace conflict on their terms.

The Big Country has a scene in it near the end when James (the main character) rides up into enemy territory to rescue a woman that is held hostage. She tries come out and tries to pretend she wants to be there because she doesn’t want James to get hurt or killed. She loves and respect James as a man.

James isn’t having it. He tells her he ain’t leaving without her. James is asked why does he care so much about the female . He was risking his life to rescue her putting his life on the line.

James doesn’t say anything. He just looks at the woman until she sees this man has laid claimed her. She is a woman has chosen to protect as his woman. Her reaction. Oh my God, he has chosen me.

She didn’t say flowery bullshit. He didn’t flowery bullshit. It was a fucking look. A look and vibe.

James goes to the gauntlet willing to battle the bitch that kidnapped his woman to the fucking death. James isn’t a white knight. James isn’t a beta bitch. It is the duty of a man to accept the consequences of your choices and embrace the conflict of life and the reality that fear and cowardice have no place in how a man moves. Men move with purpose and intentional in what they want to do.

In other words….


Warm regards


Is writing hard? I have a complicated answer.

The only way to know how strong you are is to keep testing your limits. – Jor El

The movie wasn’t Christopher Reed good but I think of that one scene and it just inspires me.

He comes out of the chamber of the space ship dressed in the symbol of hope. In his head are the words of his father with the challenge….

Test the limits of how strong you are and the limitations to that strength. He’s going to have a few missteps. He’s going to have a few falls. He’s going to have a second or a moment of doubt that he can break through to another level but the words of his father whisper in his head.

You are the son from the house of hope. He has to breath in the air. Clear his head. Take his stance and push off the ground and take flight to level up to 100.


I’m not naturally talented in any regard as a writer or anything in my life. I knew 30 plus years ago it was going to be hard. I wanted to give up plenty of times. But, I kept on pushing and hoping for one day I would push myself to that level where my feet would leave the ground. My focus would set and I could push on and not worry about falling because I dreamed of a time I would start flying….


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I’m pushing alot of writing out. I’m hoping to accomplish finishing a major book project and above all else. I’m taking taking flight to a major leveling up season. This the best time of my life.

If your afraid of testing your limits. If you don’t care about how strong you can be. I don’t know what to tell you.

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I live with this shit. I feel like I’m hammering a giant on moving rock all day but hot damn! What a time to alive. I see cracks in surface. I live for this shit.

Every damn day of the week. I don’t have enough time. So God help me I have to write more.

Warm regards


Last weeks game is over time to start over…..professional advice

I feel like starting over….

Over the last two to three years I’ve heard about some great reset going on in world. In my head, I don’t get it because every month or week I get a mindset to start over. To reset my thinking accordingly. It’s something that just happens to my mind like a switch. Change is consent because I exist in the present. So I move in a way.

I feel it when I cut my hair, shave my beard and look in mirror and know. I’m starting over. I’m letting stuff go and not thinking about going back. I’m pushing forward. I may have days I get dragged down or lose focus but the Callender has been reset. I’m changing how I move because I’m tired of the results I had or I see a difference in one change I made can make to my overall goals for day, the week, the year and ten years to proceed.

Being intentional and realistic. I write on the subjects a lot but they go hand and hand for me. This is a consent in my mind as I blog and I look at the results of my current output of content and the through-put goal.

That’s why it’s hard to think of blogging some times as a hobby. Hobbies are activities you do to enjoy and add color to your life.

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Blogging for me is setting goals, putting out content and thinking about whether or not I can meet my over all goal for day in progress to 2 million readers, a hundred percent entertaining and thoughtful. Every day counts, every post I put up has to be intentional to meet the goal.

I start at 0 every day. I have to get my numbers up everyday. What are the benefits of this mindset that blogging as in a way increased?

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I bring the same mindset to my day job. I start at 0. I have to bring my numbers up to a sufficient number to meet my overall goals for the week, month and year. Every day counts and my performance and ability to be come more efficient at what I do as a means to increase my success is what I care about..


I have to level up to a position that will meet a level of challenge and pay grade to warrent my time spent. There is a certain coldness to it but really

Work isn’t about being happy for me. I have moments I am entertained by what I do to eat. But, really I don’t define myself by my day job or care whether I am happy doing what I do. Did I get the job done? Did I achieve my goal?

This is what defines a professional I believe. Do you have a intentionally mindset and overall goal your aiming at? Certification. Degrees. Tradesmen training. These are only the tools to the means of achieving the goal at sufficient amount of time with positive impact on meeting your personal professional mastery.

In plain speech…..fuck your feeling my dude. Are you getting the bag? Are you about your business or are you all talk and bullshit? No one wants to be appreciated for being shit at something.

Warm regards


Figuring it out as I go along…

This month I’m in the red and I’ve been the most productive I’ve ever been in my writing pursuits and hoping to push forward several projects all at once and I know…I’ll get it done.

This month was several failures and odd moments of success. What did I learn?

I learned that I can get a lot of projects going and finished if I plan a head for having less time and energy. Getting up early helps for me but going to bed early is good to. I wasn’t producing enough writing and content until this month.

I need to write and produce more content from now on if I want reach my overall goal for the next ten years.

Next month….

I’m testing out the kindle vella program. It’s interesting. In a way it will be like what I’m doing on the blog but more limiting and a learning curve. I like the challenge.

I’ll be rolling out two projects next month to see how they fare on the platform. One experimental, the other vanilla fiction. Though this may change depending on what the people like.

I’m figuring it out as I go. I don’t have a manual to success. I just know yesterday’s successes won’t work today..

So I have to try challenge myself. I can’t get comfortable. I have a growing urge to build something of value to others. I’m not there yet but I’m still interested so I’ll keep going and adjust to changes.

Again. Thank you for coming with me this far. If you haven’t had a good laugh or smile from the blog. Wait a bit. I’ll get you sooner or later with a banger.

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Warm regards


The desire to compete, dominante and win vs self pity with a side Jack Daniel’s.

It comes down to these two versus match up. A lot of people like to point toward the phantom Mr. R. The racist. It’s all cap though.

What spot are you tired of sitting in? How much are you willing to compete to get to a better spot?

Some dudes try to cheat by robbing and stealing resources or lives all to what end? To live in the same spot either in your mind or physical realm.

Some dudes make excuses for why they don’t want to compete. To be the best. Well it’s just to hard. It’s to much work to put in.

Yeah. It is hard. Yeah. It takes more work and effort to compete at the top level and maintain your stride. The best don’t go crusie mode. They keep their foot steady on the gas because they haven’t got time for self pity. They push it consently toward excellence.

No gamer wants to be stuck on level one for 50 years. No avid chess player doesn’t dream of advancing in rank in skill and knowledge in the game.

Warm regards


Doc Savage said it first….The mindset of a man matters

What is the goal?

What is the aim we should strive for as men?

Is it not to be people who overcome. Is it not to be at the top of our game. Is it not to be tested and refined in the troubling waters of life.

To dominant. To push ourselves to be better versions of ourselves. To reach the highest peek of who we can be. To not sit in mediocrity. To improve this world. To further ourselves along. To do honor to our ancesters and strive for self mastery.

To be courageous is the aim. To fight and beat back against fear is the goal of men.

Hmm. Don’t be a beta bitch be a dominant bad ass mother fucker-ah. For sure. Ya heard me.

Warm regards


Competition. Dominace games. The need to assert yourself and be a dominant bad ass…

It’s the thing that separates the beta bitch from the dominant bad ass. The need to assert yourself as a man and dominant the game your engaged in by skill, work effort and force of will.

Why do men lose sleep from working and striving to be the best at their chosen vocation? Why do they put in 60 plus hours at something just to make a dollar more or a hundred dollars more.




There might some truth to it. But, I don’t think so anymore. Why?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. still want to fight?

Having done all he wanted and achieved the 💰, fame and respect it still isn’t enough. The need to compete, to dominate is still there.

It can’t be just greed alone. The will to win, to be respected to be at the top forms the way a man lives his life and shows in his attitude whether his head is in the game or the game is being played on him.

A man must be, he has to be a dominant bad ass for sure.

Warm regards


How to be comfortable looking like a dumbass when your learning something new.

I’m learning a new skill at my day job. There are certain risks in it and current moments I just feel like a dumbass for moments doing something wrong and then I shake it off.


I’ve spent two to three years learning new skills and feeling like a dumbass half of the time. I’m an old fuck but still I have the same uncomfortable moments when I’m learning something new.

Before, it was a headache and I got the shits half the time from self-esteem bullshit and fear. Now. I don’t give a fuck.

I learned that it’s okay to look like a dumbass learning and making mistakes in the beginning. It’s okay to be a little careful and to ease your way into getting into the groove of a skill.

My groove sets in when I’ve had a couple of months in the shit. I am a slow learner. But, generally when I learn something I take it to heart and I make it my own as natural to me as walking.

Humility goes a long way for other people being understanding toward you in the beginning. It also helps to give yourself a break and time to understand and master the elements of how a skill works in the sum of it’s parts to get the best results from it.

I give 110 percent commitment and honest effort in work and learning a skill. I don’t want to stay the same because everything I have ever started I was interested in I was shit at it from the jump. But, I never stayed being shit. I kept at it and I get better or I move on to something else.

Generally speaking in learning a particular skill set. Perfect practice is a rule I learned in college. There is practice doing things the wrong way and mastering the wrong way and there is perfect practice doing a skill set the right way and mastering doing things the right way.

I’m willing to look foolish, and make basic mistakes and be corrected and helped into doing things the right way. I’m unwilling not to put my best effort into becoming better or more skilled at what I do.

Warm Regards,


Advice and wisdom to think on about work or a profession in general…

I come at my own profession with the mindset that I’m going 💯 and ten percent into it. You won’t find me talking overally much or lazying around ever. I’m there to work.

I give it everything I’ve got. I’m a slow learner in some regards but I stick to it because I’m of the mindset. Everyday is a chance for me to improve. It’s a chance for me to gain more respect. It’s a chance to challenge myself. It’s chance to advance myself. It’s a chance to be the best me I can be and earn value and appreciation for what I do.

Listen nobody has ever given me a check. I earn my resources every work day on the grind. I don’t take vacations. I take breaks to get other shit done.

I take pride and some days complete joy in the work and profession I’m in. I wouldn’t want it any other way. But, the respect I’ve earned I don’t let any man step on it. The best impression I want to leave people is I don’t give anybody any shit. I show up early. I dress for work. I respect everybody and smile everyday and I work my ass off because one day I’ll be dead and gone.

Today is the only day I have. Tomorrow is not promised to me.

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going.” Ecclesiastes 9:10 (NKJV)

Warm Regards


When you get down to it life is about not being a bitch.

Real talk. I believe in the social sexual Hierarchy and all that shit but it really comes down to not being a bitch or stop being a beta bitch simp.

I have a lot movies I just rock with and I call my favorite but no movie has ever made me want to be a man or been more honored to be a man like “The Edge” 1990s movie.

Holy shit. I saw that shit in threaters with my mother to right my brother Red to my left.

My mother kept saying to me remember this. Hot damn! Did you hear that. That’s a damn man. Listen to him son. That’s a man talking.

I was seeing a man embrace conflict. Embracing the reality that a fucking bear was out to kill him and running isn’t going to work. You got to kill that bitch. You got take that shit on because that’s what being a man is about.

What one man can do another man can do.

You take your square and fight it out.

You can’t be a bitch in life. As a man you have to be dominant. You have to be a bad ass mother fucker. Because you got one shot. Pussying out ain’t going to give you shit but female laughter and shame.

If life hits you hard you got to hit back twice as hard.

I forgot that for part of life and lived like a bitch until I realized all it takes is a step. An action. An attitude. I ain’t giving up. I ain’t backing down. I ain’t ready to stop fighting. I didn’t hear no fucking bell. The round ain’t over until I’m dead.

Warm Regards