Black Rambos SSH lingo…Alpha or Beta bitch

Black Rambos have their own Socio-sexual Hierarchy or at least a simplified version.

Black Rambos are typical born in conflict and shaped in war. They by and large have to deal with a whole lot of shit that pushes you into being dominant in life and around others and confident in yourself because survival of your fucking mind and self esteem depend on it. Conflict is every fucking where unless your protecting from most of the shit like bitch or a beta.

You got to be the alpha in the black tribe if not of the family then at least of yourself and around other men. You don’t let a female or black power princess look down on you.

Betas are the opposite completely. They have delusions about life and simp on a dime to a black power princess. They get no pussy and they fucking go nowhere in life because no black Rambo was around to tell them.

“You don’t wait for someone to give you the car. You get your balls up, you get a job, you start a business, you figure out some way of assorting yourself because being a Black Rambo means your alpha dominant man in suit with a hot feminine chicka on the side and the car keys to BMW on the other side.” – from Black Rambo handbook.

That’s some real talk my dude. But, once again I ain’t a black Rambo. I’m a Highlander.

Warm Regards,


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