A study in feminine grace…the walk

I like people in general and females are fantastic in one area of study. The walk.

Long ago, on one night shift I used to attend. I walked into work many thoughts on my mind many worries and concerns. A female crossed my path hurrying to get to work.

I noticed her fragrance of roses and body wash masking but failing to do so her delious natural body scent and my mind centered on her. She walked in front of me in shorts and long dark chocolate creame hairless legs and rhythm to her step. Her hips swayed a little. Her step was hypnotic as was the sway and curves of her backside and form.

Her hands were at her side and curved a bit like she was posing as a model. It was pleasant reflection of her feminine character. I knew this young female. But, tonight I admired her feminine ways. Confidence, style, grace, form. She had it all and my un invited devotion for several seconds.

It was a reminder to me to enjoy life in it’s moments and beauty when it is in it’s prime of life.

Warm Regards,


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