Crept Keeper Biden…he just gives off that beta bitch feel

Now I’m going to be speaking on Black Rambo SSH lingo. I was raised one and until my first quickening at sixteen I would have remained one.

Crept Keeper Biden. I got to be honest. He just gives off that Beta bitch feel my dude. Sure he’s an old fucker with one last girl to sniff and then that bitch is done but still did he ever have the alpha flow. Hell no.

He never had a gangster lean and or an ounce of Alpha dominant confidence in his fucking life my dude. Now he’s an older fucker sitting in a chair while demon’s whisper in his ear.

No shine. No gusto. No flow. He used to have alpha speech flow. Now. He’s just an old fucker. Lord knows how long this fucker will live. If he isn’t dead already and we’re seeing a fucking zumbie puppet on a string.

Fucking hell.

People voted for this shit. Fucking boring. War and more taxes. Fucking boring. Same old shit.

I thank God I got more shit to be concerned about these days. Not enough conflict and pull with that dude.

Warm Regards,


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