Big Dick theories vol. 1 natural and gusto

It is a proven fact that puerto rican Cassinovas, Black Rambos and Lone Star shit kicking Cowboys have the biggest natural dicks in the world.


However, is there another means for ordinary mortal men to obtain big dick protential?

Yes. I believe there is. Gusto.

Gusto is not magic or a myth as some small dick assholes would have you believe. Big dick gusto is a natural evolution of getting shit done and taking the world on by the balls.

I’m being very serious. Please stop laughing.

Gusto is all natural no need for expensive surgery and hocker’s spells.

It comes from a formula of 20% confidence, 30% dominance and 50% shit kicking attitude.

The research study is still on going so I will get back to you with further studies.

Warm Regards,


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