An Ode to Lone Star Shit kicking Cowboys

Okay theirs white people and then theirs lone star shit kicking Cowboys.

I haven’t met natives from the wild west Arizona parts but I fucking heard stories of mother fuckers open carring with a Wyatt Earp gun belt on their hips and cowboy hat at a gangster lean to the right.

Holy shit!

I’m not talking in a Marketing Issue bullshit tone. I’m talking about some real shit my dude. Be proud of who you are and rock your shit. Own your shit.

Lone Star shit Kicking Cowboys are on that real shit. Big trucks, cowboy hats on any given day and shit kicking Cowboy boots to match.

Hot damn!

That’s some real shit. The only fault I would have against them is their all to damn nosy all the time.

Lone Star shit kickers are a friendly bunch and at times a little to nosy for my east city slicker ways. They keep it real warm and nice and all.

They fucking got a heritage out here and history of it’s own.

I like that. I rock with that. I appreciate that real shit my dude.

Warm Regards,



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