Just having thoughts on Dialectic thinking & Binary thinking

Definition of..

Dialectical thinking refers to the ability to view issues from multiple perspectives and to arrive at the most economical and reasonable reconciliation of seemingly contradictory information and postures. (Google page)

Example: Chill out chicka it was a prank. I recorded the whole set up for YouTube and explained the prank. I know it looks like a prank. That means it worked.

Definition of..

A binary opposition is a pair of related terms or concepts that are opposite in meaning. Binary opposition is the system of language and/or thought by which two theoretical opposites are strictly defined and set off against one another. (Wikipedia)

Example: That fucking bitch is cheating on me. I found the fucking panties in our car and a open condom wrapper. I don’t care if he said it was a prank for YouTube. That’s fucking bullshit cover story. He’s been acting shady all week.


I’ve just been having thoughts on these two lines of thinking. In relation to the Rittenhouse case. It really is a case of binary vs the dialectic thinking models.

People were told alot about Rittenhouse and his behavior and led to think and believe that he broke the law by transporting a firearm across state lines. He’s white. Did you hear me when I said he’s white. (The bullshit)

I was told the same shit. My only questions are. Yeah. 1. I was told that but can that be proven? 2. How do people even know for a fact he actually did carry a gun across state lines beyond someone telling you he did? 3. Why is he guilty because a mob started chasing him?

These questions are seen as signs of an attack by binary thinkers. Once something is held to be fact in their minds it can’t be changed by hearing a different perspective.

You see it may or may not be true that he carried a gun across state lines. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. Again. That’s not even the whole spectrum of the issues. I can only go by the evidence and logical dialectic arguments of the likely scenario of what happen. Not what makes the basic sense but what is logical baring my own feelings on the issue.

Binary thinkers can listen to the counter perspective but not hold any of that perspective to be true or possible. The line of thinking is these are the steps that lead me to believe the one possible fact. I can’t be wrong.

For myself I am not a pure dialectic thinker. I have moments when I act on the binary (this is it) line of thinking but then I question it later.

I know one thing to be true. I could be wrong. I could be mistaken. I could have seen it wrong.

Warm Regards


What does The Bible say about shacking up? Well. A man’s concubine doesn’t have any benefits. She can be put out any time.

I was thinking about this shit because I watched a video where this smart ass black power princess kept asking the question in a podcast near the end about what does the bible say about shacking up?

She doesn’t follow the bible. She believes it’s bullshit. It’s what I gather from her tone and attitude.

Now. I had an answer though. The basic answer is nothing. The no bullshit answer is concubines don’t have rights they are receivers of big dick energy and resources.

Shacking up is not a legal diffinitive relationship. It is a pretty way of saying a female that sleeps under the same roof of a man that is providing her money, sex and/or protection.

What kind of relationship is that though. A concubine or sex slave of a man. I am not awhere of any laws in the new testament for a concubine. But, there are old testament teachings and examples of how concubines are treated.

There are arguments coming.

You see. The Bible is outdated. It doesn’t say anything about what shaking up is today? You could consider it two people being married from a bible stand point, right?

Nope. A baby momma, a gold digger and etc is a legal concubine to a man. The American Empire has declared that the only way the concubine can get a benefits payment plan for her sexual services to him is for her to have his child.

You got to understand. She must provide him an heir for the legal system to acknowledge that she isn’t a worthless hoe or girlfriend. A Concubine can earn a benefits payment plan from her master and the government. The government being the second provider in the situation legally.

Of course being a wife a female has a more solid permanent payment plan with a highly valuable man. However, modern concubines for some reason have children by multipul masters that don’t have a pot to piss in, on average or are in jail or dead.

Other arguments. The man isn’t the bread winner. She makes more then him and they’re living in her apartment or house. You see your wrong.

Nope. She’s receiving sex from him and or protection by the fact he is under the same fucking roof. In some form or way she is a mistress or a traditional concubine.

The man is the prize for the concubine. Sense she isn’t worth marrying she decides to take a secondary legal status of concubine or modern term baby momma.

Warm Regards,


You remember that time Lincoln Federalized slavery for prisons?

It’s all in the details. First the text.

The constitution of the United States of America 1789. Amendment 13

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. (Google search page)

Let’s do some Eisegesis on the text.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. (Google search page)

Lincoln freed the slaves. You see. It’s right there in the text. No more masters and slaves neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall exist within the United States of America or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Republicans did it. Democrats were ALL slave owners but that shit ended.

The end. We as Americans over came evil religious slave owners.

Now let’s do some Exegesis on the text.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. (Google search page)

Why is there an exception? Who profits from the exception?

Comvicts in prison are slaves to the state?

It’s weird but do you realize that other countries just put their criminals in jail. They don’t have a federal constitutional Amendment to slavery being forced on people in jail.

You don’t have rights in a U.S prison. You are the property of the United States of America and even when you get out it’s still up to certain states on what rights and what jobs your allowed to have depending on the state a part of the United States Empire.

I have my own opinions but if you think about it slavery has always been a big business. Why not make that business profitable for the state and federal governments.

You be the judge. Am I reading into the text my own opinions or am I just looking at the exception in between the lines of text.

Warm Regards


The two reasonable options and the one religious option.

Holy shit. Real talk. I thought the four my little pony ridders of atheism had a goal of replacing theism with reason and logic? They thought the fall of religion  (Christianity) would be the fall of violence and irrational thinking???

You know world peace and all that bullshit.


When in fucking human history have human beings haven’t provided justification for doing fucked up shit. Do you need a relious reason for doing fucked up shit? Sure you can reason out of bullshit reasoning until a dude pulls a piece out and says..

“Okay. I admit it. I raped your daughter. So what? Take the check and tell that bitch to keep her mouth shut. If you don’t I’ll rape her and your wife and it won’t be shit for you to do about it. My Daddy is the fucking governor.”

You have three options. 1. Die for rational thinking. 2. Take the money. Pretend it didn’t happen and hope the Jackel leaves your family alone. 3. PUT THAT BITCH TO SLEEP!!

One of these options is the religous old school Christian option. Which one do you think it is?

Some might say option two. Not my option but okay. To each his own bullshit.

You might say there all reasonable. Nope. Reason is not stronger then emotion or passion or greed. A dude can justify being someone’s bitch with cold logic if he’s a word smith.

But, if your reason is based on right and wrong…well you know my thoughts.

I mean think about it. Cold logic reasonable best option would be option 2. You can’t win every fight and maybe taking the money would be more helpful for the daughter to get treatment.

Warm Regards


P. S

My option would be option 3+. I would do everything in my power to destroy what that bitch values the most. There is always an image or something a bitch like him values. When I would crush. His type doesn’t last long from the shock or humiliation. At the same time I would go after any side bitch of his that defends him. Weak punk ass bitches like him are purn to murdering themselves when they face the hammer of justice coming down on their heads. It wouldn’t be revenge. No. No. It would a religous quest to honor The Way.

A divine quest to put that bitch to sleep. But, again this is just me musing in written form. Though when I think about it how easy is it now adays to destroy a bitches image. All you need is a phone or they’re own words from a recorded conversation. Hmm.

Murder is wrong.

What does it in mean to be a free thinker? Who? Why? What? When? Where?

There is nothing that unnerves a enslaved minded person then for you to question why they think you should automatically agree with their hypothesis. Because they have glasses on and degrees on their wall.

Look. I’m not saying I’m a smart boy. I’m your average dumbass walking. I just like to question somethings or I’m generally interested in why I’m being told something with the assumption it is fact before I’ve been provided a reason to assume the assumption.

Example. I know addiction and multiplication work effectively in real life because I’ve had to use both in real world settings to figure out solutions in managing resources.

If a person tells you they’re a liar by saying they are or by telling you they agreed to lie publicly to something that cost the lives of millions of people. Should you trust that person when they tell you NOW they’re telling you the truth about Covid 19 and the effects of wearing masks?

I start out with the assumption all mankind are liars. Until, a person proves himself to be a truth teller or a fearless person not afraid to tell the truth. I can’t simple believe a person at face value because even in history books people bullshit about what happened in their perception of the events.

Why should I believe you?

What are you assuming about me?

When did you discover this knowledge?

Where is the proof behind what your saying?

Who the fuck are you to tell me what to believe and what is the truth?

Oh you don’t need to explain anything to me? You’re saying I don’t need to think about what your saying? Your saying I should trust you as the superior high Lord and King in this matter?

Go fuck yourself. I don’t believe what somebody tells me simple because they say it.

Warm Regards


I’ve been flying blind for a few days without my glasses…I have thoughts.

I wear glasses. So do most nerds and dumbass wizards with PHds’ in Persuasion and communication.

Though I’m a Bard by nature and practice. I try to find the comedy and weirdness to strange and uncomfortable times. Long boring story short. I broke my main pair of spectacles and my backup pair I lost on the roads to the fuck I know where.

I got two pair of glasses on the way the eye doctor had to order out a special made pair because my vision is well fucked. I’m a blind mother fucker but without a cane but for now and the past couple of days I’ve been well..flying blind. When I say blind. I mean things are clear two inches from my face and then I got to make my way through a blurry world of solid shapes.

The weirdness. It’s not that bad because I realized most days I don’t really see where I’m going. There’s just a pattern I follow.

You know the shit. We all have routines to work and from work and at home. You reach for a glass without looking to see if it’s there. You walk over shit your brain knows is there because it was there for the last two months. You deal with changes as best you can but for the most part the patterns of today will be the patterns of tomorrow.

It made me think about how much routine goes into a day that comes to one point you depend on the routine and your mind just adjusts to minor changes on the fly.

Even more weirdness. Changes happen. Things get in my way the fucking road is forever under construction but even all this just becomes a part of the pattern of adjustments and fixing my mind on the goals to achieve instead of not being able to fucking see, drive or recognize another person’s face.

It’s difficult and yet I can adjust. I’ve had moments when I had to all of my life adjust and dance through and past shit atound me to think about something else.

Warm Regards


P.S. I’ve been blogging from my phone two inches from my face my dude that requires dedication.

Song of the day…In your eyes by Peter Gabriel

I’m a romantic bullshit fan. There you go…well an 80s romantic bullshit fan.

I’m in a bit a low energy and lower mood right now but this song I don’t know. I don’t even think of Say Anything when I hear this music.

I think of the beach. I think of times when things again were less complicated and the moments when I was with the people that mattered the most to me and in their eyes that were filled with joy or laughter in that moment I was happy.

My childhood. My twenties. Best times I went days just living and no cares or expectations about tomorrow I only wanted to write and be with my family.

The song feels like walking on the beach enjoying a laugh with a friend. Just moments. Moments were breathing was easy and sunny days were endless.

Warm Regards


Magic systems and my prefered magic bullshit system (writing craft) and (book nerd shit)

Today, might be a sword and sorcery mixed with Gunsmoke day…

I’m coming to you square my dude and up front. I treat magic in my stories with careful care and avoidance of explaining shit to much. I draw my inspiration from what I’ve read. The strange and the masterpiece.

The Warded Man by Peter V Brett is the most weirdest horror movie like story about magic I’ve read. The themes about fear and magic words being imprinted on your skin and drawing power from the universe bullshit was to much. I couldn’t get past book one in the series.

The story is tragic as it is weird and creepy. The magic is alive in the world. Not my style but the action is nice and story draws you into the world.

The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson

This shit is my shit. Steampunk meets old western feel classic fantasy. The magic is as in evolution of the time and world and fits. The story and the charecters are the focus and the book stands on it’s own.

The magic is used in a practical sense to me and doesn’t take a main stage to the characters. This is my kind of magic bullshit though I’m a long way from profecting my own system the ideas I got from the story and world affirm a means of doing it my way.

My kind of magic bullshit in my stories:

I like the means of magic for the protagonist being a means to an end. To get shit done and put the shit away when you don’t need it. He doesn’t want to be ruled by magic or use magic to dominant others because it’s been done to him or he’s done it to other people and paid the price. Think sword and gunsmoke.

For the antagonist. He wants magic to be a means for him or her to control the world and people are them for their own motivations. It wouldn’t matter if it was for good or bad motives the antagonist can not live without magic or the power it gives them. Think magic words and wands.

Read the books their good reads.

Warm Regards


Politics is bullshit but now I can’t even look at Crept Keeper Biden without getting a weird feeling

I don’t know what the fuck it is. It isn’t like the feeling get of seeing a beta bitch bullshiting.

The fucker is declining into the grave my dude. People that somehow can’t see it are drinking cocain Lemonade and living in a fucking American dream paradise where everything is alright.

I can’t take the shit serious. It’s not blackpill bed wetting it’s like watching a fucking puppet show and parents are smiling at you thinking this shit is interesting to see at 49 plus years of age.

Holy shit!

Real talk. You need to remember this shit because the fucking show can’t go on forever. The overlords and their agents made us watch this shit. They made us endure this shit show. Maybe, if I was dumber and brain dead on porn and idleness or just comfortably in the shit I wouldn’t care or notice.

This shit isn’t comfortable watching an old evil fucker die slowly on tv. No. I would much rather write a post, a book or be in the conflict of modern age shit storms then endure watching or accepting bullshit when I see it.

Warm Regards


The fight for the West…

I was born in the west raised in the west educated in the west.

I know no other no other culture but this one that prides itself on concepts of freedom and indoor plumbing. But we do.

You always know a true western minded individual by these two tracts. How much freedom are they willing to give up for safety? How willing are they to live in city streets mired in human and bird shit.

In the current state of my native culture some are losing their ability to care to much. Their ancesters would have shot a man for pissing on his wife and put a fucker in jail for shiting on his lawn.

These are strange and ridiculous times we men of the west live in. Yet, when times get tough it has an effect on some people of unlocking that side of us that is not so willing to be comfortably any longer.

I’ve spent most of my life in comfortable poverty now I’m of a mind to spend the later half in a state of combat ready and conflict embracing. I’m looking for swords. I’m looking to earning more. I’m looking for land. I’m looking to buy a saber and a 1911.

We men of the west had it easy for a bit. Now it’s time to fight for the things handed down to us by our ancesters. Not the comforts entirely but the grit, the gusto and the balls to pave a fucking road to nowhere and build a fucking city out of a lonely wild wasteland or island mass.

Hot damn! What a time to alive.

These years will be stuff of herotic stories of how we men of the west fought back from our failures and stupidy and won back the inheritance given to us. Battles will be lost but the war is far from done.

We men of the west. We defenders of the good, the beautiful and true. We will win the fight for the west.

Warm Regards


This is the funniet year of my life…

I can’t help but laugh some times at the weird shit that’s happened in the last three months of this year.

It’s what? March. I’m keeping a count of this shit now.

Here’s a question. Is Crept Keeper Biden alive or a hologram?

Real talk. Well and a little bullshiting. The dude looks old as fuck and half in the grave. You rarely see the fucker but on prerecorded programed events we’ll find out maybe in 2055 if the fucker died last month but still it’s food for thought.

Imagine the poor fuckers that voted for his ass. Wait? Did anybody really vote for him?

Holy shit! Just imagining it now I’m starting to cry tears of pure joy at the surprised angry outrage they’ll have when the shit hits the fan in June. Sweet Jesus I can’t stop laughing.

Hot damn! What a time to alive.

The fucking ride doesn’t end.

Are you getting pissed off at me? Good. I’m laughing my balls off.

Are you laughing your tits or balls off. Good then I did my job.

Warm Regards