The strange case of Men who bragging about nothing #MGTOW bullshit

“Yeah! It’s 2021. I got no girlfriend, no wife and no kids. I’m living the life my dude. I ain’t a pussy.” – MGTOW dude.

Holy shit!

Hmm. How can I say this with care and gentleman’s concern?

What the fuck are you bragging about my dude?


Real talk. I have a natural dislike for hearing dudes bragging. It comes out of nowhere sometimes even with the most mondain shit conversation like the fucking weather. You can be talking about the weather recently and some dude will talk over you about the weather being really bad in his home state. Some times the dude will not even know he’s bragging about the fucking weather.

MGTOW bragging though is some deep seated bullshit of it’s own.

I understand the “feeling” in the shit. You don’t want to get your heart hurt again by some bitch that fucked with you ten years ago.

I’m not fucking kidding. Some dudes just can’t get over females not being angels. It fucking boils their blood to this day that females can be bitches. Some dudes are still mad about being victims of female bullshit and worse they hold victomhood as a badge of honor.

Holy mother fucking shit.

But, men throughout time have been or will be a victim of female bullshit. But, then you got to get over the shit. Fucking bragging about not having a family or a legazy of your own to pass on your life lessons to is bullshit. No. It’s less then bullshit. It’s rat shit. It’s little dick shit.

I get it but I don’t support it. I’ll listen to a dude brag about his fucking kids making six figures in their twenties or a dude telling me how he was homeless and working himself off the streets and made a name for himself in business. That’s something you can see and respect. Bragging about not having shit or no family is rat shit squared to the dumbass power my dude.

Warm Regards


3 thoughts on “The strange case of Men who bragging about nothing #MGTOW bullshit

  1. Wow That has got to be one of thickest, dumbest opinions I’ve seen on MGTOW

    The fact that you can’t grasp that a man can be a happy bachelor is your problem not mine

    Yes, I’m single, yes I make my own money I do what I want and go where I want and spend

    Don’t have to worry about
    Corrupt Family Courts ,False Accusations etc

    Yeah moron you bet your ass I’m going to brag about that and here I am doing it right to your face

    And if you’re so THICK that you think MGTOW is about sex then you’re not really deserving of respect

    Now if you don’t mind I think I’ll go brag a little and there’s not a fucking thing you can do to stop me


    • Ok let me but my two cents in here in you don’t mind. I believe that the majority of the group like for example Redpill Bill believes that mgtow is about having more money and more pussy his words as for the group post I just think they talk way to much about the problem and not enough about the alternatives. Now am not mgtow but my alternatives are the path of the lone warrior no sex just one man one road going out being a fighter.

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      • Red Pill definitely is about scoring
        MGTOW (once they’ve completed the Red Pill Rage) are Anti Gynocentric aka they’re not living for female validation
        This will often get mistaken or twisted around as it being no female contact or no sex. While some MGTOW will do that. The highly individualistic nature of MGTOW means each man seeks the solution that works for him and not what someone or something tells him it is.
        Also given the fact that MGTOW is now in the hundreds of thousands, has been more or less doubling in size every year since I’ve been around and the fact that the Red Pill Rage can take a months to get sorted out and this has led to A LOT (And I do mean a lot) of men venting at this time
        Best of luck in your own personal journey Leonardo I hope you find the life that you deserve


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