An Ode to common sense and common knowledge….

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No. NO.

It isn’t so common anymore. I thirst for it. I hunger for it. I find it not readily available any longer in every day conversations or in rhetorical play and argumentations infused in converstions.

True Dialectical dialogs are lost art. Few able to enter into or traverse the landscape of the deep seated truths old and common lingo of social ingrained knowledge of male roles within groups.

There are those that lead the group by right of being the faster ones to race to the top. They had carry themselves as so. They accept the responsibility of the roles. There are those that stand in second and center. They back the leadership by instinct and the nesssessity of the groups survival of the day or the need to get the project done on a timely manner. Bills have to be paid and time is a costly thing.

The fools. The fools of these modern times think to explain away the realities of the

social male hierarchy


Social sexual hierarchy.

To deny hierarchy is to deny the truth of leaders rising up with the archetypes fitting of strength excellence and masculine supremacy.

To deny the alpha is deny the Chad. Is to deny your Boss that fought to his position over the competition that was against him.

Oh my soul be moans such elementary false statements of supremely ill conceived notions of non existence of leadership within groups or group dynamics of hierarchy still existing today….

I am in a century of a confederation of dunces.

Now. In English……


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You bitch dumb mother fucker-ah.

Men built this fucking world, bitch. Mother fuck-ah in reality we still rule it because we take the risks and suffer the most to get shit done keep shit moving. Men in groups evolved within group hierarchies to achieve the brilliance and wonderful present modern age we enjoy now in the first fucking world. No. Fuck it. In even in the second world and every other shit hole men still run shit.


My source to you being a Gamma is your fucking behavior in how act in relation to the fucking words I’m spitting toward you bitch mother fucka. You come at me with your dick out, bitch I’m coming at you with my fucking samurai sword.

You want the smoke I’m done. I enjoy every minute of the conflict.

Don’t come at me with that this scientist said this and this disproves your hypothesis that your not attracted to shorties you really want to fuck your mother?!

Fuck your bought and paid for bullshit wizard scientists.

I ain’t a Alpha. You dumb mother fucka. I’m an American Highlander. I cew on Iron and I spit out bullets. If you need me to explain it further then your to short and fucked out of luck for me.

Warm Regards


The Creeping Gamma

The inspiration….and Redbone as follows….

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Like I’m going to take the opinion of a person that NEVER answered my point and then kept going on a mutual circle jerk with a person that ran like a craven fucking coward the moment she tried coming at me

Which is my last point. You are nothing more than an idiotic faux intellectual Fucktard bully that thought he’d found an easy target in MGTOW that got massively butthurt and STOPPED when he found out that wasn’t the case

Take your projections shove them up your ass. YOU chose to post what you posted so deal with the consequences little boy

My response….

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It’s too late. It’s now 20-22 but….

The Gamma can’t stop whinning about


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He’s all up in his feelings and

It’s so wrong.

He wakes every up day be-moaning

being a Man.

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If you want to…


If you want to…


If you want to

Shame me and call me a little boy. Then here is my advice…..

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Stay fucked! Up the ass!

Creeping Gamma.

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Go fuck yourself!


Stay fucked. STAY FUCKED!! Up the ass!

Creeping Gamma. Go Fuck yourself.

Warm regards


P. S.

I’m dropping my poetry album later this year. I damn near pissed myself laughing at his enraged reply to a comment I made one fucking year ago. The dude has red pill blog were he complains about females and other shit.

The Return of the raging MGTOW….

audio of return of the raging MGTOW

I’m bit tired and restless of late so here’s something funny. The orgin of this piece.

Long story short. A fucking year a go I got into it with a MGTOW disciple over a blog post I wrote in regards to the dude having a shit fit about me being critical about MGTOW in general.

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Once again, I was just being a little critical of his religion (MGTOW) and fucking with him a little about it. He took the shit too fucking seriously.

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Anway, to my Shock and horror the dude comes back a year later and is still but-hurt over the shit. He was fucking whinning again that me and another blogger were critical about his position on MGTOW a fucking year a go. In the fucking comments section. It’s both funny as hell and fucking depressing.

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Holy shit. My dude. I had one fucking hope my dude that he had dropped the bullshit and stopped the crying and whinning about men having to contend in a world that’s against us and trying to fucking take us out.

Newsflash: Tough times make strong man. Soft times make weak soft ass beta bitch gammas.

Holy shit.

It’s the fucking mindset of some of the MGTOW Acolytes. Self-pity, cry baby, blackpill, banging hockers bullshit.

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To each man, live your life. No shade from me but holy fucking shit. Later for all that fucking angry whinning bullshit mindset.

I have more respect for the MGTOW pursuit of the bag chasers then the fucking whinning female hating, hocker bangers.

Warm Regards


The strange case of Men who bragging about nothing #MGTOW bullshit

“Yeah! It’s 2021. I got no girlfriend, no wife and no kids. I’m living the life my dude. I ain’t a pussy.” – MGTOW dude.

Holy shit!

Hmm. How can I say this with care and gentleman’s concern?

What the fuck are you bragging about my dude?


Real talk. I have a natural dislike for hearing dudes bragging. It comes out of nowhere sometimes even with the most mondain shit conversation like the fucking weather. You can be talking about the weather recently and some dude will talk over you about the weather being really bad in his home state. Some times the dude will not even know he’s bragging about the fucking weather.

MGTOW bragging though is some deep seated bullshit of it’s own.

I understand the “feeling” in the shit. You don’t want to get your heart hurt again by some bitch that fucked with you ten years ago.

I’m not fucking kidding. Some dudes just can’t get over females not being angels. It fucking boils their blood to this day that females can be bitches. Some dudes are still mad about being victims of female bullshit and worse they hold victomhood as a badge of honor.

Holy mother fucking shit.

But, men throughout time have been or will be a victim of female bullshit. But, then you got to get over the shit. Fucking bragging about not having a family or a legazy of your own to pass on your life lessons to is bullshit. No. It’s less then bullshit. It’s rat shit. It’s little dick shit.

I get it but I don’t support it. I’ll listen to a dude brag about his fucking kids making six figures in their twenties or a dude telling me how he was homeless and working himself off the streets and made a name for himself in business. That’s something you can see and respect. Bragging about not having shit or no family is rat shit squared to the dumbass power my dude.

Warm Regards


What the hell is MGTOW? Part 2 the complaint and the whining

The complaint is valid. Governments have fucked with the private dynamics of male and female relationships. By getting in between private contracts and fucking with old age traditions they’ve fucked up birthing rates and some men’s notion of engaging in governmental marriage contract.

Men have suffered loss of not being allowed to see their legacies or hand down to them their traditions and moral codes in western cultural society. By the laws and un just judges. The current shit has led to men killing themselves over the shit females and the law put them through. Lesser men brake under such conditions when faced with lifes challenges.

Those are the facts now what’s the bullshit?

What is the solution to such an opportunity for a grand scale fight for the MGTOW male. His answer is to not have children, buy a big house and whore the females and much much worse whinning like a fucking bitch.

Holy shit. Holy mother fucking shit!

Of course we as males and men know that to cry like a bitch is a full sign to other males to laugh at you. So the sneaky assholes will just talk about the problem. Joke about the problem. Go on long rants about the problem that last for days and months. But, this is still bitch ass whinning.

So what are the cards staked against you my dude. Flip the fucking table over and square up my dude. Get your balls up and fight.

Okay you don’t want to fix this shit our fathers made. Okay you want to be a fucking whore. Admit it and shut the fuck up my dude because you just played yourself out of the fight.

You ain’t playing low. The fucking amish know what’s up and their still fucking birthing babies and keeping their females in check and their females volunteered for the shit.

Mother fucker stop whinning. Mother fucker stop crying. The bitch you chose fucked you over. Does that mean you can’t fight on? Does that mean shorty broke your fucking back now she wins.

Fuck that shit. We’re men. We age like fine wine my dude. To survive to old age is a miracle for us with how this life is out to fucking kill us when we’re young five years out the womb. We’re men. We fight on in the face of the fucking storm raging against a world that would crush our spirit. We aren’t to be crushed we are crushers in this shit.

That bitch that left you and took your money will be a lonely stank-ass fuck-ugly bitch at forty. Fuck her and the system that supports her. Forty for men in our prime is prime time to start making some bigger moves.

The conflict is a society and laws against me then bring the fight on bitch. I can out breed your ass and out last your asshole laws by my force of will and thrill to be in fight.

I don’t want to avoid conflict. I want embrace it like a shorty 5’5, light enough to lift and ready to claim as my wife on my fucking kitchen table. Bring me that shit.

Warm Regards,