You know being a writer/Bard is a funny career to have in a fahrenheit 451

You know the scary part about that book to this day is how likely it was. It wasn’t at all that fanciful to me at the time. In this the weird era we’re in now I still think of it as tame.

I see and feel the comedy of the times. Maybe, it’s because I’m an old fuck now but I really do find my sense of humor expanding and evolving. I have to think about how I can reach out to current generation and my own with the means of audio or comicbook art medias.

The value of the book made of letters is in the decline but on the plus side books are cheap.

How easy would it be to afford a real grand library.

Real talk. I met this dude in passing at work before he transferred out to a location closer to his home. He was a straight up black Rambo tattoos, street lingo and current rap music blasted in his mustang ride. A combo package. I mentioned in passing I had gotten my brother his favorite book.

The dude looks at me and asks if I like to read. I say yeah. He goes into how he’s got this big collection of books in his house and how he was working hard to get bigger house so he could have huge library at home.

Mother fucker had me jealous as fuck. I mention all this to say never judge a book by it’s cover and as a book lover now is the time to build the book library of your fucking dreams. I’m not walking the train tracks with a book in my head but I’m getting a few gems in my tiny little space to save from Amazon and well meaning dumbasses from burning them.

Warm Regards



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