An Ode to 80s Aviators…

My eyes hurt today. Lack of sleep and body hurts from yesterday’s work shift. It’s been a while but I got proper Aviators again so I slip off my glasses and put on the windows into that other side of myself…

It’s a strange thing. The shift in temperment I get into. I think of it now as my guardiandogg side.

It’s like putting on mirrors to another image or reverse side to my personality. I grew up in the 90s but I can never get over how much of the 80s is in my wilder self. To a sense of comedy and self mockery.

Or…some men have tattoos. I prefer a pair of large lense, reflecting mirrors, laid back and relexing Aviators. Feels good on a Saturday but always good on less then pleasant day.

Warm Regards



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