Office Space the perfect example of SSH

I watched that movie on a regular cycled mix on comedy central in the early 2000s. It was a weird movie to me and hocked me from the jump.

I think now it’s partly the reason men of my generation were so disenchanted about office space job life. Now a days I find it rare to meet a young person that doesn’t want to hustle or make a name himself or live a life of entrepreneur ownership.

Anyway, the character rank types in that film really hit home for me recently.

The story. You know the story. Come on my dude. Dude hates his corporate job gets some balls. He gets himself into trouble. Everything works out and he gets into a job he loves and has a hot girlfriend.

Main character Peter at the beginning of the film is a whinny bitch. He’s good at his job but hates his job but still works at it and whins and has a alpha bitch fiancĂ©e that has his balls in her purse. There is a hint of gamma, gamma mother fucking bitch around him at first.

He gets deprogramed from being a bitch and becomes a Sigma. He no longer gives a damn my dude about the bullshit job he hates or social scripts people demand he follow or is lead by the balls by anyone. He steps to a girl he likes and asks her out not giving a damn whether or not she says yes or no. He simple loses the fear of rejection and says fuck it.

Joanne is the top tier girlfriend.

Bill – alpha boss. – a bit of an asshole but has the lazy ease of leadership and command.

The Bobs – the Bravos

Samir – Mr. Delta.

Michael – Bravo with a bit of a beta bitch in the mix.

Milton – the omega. Hands down and to prove his credibility he burns down the fucking company that was fucking with him.

End of film Samir and Michael get corporate jobs again. They’re comfortable in that industry and they want to advance up SSH. Peter has a shit eating grin on his face because he’s a construction worker now and finally out of the bullshit and still getting pussy and where are the gammas? Those bitches quit before the beginning of the film my dude. But, I like to think they’re crying in bed of tears because the company burned down.


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