I’m back on the book writing horse…it’s been a while but it feels good.

It’s been a month and some frustrating hick ups with the Big C of 2020 but I’m back on the horse again to writing another book.

Last year was a real challenge for me and test of me producing and publishing some of my works. I maxed out on one good story last year and ran into wall trying to finish to many others. I lost my focus but learned from my struggles. This year I’m going slow. I’m finishing stories at a reasonable set pace.

I’ll be writing and finishing book 2 in a series until I find my way to connecting the beginning with the ending. I don’t know about you but the middle is always where I struggle to connect the shit together.

I write freehand to build up chapter notes I don’t number them just write put down content I can maybe use for the story or other stories in the universe of the series.

I’ve heard Stephen Kings thoughts on notebook writing. We are in a digital age and it is much faster to do it on a computer screen but Fuck em. I do what works for me and it’s what I grew up doing when I didn’t have a computer.

It looks like I’ll finish the story at least this month or in the next three. I’m hopeful and proud of my work so far.

I knew this year will be fruel for a lot of writing energy.

Warm Regards,


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