It’s cold as hell and my feet hurt all I want is winter to be over

I got nothing today but cold feet and money woes. Well, I got work. There’s that. I’m trying to think of something to blog about but I look at Biden and I’m bored. His face literally bores me.

There’s nothing there with Biden. You know where the story is going if you watch reruns of his fifty years in political grifting. His pimp game is dead now my dude. The only thing I find mild emusment in is suckers and Johns that generally still believing the pimps and stable of GOP hoes confidence game.

Stories and writing focus my mind for the moment. I’ve got stories I’m working on that are just random story lines I’m picking at and playing with just to warm my imagination well body runs cold to my current financial and seasonal situation.

Damn. Just damn. I’m waiting for something interesting to happen. Fuck it. Back to writing.

When is the she going to figure out what the fuck the beast enchanted her with.

I don’t have a name for story I just have problem or mystery.

Warm Regards,


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