Let’s brain storm…why would NWO U.S. support the dictator of Ukraine?

First off. Fuck the good guys and bad guys bullshit on hellmouth news and being spoken by pimp cocain democrats and GOP hoes. It’s all bullshit.

I don’t respect or listen to professional liars trying to mind fuck me into believing lies as reality. I don’t trust them to even tell me the fucking time of day without knowing their trying to fuck me in some way.

Possible reasons for U.S. leaders supporting the current dictatorship in Ukraine.

  1. NWO (U.S. leaders) have this bitch in their back pocket and control the country and the people. They decide what that country will be.
  2. NWO wish to fuck with Russia in some way and have a pocket of power near the border of Russia.
  3. Ukraine must not fall because it would be a threat to the complete dominance of the NWO hypnotic spell it has over the world and it’s gang of countries.
  4. The NWO need the war in Russia to continue on. Keep in mind the NWO is trying to avoid being the bad guy in starting a open war with Russia and throwing the fucking world into WW3. But, this is the age of dumbasses. So for some reason they believe another world war would be sexy.

In conclusion….

If your reading this in 2077


They used the Ukrainian situation as a means to quietly stop talking about covid and get rid of the mandates when nobody gave a damn because war is sexy. This is the age of dumbasses….

Warm regards



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