Ye’s apologies to his masters that have their feet on his neck…

I didn’t really give a damn at first. But, seeing a billion or rich man be whipped to submission and put back in his submissive place of wealth without power to his masters.

Ye is a slave. You may like Ye. I don’t give a fuck. He is a mother fucking billionaire slave my dude. This is the comedy of days gone to the fucking doggs.

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I got thoughts. Several thoughts. I learned something. No. I’m reminded of two things specifically I learned during the pandemic covid mask bullshit.

When you are a slave to your passions, your stuff and your ego, whatever you have a price your willing to pay and most importantly…

If you do believe in anything. I mean really believe in anything you are less inclined to sell your soul for fancy pants and a pair diamond laced sneakers.

I’m not saying don’t go after the bag or get your money or any of that bullshit. I’m asking you honestly do you want to be somebody’s bitch?

I get it. Some times you got to be depolomatic in life but the fucking dude got his ass handed to him for talking about Lord Voldermort??

Real talk. You can’t talk shit about em. You can’t say anything let alone speak the name that makes grown man piss themselves to sleep at night if it is whispered in their ear.

This shit is silly as fuck!

I can’t. I can’t handle this shit. This is reality?! Holy shit.

Mother fucka’s are having his paper and repetition fucked with because he was crying about the fucking the Lords and Lady’s of the fucking west owning his slave ass.

Now. I grew up around the Jewish community. You say jew I think someone who wear’s a black suit, pimp hat and wants to be left the fuck alone to be who they are talk Russian all damn day.

Ye and rest of the fucking world says jew. I think. Lord Voldermort. I grew up reading Harry Potter. The shit sound the fucking same.. The fuck?!

I think the world means the financial merchant technocrats. That’s obivous but no one gives a fuck about the sky being blue.. but all of it sounds like whinning to me from the lips of slaves with boots on their necks.

No. I don’t give a fuck he said some shit about the royalty that rule the fucking west. I don’t give a fuck and neither will anybody else when it’s two months from now if not two days.

It’s a lesson though. Do your own thing and don’t be beholden to anybody for how you get your bread or feed your damn kids.

I’m sorry. No. I’m not sorry. Ye got the shit test. People will say he kissed the ring because black people didn’t support him….

Bitch please.

If he wanted to be free he should have walked the fuck away and expected to lose it all so he could start over again. There are only two options 1. a boot on your neck or 2. bounce.

Ye will probably bounce back and get more wealth and fancy pants from all this. But, he’s still a slave. That’s just the way it is. Would I be any different though if I was given the choice?

I don’t know. I’m weird though. I don’t like the idea of being somebody’s bitch or people taking me for a sucka they can turn out. I would rather be left the fuck alone.

Conflict. It’s in the air we breathe and water we swim in. Personally, I prefer to vamp it and blow out sweet pain and free thinking.

Warm Regards


Spring time in a recession/political depression….#poetry

My allergies are kicking my ass.

The day to day journey’s from home to work and back again fill me with woe.

Not for the work or job as it be. It’s because of the consent bullshit shit in the metaphorical air. I’m allergic to bullshit and politically motivated as such there is alot in the air in that regards.

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It’s a upon us. The season you work longer hours and think about chances to grab more out of a week and day. The prices aren’t falling. So the pay must keep raising.

There’s a reason for it all. There’s a cause behind it all I just can’t name him.

Beta bitch Joe Biden

Oh well. I can’t seem to remember the name of the person. All I can hear are voices continually talking about Will Smith for some reason.

Warm regards


Let’s brain storm…why would NWO U.S. support the dictator of Ukraine?

First off. Fuck the good guys and bad guys bullshit on hellmouth news and being spoken by pimp cocain democrats and GOP hoes. It’s all bullshit.

I don’t respect or listen to professional liars trying to mind fuck me into believing lies as reality. I don’t trust them to even tell me the fucking time of day without knowing their trying to fuck me in some way.

Possible reasons for U.S. leaders supporting the current dictatorship in Ukraine.

  1. NWO (U.S. leaders) have this bitch in their back pocket and control the country and the people. They decide what that country will be.
  2. NWO wish to fuck with Russia in some way and have a pocket of power near the border of Russia.
  3. Ukraine must not fall because it would be a threat to the complete dominance of the NWO hypnotic spell it has over the world and it’s gang of countries.
  4. The NWO need the war in Russia to continue on. Keep in mind the NWO is trying to avoid being the bad guy in starting a open war with Russia and throwing the fucking world into WW3. But, this is the age of dumbasses. So for some reason they believe another world war would be sexy.

In conclusion….

If your reading this in 2077


They used the Ukrainian situation as a means to quietly stop talking about covid and get rid of the mandates when nobody gave a damn because war is sexy. This is the age of dumbasses….

Warm regards


Hmm. Zelinsky is sounding like a grand Master Pimp cocain King and the overlords of America love him.

I have no fucking idea why the hellmouth news allows Tucker Carlson saying the ruth about everybody bullshiting about the Ukraine situation on TV. Other then the fact nobody with power gives a damn and nobody without will power gives a damn what the truth is.

It’s amazing. I thank Jesus Christ for that these assholes that defend and cheer and kiss King Zelinsky’s ass about his Supreme allowed dominace of Ukraine are all on record. U. S. Pimps and hoes love this and love mind fucking the public with their sexaul perverted fantasies of reality.

Once again. This shit has nothing to do with me or any sane American but NWO leaders here in America care. They care very deeply. Why? Because gangsters in the same gang respect each other as valuable members.

This shit. This fucking shit. You have U.S. political leaders cheering for a dictator they support and love. Then turning around throwing Shade on mother Russia for being a dictatorship. Pimp cocain democrats and stable of GOP hoes.

None of this surprises me. I am still weirded out when I hear average day normies think all the bullcrap is real. Good guys vs bad guys bullshit.

All of it is the pimping game. I ain’t a John though waiting to get tricked out. I’m a cheap mother fucker. Paying to have my mind fucked along with my check is not my idea of a fun time.

This is fucking clown world, my dude.

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Warm regards


I hate it when people talk about shit they don’t know a damn thing about especially if they cite their source as CNN

or Hellmouth news to keep it real talk.

It’s the Russia and Ukraine situation. Every time I hear somebody talk about it at the day job or see somebody do a video on YouTube about it. I know by their generic take on it they had to watch some asshole in a suit tell them the narrative of what’s going on?”

I know dick all about war and the politics of it from a historical or political specialist view point. I just know whatever hellmouth news told them is first bullshit in some way and meant to make them think the way they think. Just as long as you don’t question anything everything is fine.The truth is more harder to find for normal folks that don’t already have several blogs they follow outside of the NWO’s control.

It’s like watching a fucking sitcom of “my favorite Russian enemy”. Very few people are humble enough to say they don’t know really what’s going on. It’s good to have an idea of what’s going on or a speculation of what’s happening.

It just fucks with me when people talk like exports on what the fuck another intends to do or what Russia’s planning to do.

Fucking hell. Twenty years from now. Mother fuckers are going to be fucking shell shocked when or if they realize it was all bullshit narratives from the jump.

Warm regards


The docs are out on Pfizer and all the other kill shot vaccines…fucking hell.

The report

Holy shit my dude. I jusr thought it was heart failure shit people that took the shot would have to worry about. The side adverse effects list is fucking long spans and is looking like the perfect storm for something in the fucking list having a damn effect on anyone that took it.

I’m still trying to process the shit. It’s just to fucking long. Here’s a short list as follows:

A 38-page report included in the documents features an Appendix, “LIST OF ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST,” that lists 1,291 different adverse events following vaccination. The list includes acute kidney injury, acute flaccid myelitis, anti-sperm antibody positive, brain stem embolism, brain stem thrombosis, cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, cardiac ventricular thrombosis, cardiogenic shock, central nervous system vasculitis, death neonatal, deep vein thrombosis, encephalitis brain stem, encephalitis hemorrhagic, frontal lobe epilepsy, foaming at mouth, epileptic psychosis, facial paralysis, fetal distress syndrome, gastrointestinal amyloidosis, generalized tonic-clonic seizure,-

This is a short list my dude. Look this shit up my dude. It’s unreal that nobody is going to jail my dude for this shit and what the fuck is anti-sperm antibody positive?!

Damn. Just fucking damn.

Warm regards


The more I learn about the Ukrain/Russia situation the more I realize it’s complicated and it has nothing to do with me or democracy….

My learning process is still ongoing but I’m pretty positive that the Ukraine/Russia situation has nothing to do with me. Sure some NWO leaders of America have a stake in Ukraine for their own reasons.


Oh. I’m going to start calling them the New World Order. Yes. It’s stupid but it’s what they call themselves behind closed doors during political wrestling matches while they dream of new bullshit laws to make dicks small again.


Ukraine is in part a silent but not so Silent NWO member. So this is really a match between The Russian Bear vs the NWO silent pimp cocain democrat.

I’m not a big brain on political bullshit and the reasons of war. The key to all this is one man…..

Joe Biden.

Without him being “elected” none of this bullshit would be going on at the speed it’s going. Am I making an argument that T-Money would have stopped this? No. I’m saying Joe Biden being a factor helped to speed this shit along. This shit was always going to happen. Why? It’s the one thing both the hellmouth and everyone else is saying.

Is the Ukrainian government innocent lambs in this whole scenario?

Is mother Russia the great evil of the east? See Hellmouth news for more information.

I have no idea how this situation is going to play out but keep in mind just because hellmouth news isn’t talking about Covid as much doesn’t mean the propaganda has stopped. It’s war porn season baby. WW3 will be good for ratings.

Warm regards


Today in weird shit…..Ukraine is apart of NWO…

The writer is serious…..

“It is a critical time because we fight for this New World, we fight for this New World Order. We are protecting not only Ukraine but all the other countries.”Kira Rudik, Member of Parliament, Ukraine

Now. I am not joking. This isn’t a fake quote. This is a what the fuck moment.

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I grew up during the 1990s and watched a lot of wrestling on TV. NWO was one of the fake bullshit wrestling heel groups. I stopped watching years ago but I remember this shit.

It was always the baby face (good guys) that had a moment in time when they finally revealed themselves as heels to their core out to take over the fucking wrestling world one match at a time. It was a NWO moment.

Why in the fuck did this female say this shit NOW of all times? Why was it necessary for the writer to say other countries need to fight for the New World Order?

What in the fuck is this new world order?

This shit is feeling like I’m watching a fucking fake ass wrestling show.

The shit is real enough but I keep feeling like someone is writing a script for me to think who the bad guys are until the heel turn comes.

I’m trying to take this seriously but this shit is looking suspect going into weird as fuck.

Warm regards


The War for the mind is lost when you allow people to dictate to you how to think in ONE binary direction.

I don’t trust the media and don’t trust the U.S. government as it stands so it’s always a war of translation whenever I listen to the hellmouth….



Diffintions: Noun. A person or persons apart of a news organization telling me something about reality to twist my mind to believe something in a binary fashion of good and bad without giving me a neutral or honest opinion. That you want to control me and how I think.

Example. NATO should send “defense weapons” to the Ukrainian government because Russia invaded the country. Russia has been planning this for years. Russia are the bad guys. Everyone knew this would happen. Russia is fighting Democracy.

I have questions….

Hmm. A) If everyone knew this would happen why weren’t the Ukrainian government ready for this action from Russia?

B) What is a defensive weapon? A weapon is a weapon. Why is there a need to call it defensive?

C) Why are you trying to convince me to think it is justified for other countries in NATO to get involved indirectly against Russia and not expect Russia and her allies to think this would not be a sign of war against them that would pull the fucking world into WW3?

D) What does the issues with Russia and Ukraine have to do with my country and life directly?

I have a side. I am not your slave you are not my master. We ain’t on the same side. Your (hellmouth news) trying to fuck my mind.


I just find this time interesting. I don’t watch hellmouth news simple for the fact if I’m inclined to learn about what’s happening I like to filter past the bullshit fast by reading or listening to commentary on it from persons who have bullshit sniffers on.

Warm regards


The season for War porn has begun again….

Here we are at this dance again.

I’ve been doing damn hard to ignore it this go round. Day 1.

I spent four years on news coverage about T-money taking a piss or saying something nutty. .

I stopped giving a damn what the hellmouth news channels say about anything anymore. I have to spend to much time trying to translate the bullshit in sane speech.. I’m seeing the bullshit is already infecting YouTube front page. Even dailymotion is running the shit. The fuckers rolled Biden’s ancient ass out on a struggle streaming video. Biden is trying hard not to fall flat on his flat ass on a video I have no intention on watching.


He ain’t doing shit so anything he had to say would be mute. It’s already over. What’s happening now is a nice distraction for those still hooked on to American dreams Biden being a legitimate President and a quiet recession/depression nobody is talking about because …. look war with tits!!

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It’s only sad for the people that got to go through the shit.

I am reflective now. Still thinking stuff through. Why? Why?

How many jackasses will jerk off to hellmouth news coverage of war and pictures of Putin frowning.

Warm regards


I don’t know if I was right or wrong about the Russia and Ukraine situation one thing is certain. Biden is fucked.

The shit is still ongoing but short of it is Putin pulled a bait and switch and achieved two things at once. Russian troops invade and there isn’t a damn thing NATO or Biden can do about because it isn’t a war officially.

Where did Putin learn how to this…he borrowed the move from the fucking American Empire, bitch.

It is what it is. We’ll see how it plays out.

I have no idea where this is going but Biden is fucked. Oh no way around it. Not only is he a weak beta bitch. This shit is the weirdest goal fuck to happen in years. All under Biden.

The current solutions by the world leaders is….


Biden is fucked.

Warm regards